Watch the official gameplay reveal for Starfield from the XBOX and Bethesda Games Showcase. Starfield releases on Xbox Series X|S and PC in 2023. Play day on...

I’m a bit cautious about this one. The gameplay looks extremely like No Man’s Sky, which I thought was honestly boring. Also, Bethesda somehow is one of the largest studios ever but they still can’t make gunplay. There is NO reaction or response to shooting people, it just looks really jank. People complained about this in Skyrim, then in fallout 4 and they STILL CAN’T DO IT RIGHT! HOW!? They own the studio that made Doom and Quake, some of the most satisfying gunplay ever, they can just go over and ask how to make gunplay feel good.

Everything else looks good though. Graphics are gorgeous, dogfighting in space looks good, and I hope the story can be interesting. I’m just really worried the planets are going to be style of substance and it’ll end up being shallow (again, like NMS, because it looks extremely similar and seems to be copying systems from it)

I think it looks like a game that might have sold well in 2015

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