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Anyone tried to get plasma-vaults to work on FreeBSD
When running KDE on a Linux system there is a plasma-vault tool to allow easily creating encrypted directories using various encryption backends. Sadly it seems that plasma-vault is missing from the FreeBSD repos, including the latest repos. Has anyone tried to build this for FreeBSD?

I actually think that neochat is more polished than Quaternion, although it also lacks e2ee and video support as of right now, but that is just my opionion.

I don’t think it would make it into the base system, but reading through this it looks like there is work being done to make appimage work under FreeBSD including some fixes to Linuxulator in 13.0 that should help.

FreeBSD 13.0-BETA shaping up to be a great release
With preformance gains of ~2x faster than FreeBSD-12.2-RELEASE and OpenZFS 2.0 it is shaping up to be a great release.

I have seen a lot of song covers using a Hurdy Gurdy, but this guy is down right impressive!

I never used DragonflyBSD, but the lack of https for image downloads and lack of a GPG signature file seems like a huge concern. Even more concerning is if this page is correct it looks like they may also default to http for their repos.

All of these are easily fixable issues, getting a certificate from Let’s Encrypt or some other CA if they have the budget for it, creating a detached signature for their installer images before uploading it to their server(s). I don’t know any DragonflyBSD devs, so I would say reach out on their mailing list or open a bug in their issue tracker about these.

The plus side is it looks like their ports tree is hosted on GitHub so it’s probably safe to say those are fetched in a secure way.

I wouldn’t say there is a catch to the FreeBSD Journal, it is done as a free service by the FreeBSD Foundation as a way to help advance FreeBSD awareness and a way to help keep people up-to date with what is going on in FreeBSD world.

While the FreeBSD Journal is now offered for free (this happened early last year) if you do like it, please consider donating to the FreeBSD Foundation which will help the foundation out in many ways.

For more general BSD news there is also BSD Magazine which offers free issues as well as paid subscriptions that includes more issues and workshops and tutorials.

Vermaden’s blog is largely focused around BSD news and howtos including his guide to using FreeBSD for a desktop machine. There is also DiscoverBSD which has various things added to it.

While it’s a newsletter rather than RSS feed driven there is also that pulls together items posted to DiscoverBSD into a weekly newsletter.

You can set SystemD’s journal to use a smaller size if that helps, as by default is can grow to be fairly large.

Also may be worth manually cleaning old logs from the journal, seeing as your journal is already almost 400 MiB in size

If you have not already I also recommend adding a hook to pacman to automatically run paccache to clear out old packages from /var/cache/pacman/pkg/ an example of such a hook can be found here I usually keep the last 2 packages around incase something is broken with a newer version and need to rollback.

Even if they go with a new Thinkpad Lenovo (if you trust them) is working towards offering Thinkpads with your choice of either Ubuntu, RHEL, or Fedora preinstalled as well as upstreaming any driver modifications to the Linux kernel which is great if you ever need to reinstall the OS or decide to install a different distro on the machine 1.

I have a P50 myself and love it, even though it’s a few years old now it is still running strong. Other than that I have a couple of friends that purchased a Dell that came with Ubuntu preinstalled and they seem like great machines. Due to their bulk I’m usually hesitant to recommend System76 machines unless you know what you are getting into.

I have a Ryzen 7 1700 on my desktop machine and have had no issues with it.

Arch Linux at work, and FreeBSD for pretty much everything else.

I got mine from when I was in school, one of my friends use to draw comics and made a character based of each of his friends and this was the name of my character.

Personally I like Panzerfaust better as that makes someone (or something) that punches tanks. ;)

Compton is nice, but I have personally moved to picom. Personally I find that it works better and can use compton’s config file with ease.

I’ve not seen it referred to as that, usually see “Benevolent Dictator For Life” (BDFL) which means that there is (usually) one persion over the project that has final say it what goes on with the project and the community around it.

See popular projects like: Vim, Drupal, Linux kernel, Django, OpenBSD, Ruby, Perl, Mastodon.

Yeah it works well for me, although for my setup I have a Yubikey NEO that has part of my GPG key on it. As for my password manager I use pass which encrypts my passwords using my GPG key and for my phone I use this client

I really enjoy Bryan Lunduke although his content is more tech news than anything. What got me into his content was the talks he does at confernces

I don’t see it listed on any of the current devices on their store front. Maybe they are working on releasing a key that supports NFC in the future.

Example since that is the firmware for the FIDO2 key under the technical specs (page is in German) it only lists USB 1.1 Type A

If only Nitro keys supported NFC, I use my Yubikeys to unlock my password manager on my phone as well as my computers.

