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It might be a good idea for journalists and other targeted people to have multiple burner phones for different activities.

That way if your personal device is infected itnisnkess likely to compromise your human rights work.

You would probably want to turn off any phone you are not using as they are able to access the camera and mic.

Make sure you don’t have a vitamin D deficiency. It will make you sad. If you don’t get much sunlight (especially if you have darker skin) then you probably do have a deficiency. You can get vitamin D pills in most supermarkets/chemists.

Yeah, I agree that people who come here from other places should have an easy time. I think the UI is simple and intuitive overall, but an optional tutorial for new users might be good for some people.

Federation is not a common feature so I think ‘subscribed’, ‘local’ and ‘all’ could be highlighted/explained/described.

One of the first things a lot of social media apps do is get you to subscribe to content/communities you are interested in. So maybe you could highlight the ‘Communities’ button and say that you can find communities you are interested in.

You could also highlight that clicking the username in the top right takes you to post/comment history and settings.

Most people here now come from Reddit, the interfaces are similar so I don’t think most people would find it that difficult.

Maybe have a tutorial that highlights key buttons and describes what they do?

“2 percent of all Millennial wealth is controlled by only one person; Mark Zuckerberg” - wow

Manjaro gnome.

Manjaro because it has the most software that can be easily installed.

Gnome because I like the defaults. KDE can be fun to configure but it tends not to work very well on my hardware.

Doctor explains the results of a study comparing a keto diet to veganism

TLDR: Keto mainly causes water weight loss while veganism causes ‘good’ weight loss. It’s a bad idea to look at things in a binary way and we should really be trying to cut out (ultra) processed foods as much as possible…

I guess it matters how you calculate market dominance though. Devices sold? Revenue? Profit?

Apple is the most profitable smartphone manufacturer and has the most restrictive ecosystem. It has a complete monopoly on apps sold within its own ecosystem.

Massive respect for Cuba. Perhaps the most successful communist/socialist country considering their handycaps.

This documentary is good (BBC so you would expect a bias against Cuba but it’s actually good): https://youtu.be/2AE_0h19p6s

Np :). Yeah, that whole YouTube channel is really good.

I wonder if this is the chip that the valve handheld will use.

I wouldn’t worry about starlink because there are/will be competitors and it will act as another ISP. I don’t think it will be significantly better or worse then existing ISP’s. One thing that could make it worse is that it naturally has a global reach.

It is interesting who Cummings did not implicate in his testimony; Rishi Sunak and Michael Gove.

Rishi was behind ‘eat out to help out’ which really pushed the numbers up so it is strange that Cummings has nothing to say about that.

Bitcoin is given to miners at a constant rate. This means that the incentive to mine and consume energy is directly related to the price of bitcoin.

I think Israel came out of this worse than it went in actually.

They have made a huge blunder in:

  1. Attacking Al Aqsa, uniting Palestinians.
  2. Bombing civilians and journalists, loosing goodwill in other nations.

People are now calling Israel out for Ethnic cleansing and being an apartheid state. It is fractured within and there will be increasing pressure from outside.

I’m not saying Palestine won (hundreds of dead civilians doesn’t really look like winning). But the Israeli state has made a huge blunder.

This is a good article too:


Does anyone know why there isn’t some kind of GUI for nix?

I am sort of worried that public perception will get turned again over time like it did with BLM.

Palestine can’t stay trending on social media forever, but the Israeli’s will keep bullying and lobbying all year round. Hopefully I am just being pessimistic.