Install JWM on FreeBSD

In this tutorial I’ll explain how to install the jwm window manager on FreeBSD…

Install Vaultwarden Password Server on FreeBSD

In this tutorial, I explain how to install and set up Vaultwarden on FreeBSD…

Install Airsonic on FreeBSD

In this tutorial I’ll explain how to install Airsonic on FreeBSD…

Lets try how this FreeBSD community works :)…

Anyone tried to get plasma-vaults to work on FreeBSD

When running KDE on a Linux system there is a plasma-vault tool to allow easily creating encrypted directories using various encryption backends. Sadly it seems that plasma-vault is missing from the FreeBSD repos, including the latest repos. …

helloSystem video review

HelloSystem is an interesting operating system from the person behind AppImage. It’s a desktop OS that’s designed to be elegant and simple to use. At the heart of helloSystem is FreeBSD which it’s based on. It’s intended to be a system for “mere mortals” and it’s look and feel should feel welcoming …


HardenedBSD May 2021 Status Report
  1. FreeBSD’s random stack gap implementation creates problems for certain applications, like ntpd. Rather than fix the issue, FreeBSD is explicitly disabling the stack gap for certain applications. We reverted those changes and are carrying on like normal…

A 29 seconds movie showing bhyve…

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