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Maybe don’t check a tool developed by kiwifarmers…

You could try

It’s a searchable community list rather than an instance list, but it might lead you to finding instances if you see where the group you’re interested in is running from

There isn’t really an yes or no answer to whether it’s “easier”

Testosterone is a pretty potent hormone, and many features that don’t masculinise under estrogen start to do so with testosterone. So things like body hair, facial hair, muscle etc, deeper voice etc all happen. Undoing many of those things isn’t so easy though, so trans women often have to do more than hormone replacement to “undo” the changes that testosterone did.

However, the reverse is true as well. Breasts develop under estrogen, and they don’t go away just by starting testosterone. They often require surgery to be able to address. However, trans women can grow them just by starting estrogen. Similarly, if the trans guy wants genital reconstruction surgery, it’s more complex, invasive and expensive than genital reconstruction for trans women is.

Lots of words to say that neither is really “easier”

It’s a bit of both, but it’s also instance specific. Most of it comes from lemmygrad, because there is a lot of cross federation between users and groups on and lemmygrad. On a smaller instance without much interaction with lemmygrad, you won’t see the same scenario

You can always make them if you can’t find them!

One of us! One of us!

There are instances that offer that. And there are instances that prioritise protection of vulnerable minorities over free speech. The advantage of federation

cross-posted from: > Calckey, a fork of Misskey, has been in development for almost a year but now it's ready for general use! it features groups, quote posts, a custom Markdown implementation, chat, emoji reactions, and a whole bunch of quality-of-life features!

Yeah, we have a lemmy too! Basically, I tried to join some lemmy instances, but had to wait too long for account approval, so we decided to spin up our own instance. There’s no integration at the moment, aside from those included in default federation.

Same admins though :)

Migration support, including your old posts

The lead dev goes by the handle ThatOneCalculator, which is where the name came from, back when it was a single person project :)

Both? I started using it because it’s on the fediverse, and I keep using it because it’s on the fediverse and it isn’t reddit

Pretend that your father owned a “be a lost orphan in Skyrim” business, and he’s preparing to hand the business over to you

You’re posting from zueslink, to a community on and I’m replying from You’re federating :)

It’s a progressive political community, based on a fork of lemmy. They added a bunch of features unique to the fork that means that it’s no longer compatible with lemmy. However, hexbear is something like 10 times the size of the largest lemmy instance, and probably has more users than the rest of lemmy combined.

They’re also working at making their fork compatible with lemmy again, so ultimately, they will start federating with lemmy and the rest of the fediverse

Awesome. That’s how it feels like it should work to me as an instance admin

Does a log of it federate, or does the action itself federate?

That is to say, if a user on my instance makes a post, and it federates to, and a instance admin deletes it, does the original get deleted from my instance?

Basically, a user on any lemmy instance can subscribe to a group on any lemmy instance (as long as the instance admin hasn’t blocked the other instance). So then they see activity on that group on their home instance.

Moderators are appointed by the sub creator, and they can come from any instance. But of course, an instance admin can block/ban/delete content from their own instance, even if they aren’t a moderator. The difference is, the moderators moderation action will federate to other instances, but the instance admins will not.

We use them as a “talk to the admins” space

I’ve just tested this, and I can’t subscribe to Friendica groups.

When I was talking about federating with Friendica in my original reply, that’s really what I meant. The ability for a lemmy instance to follow groups from another group based instance that isn’t lemmy.

I know they federate comments and replies etc, but that isn’t what I was getting at. My wording probably wasn’t as clear as it could have been

Inbox RSS feeds are wonky
Whenever I click on a link to a comment in the Inbox RSS feed, it gives me the following error `"404: TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'send')"`

Wait, so I can subscribe to a community on Friendica from lemmy?

If so, I have never been more happy to be wrong :)

Lemmy only subscribes to other Lemmy instances. Other instances can post here and reply, but any post initially not made to Lemmy won’t show

I imagine that’s a design choice.

There are other group implementations out there though, like It would be nice to see Lemmy be able to federate with other group based platforms

I’ll let you know when I work it out

I have a bit of everything at home. A windows PC, a mac laptop, a couple of linux boxes to run media servers etc

I’m always struck by the fact that articles “debunking” Myers-Briggs choose capitalism as their measure of validity.

