HardenedBSD May 2021 Status Report
  1. FreeBSD’s random stack gap implementation creates problems for certain applications, like ntpd. Rather than fix the issue, FreeBSD is explicitly disabling the stack gap for certain applications. We reverted those changes and are carrying on like normal…

A 29 seconds movie showing bhyve…


TIL more about FreeBSD and bhyve and CPUs

Since a while I wanted to try bhyve, but only today I read that your computer CPU needs nested pages support. Also the same thing for vmm in OpenBSD. I like to use refurbished computers. Which Thinkpad version could do vmm ?..

My FreeBSD Tutorials collection…


Learning FreeBSD - How to fix DNS leaks

I installed FreeBSD a few days ago. So far the experience is pretty good: …

Looking into FreeBSD at the moment and quite like what I read so far. Looked for books and got this… …


FreeBSD 13.0-BETA shaping up to be a great release

With preformance gains of ~2x faster than FreeBSD-12.2-RELEASE and OpenZFS 2.0 it is shaping up to be a great release…

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