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While I personally find Flatpak beneficial and use it on my system, I think having someone with as extreme views as RMS is essential.

What is your favorite movie/show?

Name multiple if its too hard to choose just one…

They are just milking the Firefox cow to death. Their salaries are increasing while the revenue and marketshare is rapidly decreasing. Mozilla is a sinking ship, and sadly we have to alternative.

Just five? I’m pretty sure the NSA had access to all their messages since at least 2001.

Oh shit! Why didn’t he say that before! I’ll go and create a Facebook account now.

What's your favorite book?

Not necessarily a book you can recommend to everyone, just a book you personally like very much. Feel free to mention multiple books if you can’t name just one. …

Nothing wrong with GIMP by itself, but when compared to Photoshop, it is not really the same. Photoshop’s tools have a “works like magic” feel to them, its hard to describe. Gimp in comparison does feel a bit rough. Also it has a few missing features for the really advanced users.

Client is open source, but the server is not. So I would say Telegram as a service is not FOSS.

With a little number of users, I think we should focus our attention to a few communities only. For example, !fediverse@lemmy.ml would be a better community to post in now. When Lemmy gets more users, you can diversify to more niche topics.

All Facebook services (Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Status) went down worldwide for around 5 hours.

I agree, but that is very subjective, don’t you think? I’m interested for example in the post that said Trump is suing Twitter. I won’t waste time reading the article most probably, but the news is amusing nonetheless. So what decides whether something is interesting enough to the whole globe or not?

What happened with Facebook is a great example on why federation is the future

lemmy.ml is down? No problem! lemmygrad.ml is still online! In the Fediverse, the “single point of failure” is the internet itself…


Imho, as long as the title isn’t clickbaity, its okay. We shouldn’t reach a stage where “Trump should be impeached” is an acceptable headline, like /r/politics

All of Apple’s privacy budget went directly to the marketing department. Turns out, advertising something is cheaper and more effective than actually implementing it.

While innocent people getting doxed is obviously a bad thing, I hope this would be a fatal blow to Facebook.

Everyone should use FOSS alternatives, but lets not pretend Signal or Matrix don’t go down as well for example. If you mean federated, then that’s another story.

Yeah, the rest I agree with. I also hate the move towards profiles and more attention to the individual.

I have. They are mostly made up of leftists actually. Not extreme left, but left nonetheless.

We might be visiting different sites because the reddit I know is anti-right. Most popular news subreddits like /r/politics are actually US-democratic party echo chambers.

Agreed. I don’t use tradional social media because I don’t care about individuals, I want to see content I like.