I'm currently using the vaporwave-dark theme and for the most part things are good expect for the notification pop up when someone replies to a comment that I made. I end up with lightly colored text on a white background like in the screenshot I provided.

This talk by Andrew Tanenbaum would probably be worth checking out

There is quite a bit more complexity to microkernel systems, but they also give more flexability.

This blows my mind as it’s not hard to get the user’s prefered language from the browser rather than basing it on a GeoIP lookup.

Nice, although not sure how I feel about Spectral not supporting the user’s set theme like Quaternion does.

Nice, sounds like my interest in Minix and other micro-kernel operating systems, although I don’t have any systems that run any.

I havent been able to get it running on bare metal yet.

The way that is worded has me currious is that due to time, hardware constrains, or something else if you don’t mind me asking?

Nice I wish you luck with that. I switched my desktop over years ago and have not looked back. Altough switching for me was fairly easy as I have been playing with FreeBSD in VMs for a while before that (so I was already familiar with the differences between the two OSes) and all my bare metal machines were running Arch Linux. Now just my work laptop runs Arch Linux.

Yeah I’m sure it still works, just no release since 2015 and it looks like the last commit for it was in 2016 of course they may have migrated their development somewhere else and not updated their site. So it may “just work” or it’s days of working may be limited. Of course YMMV.

I don’t think the jails ABI is in a massive state of flux, but it would probably be wise to test it with FreeBSD-CURRENT (soon-ish to be 13.0) or look into a different tool.

While I’m glad that they did this, it looks like they announced the rescheduled date June 11th at 1pm PDT.

Yeah the introduction of packages and pkg is a huge plus vs having to build everything from the ports tree. Also mixing ports and packages are no longer a bad thing as they are aware of each other and a lot of issues that came up when you have some things installed via pkg and others installed from ports has been resolved.

For jails I use iocage to build and manage those, and vm-bhyve to manage my VMs and happy with both. I think ezjails is no longer maintained, the last release I see for it was from 2015. Iocage was really easy to get setup and easy to use (assuming you have a ZFS pool setup for it).

I heard good things about NomadBSD, and for live environments you can run off a USB drive there is also FuryBSD as well that may be worth looking into.

+ **OS**: Freebsd 12.1-RELEASE + **WM**: Herbstulftwm + **Wallpaper**: + **GTK Theme**: [Paper]( + **KDE Theme**: Breeze + **Icons**: KDE: Breeze GTK: Paper + **Panel**: [Lemonbar](

I’m very much for this idea, and sounds similar to what other projects have. So that this will have a :thumbs up: from me.

A few questions I have, that hopefully you already have answers for:

  • Based on the section for “Removing members” assuming that a member doesn’t do any of the three listed items for removal (they stay active, abide by the rules for being part of the council, and doesn’t do anything that will cause a vote for their dissmissal) and assuming someone doesn’t step down. Is their place in the council perminate or will there be a regular vote for current members to stay in the council?
  • Exactly who are the ones that does the voting to add/dismiss people from the council? Is this internal to the current council members or the greater Lemmy community?
  • If there is a member of the council, who has not done anything to trigger a vote for dismissal by the council, but the greater community feels doesn’t have the communities best interests in mind is there any way for non-council members to take action?
  • How do you plan to quantitate the time someone spends promoting Lemmy or “doing other things that aim to improve Lemmy as a whole” (which is vague IMO)?

Part of why I bring this up is looking at some other projects that have something similar (I’ll list two that have different apporaches here but there certainly are others):

FreeBSD Core Team

All seats of the core team is up for elections during the election period.

Who can announce their intention to run

Any FreeBSD commiter can announce their intention to run during a set period. Current members of the Core team can also announce their intention to run again during this period

When elections take place

Elecitions happen every 2 years

Who has the ability to vote

Any active commiters to the project

What to do if there is an issue with a member of the core team

The greater FreeBSD community can raise issues to a member of the Core Team where it gets handled internally and the results are made public after a disission has been made.

Drupal Board of Directors

The Drupal project has two “At-Large” seats set aside for the greater community.

Who can announce their intention to run

Any community member can announce their intention to run, including the current seat holder.

When elections take place

Each seat is up for elections every other year in a rotating basis, so there is an election each year for one of the seats.

Who has the ability to vote

Any one within the Drupal community

What to do if there is an issue with one of the “At-Large” seat holders

The greater Drupal community can raise issues to the Board of Directors where it gets handled internally and the results are made public after a disission has been made.

