How to mute incoming calls from a specific person on messenger?

I have their messages muted, which is great. But they call me on fb and my phone rings…

Account banned from marketplace. For mentioning the word cryptocurrency?

I was selling a table and had the word cryptocurrency in the ad. They want me to send them government issued ID…

Some very interesting insight imparted here from Joaquin Quiñonero Candela, a director of AI at Facebook, about how AI started to take off within Facebook, the prominence it was given, and the depths to which it was encouraged to instigate interactions. …

If Facebook Australia is no longer serving "news" doesn't that make it the best version of Facebook available?

Seriously, how Facebook presents “news” and practices social manipulation is fundamentally broken in Australia because of this decision. …

That’s a shame, you would want to share stuff there…

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