“It doesn’t have a useful role in the workplace” is not the same thing as “has no validity at all”

Maybe it doesn’t have any validity, but just once I’d like to see an article that didn’t frame that discussion around it’s ability to be useful to corporations that want to categorise you

Thank you!

Also, I did a test report of my own post from Calckey, and it didn’t come through

Basically “undetermined” is the “language” used by clients that don’t set a language, such as Mastodon and older versions of Lemmy. So if it’s not in your list of languages, you won’t see posts in that “language”

Make sure you select undetermined in the list of languages. If it’s not there, the admin will need to include it in the instance config options

AdatoasklemmyReddit vs Lemmy?

The thing is, the wider Fediverse works the way you describe, with imported defederation lists etc.

Most people setting up new Mastodon instances start with a standard block list with all of the usual suspects on it.

This is the future of Lemmy too as it gets bigger and as integration with non Lemmy instance becomes more common.

Context matters.

I agree. And I think that’s the difference. Fundamentally, Lemmy isn’t that much different to Reddit, in so far as all of the issues you highlight there exist here too.

The only difference is context.

AdatoasklemmyReddit vs Lemmy?

Right, but what I’m saying is that as an instance admin, I can and do block other instances for the reasons you outline. If someone posts in a hate sub, they’re getting banned from my instance. If an instance is explicitly right wing, it’s getting defederated from my instance. If someone does "what about"ism or otherwise excuses transphobia, racism, sexism or the like, they’re getting banned from my instance.

I’m explicitly biased towards communities and people that align with my beliefs, and will happily ban anyone that is actively opposed to them. I have zero interest in “free speech” as a guiding policy that I should be aiming for.

Which is to say, I am many of the things you say reddit is, but lemmy isn’t, and yet here I am on lemmy.

The difference is federation vs centralisation. On reddit, if you don’t like it, you’re out of luck. On lemmy, if you don’t like an instance, you can find another or even create your own. But both of those versions can and do have humans with bias pushing ban buttons

AdatoasklemmyReddit vs Lemmy?

I mean, I ban whole instances from the lemmy instance I run.

I think the things you’re seeing are issues of size and scale rather than inherent differences between the platforms

AdatoasklemmyReddit vs Lemmy?

There are definitely political mods. Many instances are explicitly political in nature.

I’ve yet to have that problem. Who are these people speaking to bots and not realising it?

I mean sure, I can see someone engaging with a bot generated post and maybe not realising it’s bot generated, but I don’t think there is an endemic of other consistently interacting with a bot and not realising it.

Email spam is a good example. Spam makes up the vast majority of email, but not the majority of email interactions.

As well as the comment editing thing, I think languages come in to it as well when someone replies in a language you haven’t enabled

Do reports federate?
If someone reports a user from another instance, does the report get federated to the instance from which the user is based? Bonus question, what about when the comment was made from a Lemmy platform like Mastodon?

Registered user list for admins?
Without digging around in the DB, is there a way for an admin to easily see registered users on an instance? I turned off admin approval for new accounts, and a few people have registered, but aside from the initial email, I have no easy way to see who they are or what their activity has been.

cross-posted from: > cross-posted from: > > > So this feels big! I'm curious how feature compatible it is going to be with Lemmy > > > > #ActivityPub #Lemmy #Discourse

cross-posted from: > So this feels big! I'm curious how feature compatible it is going to be with Lemmy > > #ActivityPub #Lemmy #Discourse

So this feels big! I'm curious how feature compatible it is going to be with Lemmy #ActivityPub #Lemmy #Discourse

Update - Calckey dev does not recommend this app
fedilink ![](

Trans women have no advantage over cisgender female athletes, report finds • GCN | Ghostarchive
The report reviews key medical findings, testosterone research, and myths about trans athletes that have been circulated in sport. A new report commissioned by the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport demonstrates that trans female athletes have no inherent advantage over their cisgender counterparts in elite sport. The report includes an overview of 2011-2021 research about key medical findings, testosterone effects on the body, the history of gender categories in sports, myths about trans athletes, and accounts of discrimination and violence against trans women.

