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No sorry. But Ethereum will transition to proof of stake in June/July, we might get graphics cards then.


Jaywalking is the most infuriating thing. It’s illegal to walk in public space, and by the way it’s called the land of the free.

Wow this is really great! Well done!

Web3 was being used as a buzzword in 2017/2018 by cryptocurrency projects. I can’t believe it has actually caught on.

I propose we start using web4 as a buzzword for the fediverse

Found more on twitter:

Think twice

This video isn’t advocating completely removing roads, so emergency services could probably be used in a lot of cases. In fact if more people are walking /taking public transport then there will be less congestion and emergency services will get there sooner.


Larry Tesler, inventor of the cut, copy, and paste commands, dies at 74

Fuck cars


Electric cars are better because they don’t emmit greenhouse gases or toxic fumes, but they do share much of the other problems cars have (take up space, dangerouse, congestion).

Also Lithium mining is often not very environmentally friendly

Driving in rural areas is less of a problem because there is more space to waste, there won’t be congestion because of low population density and there probably won’t be enough fumes/pollution in one place to seriously harm anyone.

So yes, I wouldn’t mind someone driving a car in a rural area as long as:

  • either an electric car is used or fuel is not subsidised and is carbon taxed (if it is not carbon taxed you are essentially stealing from everyone else)
  • the people who use the rural roads pay for the infrastructure

Interesting idea, it is sort of like an AI driven bus that sticks to bus lanes

I like to use Lemmy though a browser on mobile, the interface is good (especially compared to reddit) but I think the buttons could be changed a bit to make it better.

I think it might improve the mobile UI to have all buttons at the bottom (sort of like in lemmur):

Buttons that I think would be useful at the bottom:

  • Home (like in lemmur)
  • Communities (like in lemmur)
  • Search (like in lemmur)
  • Profile (like in lemmur)
  • Notifications
  • Create post
  • Sort

Are you going to wait until all hexbear features have been added to Lemmy before moving or do you think you will move over before that point? Any idea how long this will take?

Thanks for the contributions by the way!

@uthrediitoMemesTexas girl toy

The only way to stop an illness with a gun is a doctor with a gun

Rather than acknowledging that climate change is caused by emissions which are largely done through energy production, transport in supply chains and industrial activities, i.e. systemic elements, he goes on to complain about how individuals, who have nothing to do with energy production or transport, are hypocrites.

Almost everyone in the countries surveyd use energy and transport. Infact the countries surveyd are the largest GHG emitters (historically and per capita). Why do you think industrial emissions happen? It’s because individuals buy what companies sell.

If people (particularly in the countries surveyd):

  1. continue to consume on this scale
  2. refuse to support regulations that will force companies to emmit less

then GHG emissions (and environmental damage in general) will continue to remain high.

The solution to global warming is to wind down the fossil fuel industry to zero, which should be easy enough to understand. This is an act that will have a significant impact everywhere and we should focus on managing that change.

Ok, how are you going to do that without reducing consumption? We have been investing in green energy for decades and fossil fuel consumption continues to increase every single year:

I don’t like the framing that it is ‘industry’ that is causing GHG emissions because it lets the actual individuals who are taking advantage of the system of the hook. These individuals are the shareholders who profit, but they are also the consumers who get ultra cheap goods because they don’t give a fuck where it came from.

Here are the projects that NLnet supports. A lot of really cool ones, including Lemmy.

More people using public transport means:

  1. A wider range of people are able to travel independently. Young people and some disabled people can not drive in most countries.
  2. Less raw materials and energy are used to build public transport infrastructure (metals, plastics, coal, gas, lithium ect).
  3. More free space in towns and cities for parks, houses and businesses ect that would otherwise be taken up by cars. This also means there will be less distance between parks, houses, businesses ect.
  4. Much less death and injuries that cost the taxpayer. Road traffic injuries are now the leading killer of people aged 5-29 years.(According to WHO). Especially with many countries having aging populations, killing the young is not exactly a recipe for prosperity.
  5. Less green house gass emissions and environmental damage (for both manufacturing and maintaining public transport).
  6. Less environmental damage Using less resources and producing less emissions protects the planet and environment, this allows us to continue to produce things like food and clean water.

I’m sorry but I still disagree.

The article is quoting the world health organisation which is a global organisation. WHO is looking at data from the whole world, not just the US.

I would prefer not to change the title because:

  1. It does include comments from WHO that are not specific to the US:

    The World Health Organization on Thursday pushed back against the consistent chatter that the ultra-transmissible omicron coronavirus is “mild,” noting that the variant is causing a “tsunami of cases” that is “overwhelming health systems around the world.”

  2. The post title is the same as the article title.