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BUT it seems to me that they’re also doing the same thing as every other phone manufacturer : getting their customers to keep replacing their devices.

Why do you think this? The device is designed to be repairable and they sell parts so that you can do the repair.

I would’ve liked to have seen Fairphone produce a Linux phone

Linux phones/software are not ready for mass adoption. I think Fairphone are trying to make it easy for Linux to run on their phones though.

I didn’t know about shiftphone, I will check it out!

I think because it is the most ethical/repairable phone you can buy (as far as I know). Now days a lot of phones are very similar to each other, with slighy different specs. Being repairable makes the Fairphone standout, which means it will get more clicks than another boring android.

Also, the right to repair movement has gotten quiet big (at least among tech enthusiasts) recently so products like the Fairphone and Framework are more popular becase they are exactly what this movement has been calling out for.

Google can do this because they are incredibly profitable while selling very little physical product. This means it is relatively cheap to offset their emissions.

It is an act of violence to allow ghg emitting devices to continue to exist. Morally I think it’s pretty cut and dry to destroy these devices.

I think it is a question of strategy.

Insulate Britain have been blocking roads and getting a lot of hate for it. Maybe this is because it affects ‘ordinary people’.

XR’s blockade of a private airport seems to be much more popular.

Popular is not the same as effective though. Infact, more extreme actions like Insulate Britain’s might be pushing the debate around what is acceptable further in our favour.

Have a look at my comment here that shows what the redreader app looks like. It is a compact Reddit app: https://lemmy.ml/post/83539/comment/83464

I mainly use redreader for Reddit, I don’t think I have ever used boost. I like it and find it easy/simple to use.

It has a main menu, where you can select the community.

Here is what it looks like.

Main menu/front page:



Hamburger menu options:

Sort menu options:

imo the UI feels much cleaner than the new reddit UI and much more modern that the old reddit UI. I would like to be see some kind of compact mode though, especially for mobile.

If it’s your first developer job they will want someone who is willing/eager to learn.

They will probably ask about any previous experience you had. Have you done any programming before? Why was it useful? What were the challenges? Did you work with other people?

The programming puzzle could be anything. It could be a leetcode question, a logic puzzle or maybe they will ask you to describe what some code does. They ask you these questions to see your thought process, you can help by explaining your reasoning as you go along.

Getting a job is a numbers game, if you don’t get it then at least it will be good practise. Good luck!

The next Reddit controversy is scheduled for a few months time, so around then I would think.

Yeah, climate change could be very apocalyptic.

Economics is just a man made game though and I think the economy can recover (if climate change is delayed/slowed).

Even though we have this “worker shortage”, the conservative government are doubling down on punishing the workers and the poor through tax increases (for workers) and benefits cuts. At the same time the cost of energy is very high and the cost of goods is rising.

It’s allready really expensive to live in some places in the country with really high rents.

They might be planning to change the Student Loan terms for new and exisitng loans too: https://imgur.com/bK0xS5X

part of me hopes we enter a death spiral where more young/workers move away.

Continue as usual. Waste their time.

I have honestly been pretty obsessed with this laptop for a while now. Sadly not available in my country yet.

It does seem like they are succeeding though, they have had so much positive press and they are still getting loads of orders as far as I can tell.

I remember when people were first talking about framework they thought it wouldn’t be able to achieve enough scale to be profitable. Well it looks like they might actually be dooing it.

Incredible what they have done in just a couple of years.

Totally disagree that cars play a role, at least as they are now.

As they are now they:

  1. Take up a lots of space, even when not in use.
  2. Cause health problems for people who live nearby.
  3. Cause congestion, increasing travel times for everyone else.
  4. Are a more expensive (monetarily and environmentally) form of travel (at least in places where there is competetive public transport).
  5. Kill and injur people that aren’t even drivers.

Hydrogen/Electric self driving cars can fix 2. and maybe 5. But they still have lots of problems. So even then I would prefer they are taxed and restricted to areas’s with low population density.

Yeah, that’s a really good point actually. I guess both sources of waste don’t cancel each other out.