Upgrade done, but post previous posts are spotty
We run our own instance, and just upgraded. After the upgrade, a bunch of the communities I have subscribed to on other lemmy instances aren't showing historic content that our instance was aware of before the upgrade. Also, approximately half of my subscribed communities were showing the subscription as pending, despite them not being pending prior to the upgrade Did we do something wrong, or is this a known issue?

Welcome to another episode of Last Week in the Fediverse! The major theme of this week is news around technical infrastructure. experiences a DDoS attack, Twitter shuts down free access to the API, Stanford is called on by the community to start their own Mastodon server, and new tools get released with some interesting implications on the capabilities of the fediverse. Before we start: I prefer to write little about Twitter. Its already enough in the news as it is, with other publications covering it very well. Today I do cover it, but only the implications that this has on the fediverse, which turn out to be pretty significant. Lets get started!

Este grupo sigue activo?
Esa es la pregunta. Nada mas

New Calckey flagship instance and new Calckey release
cross-posted from: > Calckey just released version 13.1, but far more interestingly, it coincides with a new flagship instance for Calckey, [](! > > […]( > > [\#Calckey]( [#Fediverse]( [#Microfedi]( > > [@calckey](

New Calckey flagship instance and new Calckey release
cross-posted from: > Calckey just released version 13.1, but far more interestingly, it coincides with a new flagship instance for Calckey, [](! > > […]( > > [\#Calckey]( [#Fediverse]( [#Microfedi]( > > [@calckey](

Lemmy Release v0.17.0
cross-posted from: > Its been a long time coming 🥳 . > > Excerpt from the link: > > ## Major Changes > > ### Language Tags > > Content can now be tagged to indicate the language it is written in. These tags can be used to filter content, so that you only see posts in languages which you actually understand. Instances and communities can also specify which languages are allowed, and prevent posting in other languages. > > In the future this will also allow for integrated translation tools. > > ### Comment trees > > Lemmy has changed the way it stores comments, in order to be able to properly limit the comments shown to a maximum depth. > > Included are proper comment links (`/comment/id`), where you can see its children, a count of its hidden children, and a _context_ button to view its parents, or the post. > > ### Featured posts > > Admins and mods can now "feature" (this used to be called "sticky" ala reddit) posts to the top of either a community, or the top of the front page. This makes possible announcement and bulletin-type posts. > > Special thanks to @makotech for adding this feature. > > ### Federation > > Lemmy users can now be followed. Just visit a user profile from another platform like Mastodon, and click the follow button, then you will receive new posts and comments in the timeline. > > Votes are now federated as private. This prevents other platforms from showing who voted on a given post, and it also means that Lemmy now counts votes from Mastodon. > > This release also improves compatibility with Pleroma. If you previously had trouble interacting between Pleroma and Lemmy, give it another try. > > We've extracted the main federation logic into its own library, [activitypub-federation-rust]( It is open source and can be used by other projects to implement Activitypub federation, without having to reinvent the wheel. The library helps with handling HTTP signatures, sending and receiving activities, fetching remote objects and more. > > ### Other changes > > - Admins can now purge content and pictures from the database. > - Mods can _distinguish_ a comment, "stickying" it to the top of a post. Useful for mod messages and announcements. > - Number of new / unread comments are now shown for each post. > - Lemmy now automatically embeds videos from Peertube, Youtube and other sites which provide an embed link via Opengraph attribute. > - You can give your site "taglines", short markdown messages, which are shown at the top of your front page. Thanks to @makotech for adding this. > - You can now report private messages. > - Most settings have been moved from the config file into the database. This means they can be updated much easier, and apply immediately without a restart. > - When setting up a new Lemmy instance, it doesn't create a default community anymore. Instead this needs to be done manually. > - Admins can choose to receive emails for new registration applications. > - An upgrade of diesel to v2.0, our rust -> postgres layer. >

Can’t post pictures from Friendica
cross-posted from: > When I try to post images/pictures from my Friendica account to a Lemmy community, it just never appears. It works fine with just text or links. Any idea why that is?
fedilink hit by a DDoS attack
cross-posted from: > ![](
fedilink hit by a DDoS attack

