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  • If a popular Chinese actor were to insinuate that Scotland was an independent country, would that not be offensive to the people of the UK?

    LOL. No. The people in the UK aren’t that fragile, and Scotland and Ireland are referred to by their names by default. Everyone says “Scotland” and “Ireland”, and they’re semi-independent and have their own free governments. Everyone is okay with it. Everyone can say Alaska and Quebec. And for the record, John Cena didn’t infer that Taiwan was an independent country, he merely referred to it by its name, but of course you wouldn’t bother fact checking that.

  • which libs thought was absolutely fucking hilarious for whatever reason.

    Yeah I mean there’s nothing hilarious about an actor publicly apologizing and kissing China’s ass for several minutes while speaking mandarin to connect with the Chinese fanbase because he said “Taiwan” that one time. Definitely not news-worthy that such a popular actor would have to stoop so low because a powerful government throws a fit whenever people talk about its politics…

    The fact that people in this community are ignorant about it really says a lot.

  • The TL;DR of why this happened is there was expected to be a vote of no confidence against him. People of the UK were going to make him go through hell and trials and such and he was expected to leave anyways, so he resigned preemptively.

    This is a win for the people though, it’s good he knew he was going to lose anyways and not have us do the song and dance. What happens now though is a little worrying, the sudden resignation of him and 50+ people in the government means it’s a little confusing who’s going to rule now.

  • Sensationalized BS. Most muslims are heavily against China and I can’t tell you how many of them I know have changed their facebook profile pic to #freeuyghurs or something similar when news broke out.

    The title makes it sound like islamic countries and muslims as a whole are plotting against them despite literally mentioning that Turkey, an islamic country, has welcomed and protected them. Then the article goes on to say that reportedly Turkey could send them back to Beijing. Maybe.

    Pakistan and Tajikistan hardly represent the “Islamic world”.

  • Modern AI as it stands is only as sentient/smart as the dataset it’s given, and it’s just trying to replicate that. If I talk about liking cereal a lot in my dataset, the AI would say they like cereal. This isn’t sentience, it doesn’t fundementally understand what cereal even is, it’s just trying its hardest to act like what it learned.

    I’m sentient because I learned naturally through my life and based my learning through experience, not because I looked at a dataset and tried to act human. So no, there’s no way Google’s chatbot is sentient. It doesn’t even understand anything outside the context of a chat, and there’s no intent out critical thinking going into what it says. It just looks at the data it has and chooses the most logical thing to say at the moment. No reason to even consider I’m talking to a real thing that has emotions.

    And to answer your question, if there’s a 1:1 virtual copy of me that still wouldn’t be me. It’d be an AI that looks at my memories and experiences and tries to act like me based on what it knows. I could make a million copies of it, pause and play it as I want and it wouldn’t tell the difference.

  • MrGamingHimselftoAsklemmyBlockchain social networks?
    2 years ago

    Follow the simple flowchart:

    Does it work without Blockchain? If yes, you shouldn’t use Blockchain.

    If no, then you still shouldn’t use Blockchain because it sounds like you’re about to create something really stupid that the world doesn’t need.

  • MrGamingHimselftoTechnology*Permanently Deleted*
    2 years ago

    The Verge fails to mention the main driving force for this decision: Photopea. Someone made a perfectly working photoshop clone that’s good enough for 99% of people. It exploded in popularity a while ago, and they announced Photoshop online shortly after. They don’t want to lose relevance.