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DuckDuckGo have publicly announced a few weeks back that they will downrank all Russian news sites. Its the worst search engine to get unbiased news on this war.

This image never fails to make me laugh, and I’ve seen it at least 10 times by now.

Zelensky is a puppet president. He has absolutely no authority. If the US told him to resign today, he would.

That’s a bit beyond my expertise, but thanks for answering.

Follow-up question: Would setting it up in a way that it is connected to the internet, but when it gets disconnected, it automatically works over the network?

Reason: My country is going through rough times, and sometimes the internet connection is lost/gets extremely slow. It can last from 10 minutes to a few hours. I want to find a solution to this, so that we can remain productive without disruption (like if the internet went down, everything should remain working automatically without us interfering and losing focus)

Running Nextcloud on a Raspberry Pi without internet
Would self-hosting a Nextcloud instance locally without an internet connection be viable? Use case: Around 5 people need to share files over the network, collaborate on Office documents in real-time, use GitLab, and a To-do/Task management tool. Beyond the initial setup, does any of these requirements need an active Internet connection, or can we all connect to the Raspberry Pi server via Ethernet?

Good question. Yes this can be solved. Lemmygrad (or any instance) can choose not to be part of the Fediverse, so that you as a Lemmygrad user won’t be able to see other instances, and they can’t see you.

The Lemmygrad admins also have the option to not federate with a particular instance, such that they are connected to the Fediverse, but not to fascist instances for example.

Whats sad is that it works very well, and not only on Americans. A lot of people in my country call themselves “Americanized”. Which I personally take to mean “I have an IQ of 50”, which is very accurate.

“I have come to support this religion.”

Said in fancy words, so it sounds like someone ancient has said it, like a Prophet Mohammad quote.

Lemmur is currently broken. Jerboa is your best bet. You can find an APK on github, or you can get it on F-droid afaik.

What are they gonna do if he broke the contract’s terms? Sanction him?

Welcome comrade! Read the sticky posts to get a better feel of this place. There already are a lot of active communities other than !genzedong@lemmygrad.ml, maybe some might interest you as well.

We are fed the lie that the US is the most powerful country in the world since birth. Great to see it isn’t the truth.

I fucked up

China is the most powerful country on earth

That statement always gives me goosebumps

We should have a /c/SelfawareWolves

Maybe it’s because I haven’t tried VR in any meaningful way yet, but I can’t imagine VR going beyond gaming (not that this article implied otherwise). All this Metaverse stuff don’t seem viable to me that much. It will exist, I doubt it, but it will not be used in a serious manner in the long term.

I think the messaging industry has reached its peak. All niches have been filled already, and no new messenger can pass through. It is the perfect time to do something like this.

Note: By messaging industry, I mean personal messengers like Whatsapp, Messenger, Telegram, and Signal. I believe that Team/Group messengers like Discord, Slack, MS Teams can still be dethroned. None of them checks all the boxes.

Lemmur seems to be broken currently. I recommend Jerboa as an alternative.

I broke up with my girlfriend because of Zodiac signs incompatibility
She is a Pisces, and I don't believe in bullshit.