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Count of comments is incorrectly increased by editing a comment on a separate instance
[I commented on a lemmy.ml thread from beehaw.org](https://lemmy.ml/comment/397120) . Even though my comment is the only one the count of the comments on lemmy is 8: ![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/98621cfe-889d-4274-a336-e00d4a5c5947.png) I believe this is a bug caused by edits to the comment (on beehaw.org) being counted as new comments on lemmy.ml.

Yeah, I think I will move to beehaw

The views on lemmygrad are very much outside the general acceptable norms for the English speaking internet.

Even if you agree with their views, you must admit that it is very off putting for most people who come to Lemmy.ml.

I think the purpose of a default instance should be to showcase the software, not to showcase the current community (which is dominated by lemmygrad users right now)…

I think either:

  1. We should have a new default instance.
  2. Have no default instance.
  3. Lemmy.ml should stop federating with lemmygrad.

Personally I have been using and promoting Lemmy less because I find the lemmygrad content off putting. I feel a similar way about this content as I did about place like r/thedonald in 2016.


This community exists as a sort of sister community/copycat community to the r/fuckcars subreddit.

I think both communities exist for the following reasons:

  • to raise awareness around the dangers, inefficiencies and injustice that can come from car dependence.
  • to discuss and promote alternative transport methods

I’m very uncertain about what content is allowed here and I think if the sidebar could specify a bit more that’d be nice.

yeah the sidebar could be a bit more clear. I will update it later today.

  • Find people on your course that can help you and that you can help. Teaching something you know to classmates helps you learn. There is a saying “one teach, two learn” and it is true.
  • Try to review the content of a lecture before attending the lecture. Even if it is a fast 5 minute skim of the material it will help you
  • Try to get an overview of the course at the start, again a quick skim might take an hour or so, but the content will be more familiar when you get around to it.
  • For maths and science Khan academy is really useful.
  • There is a short course on Coursera called ‘Learning how to learn’ that includes some of the above points, it is worth checking out.

Haven’t given it too.much thought but it is nice to have a station in the actual city so that you can choose to rent a bike/scooter to get to your final destination

when those modules only fit in their proprietary chassis.

Other laptops are not designed to be modular so will not work with the framework modules. All the framework modules are usb c so they will work with any usb port on any other laptop. They will work, they will just stick out from the body of the laptop.

Not to mention are just USB adapters.

I think this is a good thing because they are using an open standard that can be used with other laptops (that have a usb c port).

Why do you think cycling is more dangerous at a given speed? Because people wear protective clothing in motorcycles?

Yes, running is more dangerous thank walking (partly because it is faster)

Yes, they go faster so there is more risk of serious injury/death.

Also a benefit of cycling in comparison is that you get excersise

So you are saying making it more modular would increase waste? I disagree.

That plastic would mostly exist anyway in a normal device, the difference here is:

  • if one port breaks it can be easily replaced
  • if the laptop as a whole breaks the port can be recovered and used elsewhere
  • if you are missing a port that is critical to your needs you can just buy the new port instead of a whole new laptop.

These things mean there will be less consumption compared to a normal device.

I like the idea that they are more fuel efficient than cars, but they are a dangerous form of transport especially when sharing roads with cars (but I think they would probably still be dangerous even without cars).

That is like saying a USB stick doesn’t fit in other laptops though. Yes other laptops have not been custom designed to fit this particular USB stick perfectly but it does still work.

You said:

Making USBC modules that only fit in your laptops isn’t environmentallly friendly.

But they do work with other USBC ports

The framework USB C modules work with any USB C port though?

I think it is ok to have some high rises but in general medium density seems to be favourable for a few reasons:

  1. Cost. High rises can become expensive as they are more complex buldings than low rises (real engineering talks about this more here)
  2. Having close together high rises can make people uncomfortable and give them a feeling of claustrophobia. However close together buildings are good as they make neighbourhoods walkable, so the only real option if you want people to be comfortable and have dense walkable neighbourhoods is mid rise (although there are buildings that have mid rise next to the street and high rise further away from the street that solve this).

I have never lived in a high rise so can’t tell you what it would be like =)

@meloo@lemmy.perthchat.org sorry for the slow reply, yes that sounds great! I will link the chat room in the community description

r/sysadmin - Microsoft introducing ways to detect people “leaving” the company, “sabotage”, “improper gifts”, and more! (unverified)
I am not sure if the content of the post is true but the product it talks about does exist: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-365/compliance/communication-compliance?view=o365-worldwide

Well done to everyone involved!