Wolfballs successfully cancelled and announces it will be discontinued
cross-posted from: > (MOB cancelled himself and thereby wolfballs) > > --- > > Thank you everyone for participating in wolfballs 1. > > This has been a wild ride. > > When wolfballs first started there was basically no free speech sites up. > > Ruqqus was shutting down, scored doesn't allow community creation, saidit was always off and there was basically no where you could post people dying of vaccines. > > It was a hard time for me. My job was threatened with a vaccine requirement. A threat I successfully fought off with a religious accommodation request. > > I was scared, I felt powerless, and I wanted a place everyone could come and talk about all the crazy stuff that was going on without being threatened with weird censorship. Like doctors post being deleted. > > Times have changed. > > Twitter is a much better place. As we've seen from Elon there is still abuse. But the fedivserse is better too with new great instances like > > Scotch has a lot of censorship but it is still better than reddit and you can actually get more than 20 upvotes on c/gaming. > > Discord is now a viable competitor to youtube. Publics is ok, has cemented itself as the king of say anything within American legal boundaries. (But no tities) , Vivaldi social is a thing and when people want to talk about election problems or vaccines killing there are now mainstream places to do that. There was not before. > > There was a lot about moderation I did not understand though. > > For one there are a lot of real nazi's on the internet. I thought most of them were fake trolls just shit posting for lulz. > > When I thought free speech I thought that doctors, lawyers should be able to give their professional opinions without fear of censorship. > > That people should be able to give opinions on trials that are not popular but are supported by evidence. > > Things get much more complicated though. There appear to be government actors and company actors who try to prevent sites from growing by posting purposefully provocative content. > > Also the reddit format is really a relic from the early 2010's and modern bots don't allow it to function the way it was intended. > > Up/down votes are meaningless when I can deploy a thousand bots to make content what ever score I want. > > That is why reddit is full of weird products on the front page and they use so much shadow banning to try to keep that sort of behavior at bay. > > In order for a categorical social media to work it must involve curation which is just another word for selective censorship. So the format isn't really good for freespeech anyways. > > I will explore more decentralized social media but it will look different and I will be under a different name. > > It's time to hang up the mask. Masterofballs unfortunately will die. Due to vaccine induced myocarditis i'm sure. However it is not the end for Mr balls because he will one day be reborn into something else. Maybe something better. > > wolfballs will stay up for a few days for people to clean house, grab any memes you left and I'll try to keep a backup somewhere and leave a way for people to contact me if they forgot something. > > I hope everyone can check out Mike Hawk or other cool instances. > > Thank you everyone > > MOB

Two new communities, /c/calckey and /c/friendica
Both unofficial, but I noticed that they were missing communities on lemmy, and decided to fix that! [/c/calckey](/c/ [/c/friendica](/c/

Formatting links to remote communities?
How do I format a link to a remote lemmy community that allows someone to subscribe to it directly from their own instance? An example of such a post is here This is a post made for a community on, posted to and viewed through my instance Whichever instance you view it on, the link formats so that you can subscribe to it directly from the instance you are viewing it on. I’ve tried using /c/communityname formatting, but that doesn’t seem to work.

Lemmy Community-Browser
cross-posted from: > cross-posted from: > > > The community browser offers the possibility to search centrally for Lemmy communities. > > > > ::: spoiler spoiler > > There are still a few features planned... > > :::

Can a Human See a Single Photon? Lemmy
> > The researchers found that about 90 photons had to enter the eye for a 60% success rate in responding. Since only about 10% of photons arriving at the eye actually reach the retina, this means that about 9 photons were actually required at the receptors. Since the photons would have been spread over about 350 rods, the experimenters were able to conclude statistically that the rods must be responding to single photons, even if the subjects were not able to see such photons when they arrived too infrequently. > Piecing these and your findings together, it hints to an interesting sub-question, what do we really mean when we ask the original question? > Can the human eye physically detect it? Seems like…yes? > Which suggests the subsequent physiological thresholds involved, various human signal processing chains etc. What a fascinating topic. > The choice of a 60% success rate is an interesting one, too.