This community seems pretty stale, lets try and get some discussion going.
Hello all, Glad to see that there is already a FreeBSD, and greater BSD, community already created on Lemmy. Although with 40 subscribers and the last post here being almost a month old let's try and get this community rolling. To that end I pose the following question: What is your FreeBSD setup like? For me I have a few FreeBSD boxes that I use. I have a general use desktop with herbstluftwm running where I do most non-work related things. I also have a small server that I use mainly for building a few ports that I maintain, and trying to get more into maintaining/contributing to other ports. I also have a Bhyve VM here running a dev version of PacBSD (kind of a defunct project sadly, but do intend to try and kick it off again). I also have a FreeBSD VM running on DigitalOcean which hosts my personal website and runs ZNC (toying with the idea of replacing this with a Matrix <-> IRC bridge as I experiment more with Matrix). I also have a FreeNAS box where I store most of my media (Music, TV shows, Movies, etc) that I access either with NFS to play locally on another box or through Emby.

The FAQ of herbstluftwm says it’s not a fork of anything. And the first commits of bspwm look like that was written from scratch, too. (Yep, I actually spent a fair amount researching that, because it really bothers me how similar they are without being forks.)

Yeah after making that post I checked the FAQ as well as I thought there was something there about it and was too tired to update my comment. I have no issues with FLOSS projects borrowing ideas from other FLOSS projects, IMO within the FLOSS world imitation is the best form of flattery :winking face:

And I have used bspwm in the past. It’s been a major contributor to my current workflow, by being so limited that I didn’t believe it: You couldn’t minimize windows in bspwm. It just didn’t have that feature. So, when I looked up what the heck that’s about, it said to just move the window to a different workspace instead.

Yeah herbstluftwm has a similar limitation, it actually seems pretty common for the tiling WMs that I have seen. Although there is a script for herbstluftwm that adds a hacky way to do this by creating a virtual monitor that you can put appliacions on then show and hide it. I don’t use that but it exists.

That was when I stopped treating workspaces as individual compartments for different topics and instead started grouping multiple workspaces together with 1 or 2 windows per workspace, which just works a lot better for me. In a way, it takes out one layer of complexity by never minimizing windows.

That is similar to how I work, but I have a few dedicated tags (workspaces) for web browsing, IM+Chat apps, Email that has predefined layouts. Everything else is kind of fair game use.

I have not tested bspwm, but I have seen it come up on occasion under various unixporn communities. I take it you use it, or just know of it?

I don’t know if herbstluftwm is really a fork of anyone WM but it does heavely borrow from i3, musca, xmonad, and wmii. So it wouldn’t suprise me that there are other WMs out there that is similar.

Not really, I didn’t really use a whole lot of widgets. I usually like to keep my workspaces minimal. My setup is mainly a panel, (Lemonbar) on the top part of my screen and a wallpaper. I also use pywal to adjust the color scheme used by Herbstluftwm, Lemonbar, and my terminal based on my current wallpaper.

(Yes I did put that tag in floating mode for that screenshot, but normally I have them in tiling mode, usually with 1-2 frames so I can have different tiling rules in effect so some windows will tile horizontally while others tile vertically etc…)

I use to use Awesome, but I got tied of having to fix Lua scripts during major updates. I have since switched to using herbstluftwm, which I like due to it being lightweight, easily customizable via a shell script or be done on the fly with herbstclient.

I’m enjoying it so far, only a few episodes in, but I may not have the same appreciation as you as I have not played the game but it seems to have a good enough lore to it.

So far I watched the first episode of Princess Connect, so I don’t really have any solid opinion on it, but I find the nearly silent protag hard to like. Hopefully it gets better, I’ll give it a few more episodes before I come to a solid opinion. On top of that I have been watching Azure Lane as well.

That trailer for Mushoku Tensei looks interesting though may have to add it to my watch list.

Yes I did, I had to set the theme 3 times, clicking the Save button each time. Each time the theme did update after clicking save, but it seems to have only affected that current session and didn’t get saved to my profile as I would expect.

User theme settings does not seem to stick
I'm still new to Lemmy, learned about it from the AMA on /r/linux on Reddit, and so far it's a pretty cool concept but with one minor annoyance so far. While I generally prefer dark themes I wanted to play around with other themes that are available. The theme does infact change but if I close the tab with Lemmy open and come back, or open Lemmy in a different browser (and login), and even a diffrent computer, the theme reverts back to the default one. Is this a known issue?