How can we follow peertube channels? I can’t seem to see any listed in communities on lemmy.ml

  • Climate change
  • Being inside a car in traffic.
  • Being outside a car in traffic and breathing the fumes.

There are lots of economic reasons to be anti-car but I think those are the ones that started it for me.

I think Uniswap is a layer 2 on to of Eth, so as long as ETH continues to sue proof of work, it is very unsustainable.

You really need to use common sense and do your own research to be sure if they are a scam or not. Ask questions like:

  • does it solve a problem other than making the holders money?
  • is it distributed fairly?
  • who controls distribution/txn confirmation?

If no problem is solved, or if a small number of entities are in control, then it is a scam.

From what I know Nano is not a scam (~95% of coins were distributed for free through CAPTCHAS and there is no inflation (or fees)).

yeah sorry, I only just found out about it.

This video talks about the latest news. It basically talks about a version called mini-d, people are speculating that it is a version for testing manufacturing.

Most European territories serve the USA’s geopolitical goals. Sanctions against Russia right now are part of that. There’s nothing moral about it. It’s simply a service to the USA for being in its sphere of influence. There is nothing, not a single shred of integrity in that.

European countries must send a strong message that war in Europe is not worth it… hence sanctions. They are not dooing it because they “serve the USA’s geopolitical goals”.

Reddit is really good for hobby/niche content. Reddit communities have become the largest online communities for quiet a few different interests where previously the largest communities would be independent forums.

It would be great if some forums decided to use Lemmy. I guess there are barriers to this, e.g. user interface changes might not be wanted and it might be difficult to export/import the forum history.

Reasons for this could be:

  1. low average number of passenegers
  2. buses have old inefficient engines because of underfunding/underinvestment

This one is really gave me a proper laugh

If you are able to choose where you live you can choose to live in a location where there is functional public transport.

“considerable” compared to what though?

In general e-bikes have a mass of around 30kg and cars have a mass of around 1500kg. So it will use ~1/50th of the raw materials of a car. I would not say that using 1/50th of the raw materials that a car does is “considerable”.

Also the bicycle is the literally the most efficient form of transport (even more than walking).

There is even an argument to be made that an e-bike is more efficient than a pedal power bike because energy is lost when people transform chemical energy (food) to kinetic energy (pedalling).

Lol, yeah no hard feelings, it can be annoying when people talk about things they know nothing about too

I am getting tired of this meme. It is basically complaint about people talking about world events unless they are “experts”.

We should look to experts for our sources of information but it is a bit shirt to mock normal people for talking about the world around them imo

I did think it was fairly likely and I want to give my reasoning why:

The reasons I thought it was fairly likely:

  • massive military buildup on the border (this doesn’t prove anything it could just be a negotiation tactic)
  • many many many statements from US and UK intelligence clearly stating there would be a Russian invasion and it would target Kiev. (Of course they have lied in the past, but I could not see a reason they would lie now)
  • Russia’s damanding things in negotiations that would not be politically feasible to agree to. (This pointed to a delaying tactic and/or an attempt to justify the war)

My thoughts now:

  • The world has changed. There has not been a war in Europe for a long time. The longer this goes on the worse it will be for everyone.
  • A lot of people on the left in my country and internationally did not think an attack like this was a possibility. I think a lot of people on the left have spent so much time fight US imperialism that they forget that other countries can be imperialistic.
  • I still don’t understand what Putin hopes to gain.

40 percent of Russians do not support the official recognition of the Donetsk and Luhansk “people’s republics” by the Russian authorities, while 45 percent of Russians do. While some signs of “rallying around the flag” are inevitable, it is remarkable that despite complete control over major media sources and a dramatic outpouring of propagandistic demagoguery on TV, the Kremlin is unable to foment enthusiasm for war.

Perhaps they have grown wiser to war propaganda after the retaliatory sanctions for the annexation of Crimea?

Any moment now we will get people jumping in the comments section saying this: buT It’s jUsTiafied BecUAse NatO

If you are defending invasions like this you are just a propagandist

Ukraine will have strong western support so it won’t be as easy as Chechnya. Although Putin might decide to annex anyway.

Hardcore History is good

well, I don’t necissarily agree with him but I think he means that: The deal is that you can use the content if you watch adds. If you don’t watch adds you are breaking the deal and therfore the use is unauthorized.