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Congratulations to the dev team! You guys rock. I love the names of the test instances too. :)

I got some reading to do, videos to watch. Thank you for having the patients to give me well-thought-out answers and not just shout me down for questioning things a little. I’ll certainly be doing more reading up on the movements. I still have a hard time with the violence justifications, but it is what it is. It’s not really in my town, or city, not am I black either. So who am I to say. I’m going to order Huey Newton’s book tonight, as long as I can find it on Amazon. Thanks again.

Paulo Frerie’s Pedagogy of the Oppressed:

Good point, It’s not something I had considered really. I just have an issue with violence in general. I think the demonstrations at times have got a bit out of control. Maybe this is a red flag, I don’t know much from the front lines. I live way up in the woods, far from most of what is going on in the world. I have a hard time understanding how things escalate so quickly in the cities though? Help me understand as a redneck of sorts. All we see on the news, is buildings being burned, I can’t really get behind burning buildings any more than I can going around shooting an innocent person. So why is this happening? What am I not seeing in the press. Again I live pretty close to the Canadian border in an extremely tiny town. I don’t see much other than trees.

Totally agree there! Saved the video for later, got one going on my other monitor right now, a series on liberalism someone linked me to.

Well I don’t support genocide racism, sexism, etc. I feel the Anti-fascism movement from what I have seen on TV, can be pretty violent themselves. Maybe the media is making things look that way. I certainly have a distaste for the media in general, not just one network. I really like the website allsides.com, for a more balanced view. I’m open to hearing counterpoints on why my view is wrong for sure. I have friends in the Netherlands that have said very good things about Antifa, I get a different picture of what is going on here in the states though sometimes. There has been a few videos passed along to me tonight, one of which I’m watching now. Maybe someone can forward me something on Antifa that will change my mind in a more positive light. I think I agree with their message, but what I see on the TV honestly pushes me away.

I would also like to thank everyone for the well-thought-out replies! This has already been a more productive conversation than I have ever had on reddit.

I’m not really disappointed, I already knew this. I just hope we can disagree on some things without the fighting.

I really hope Lemmy stays more middle ground. I don’t feel I am right or left. I go either way depending on the issue. Voat is way too far right, and Reddit isn’t as bad but certainly goes too far left for me at times. r/politics you can’t get a word in edge wise unless you follow the herd, or at least it was that way a few years ago. I know most of you here are pretty left too, just hoping we can reach some talking points without the bitter fighting. I’m not even going to look at Parler. I know exactly what that is going to be about. I’m being as genuine as possible here, hoping nothing backfires. <3

What a great release, it’s been fun watching lemmy grow. Can’t wait to see where it’s at in the next few years.

Not sure you would call it minimal or not. I think I would, but the Nostalgic CSS library is really cool. Check it out here

Ruby, Python, Go, Rust, lisp, few others sprinkled in.

@gregftoasklemmyRSS question

There’s also jsonfeed now too, you can read the spec here.

Personally I use org-mode with org-roam and deft in emacs. Then I store them on my nextcloud server I self host.

Jericho did multiple times for me. I can’t remember specific scenes off hand sorry.

Has anyone made a torrent for this?

Well if you’re coding in node, you should be single. ;)

They log. You can turn it off, but the question is do you trust them to really turn it off or are they just not showing them to you anymore?