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I have been a client of Dreamhost for… years. Excellent service, excellent price/product ratio. You can actually talk to a human when you call them. And when they say ‘I’ll transfer you to a technician’ they mean an actual tech, not someone reading a script.

If these loopy bastards do finally bring the boogaloo, I think I have more to worry about from the boogers than the pigs; the boogers can actually hit what they're shooting at most of the time.

As opposed to the blueline boys. If it is them coming after me, the safest place in the world will be right in front of me, but I feel bad for the trees 2m away from me. They’ll be fucked…

From the looks of that cat, some critter’s day is about to become very much less enjoyable.

@sechertoLinuxRyzen cpu?

After years of back and forth, I left Intel about 3 years ago for all builds. Been running Ryzen since they came out. Yep, they’re a little warmer, but they’re fast as hell and cost/operation are significantly lower.

A tasty voice in the darkness. Yow!