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Cool beans, thanks for sharing - had no idea Avast was in the picture.

I tried to cipher what they produce or offer with no luck. Website offers infinite corporate speak with no meaning. Anyone familiar?

Well, release your god damn books DRM -free with localized prices on some service along the likes of Bandcamp.

It’s pure, it’s easy and God damn fair for both parties.

Yes, libraries are great.

Xbps <3

Did musl for a while, got tired of incompatibilities, have been running glibc for years now :)

How has been your runit experience in comparison? s6 looks interesting

It’s dumb, rather silly in comparison and it does nothing other than keeping services going - on Void Linux you symlink your services from /etc/sv/{service-name} to /var/services/ and there it goes off doing its thing.

Systemd could probably provide some fancy features on my system but it’s a simple procrastination-station and so far I’ve not come up with anything I’m missing. Very happy camper.

(Lemmy is acting up for me)


Been a while since I last messed with it and my Linux skills (damn that sounds corny) have improved over the years. But when I used to drive a systemd distro there would be some service that would stall and I just could not make it work as intended, remembering my frustrations.

To me it’s not about systemd being bad, just a case of it being hella complicated if compared to something like runit. Its reach is so huge it’s overwhelming for my poor brain to grasp.

It’s not you, it’s me kind of a deal haha


I haven’t measured it before. Guessing around -10,-7C somewhere due to residual heat from our living room and the glasseed balcony being wind resistant.

Apple tree, pear, cherry are all cold resistant but obviously unfit for a grow bag on the balcony. I’ve heard there are are types of grapvine that can do swell in hardiness zone 5ish, not sure which kind yet conflicting info on the webz.

Stockholm so, freezing winters. And these days insane tropic summers apparently.

Passion fruit eeeey? That sounds lovely, I’ll check out if there are kinds that can withstand temperatures of ~-15C

Alrighty then, maybe my friend just needs to get over the nginx ddns SSL cert hump faster rather than having multiple accounts.

I’ll tell shim to get yee thumb out of hir arse.

Transfer account to another instance?
Is this a thing that's possible? Asking for an imperialist *friend* who want to hop over to beehaw from until *friend* has grasped nginx and figured out *friends* own instance on their rpi.

What should I plant in this 50L grow bag? Zone 7a, south facing glassed balcony
Some hardy grapevine? Perennial preferred. ![](

The other day I was saying to my wife “There should be trams for large stuff - wide door openings.”.

This tho, I want to know more!

Hah, well that’s a suprise, Clutch at it again.

This is the thing I can’t blindly sign up for. It’s disgusting.

And now modern living depends so much upon them that it’s an enormous endeavor to wind this back :S

I’d say it’s an enormous discomfort and an opportunity to create a meaningful living for all - somewhat along the lines of what “antiwork” represents.

This was beautiful 😍

I posted a reply but it sort of went nowhere for some reason. Retype, sigh…:

Tell these people that the US needs 300.000.000 EVs among a shit ton of other stuff before the end of 2050, I’m sure they’ll love it. Everyone loves digging for common and rare earth minerals.

Nothing beautiful about data that represents some of the most grueling, back breaking capital-slavery in modern history. Where the motive is to make a single nation somewhat less disgusting emissions-wise. Instead of focusing those trillions of dollars on reductionist approaches.

Don’t trust the salesman.

What’s your climate and civilization prediction?
I'll go first: The situation is really dire for keeping the global rise in temperature under 1,5C, not gonna happen as no nation on earth is even close to meeting their own goals let alone those set during COP. From my part of the world, Sweden I'm seeing less green forces being voted for than 10 years ago. Instead, fascists are being given more and more power globally. Governments are touting investments and commitment yet in the grand scheme of things jack all is happening. Eight billion mid-size mammals and counting are competing for comfort and security under various levels of despair under class rule. I'm predicting the charade of investments and commitment as well as the greenwashy non-solutions being held up will soon be turned upside down (~2028) by fascists whom have taken power (~2032) through the fears of people and we'll have a bleak future not unlike [*The Road*]( by the end of this century (~2080-2100) as food and water supplies will have destabilized (~2056) due to the unpredictable nature of the climate. ____ Edit: To clarify, I'm not happy about it -.-

Aren’t biofuels just another variant touching the same grand issue? From what I’ve gathered the growing, harvesting and refining biofuels differ wildly but all have in common an rather sizable amount of destructive land use - be it through deforestation, palm oli cultivation or the monoculture aspect of growing crops for fuel. Most of the biofuels are from palm, rapeseed oil or corn and it’s some gosh darn dirty business. The old saying *“can’t eat the cake and keep it” rings true for the climate crisis - going backwards towards some type of neo-classical future, keeping modern knowledge on how to fuck things up while mixing in tried and true concepts like no-til gardening, food conservation, sailing, coppicing and what not would probably be a more sane and doable route for humanity.

I’m 110% certain that the ultimate source of infinite energy, fusion, would be the absolute quickest way to destroy all the remaining living ecosystems on earth.

Happy music for happy people, pinky promise

Near the router. Connected via wifi - usually in the livingroom it’s somewhere round 160mb down.

Love, thanks for sharing :)

So, like what’s your use case? Professional work or just faffing about with stuff at home, procrastinating?

I have no idea why someone like me, a non-professional, would turn to a corporate distribution with a “stable” release model and have it be a Canonical product or similar.

I got into linux for mainly three reasons: I could install the applications in a single neat command using the terminal (that shit was amazing coming from XP); It was not some big tech dictating and changing up my workflow on a whim; Lastly I had a moment of ethical reconing around 2016 and the ethics of FLOSS is superior.

Canonical keep doing things, trying out what sticks on a live audience and it’s generally not liked by people. To me it seems like a very unstable experience. It had its innovative days in the 00’s and it’s all appreciated but since long gone.

Often the critique aimed at Canonical and the Ubuntu team is disregared with “That’s a loud minority” – yes and no. Of the grand total of Ubuntu users there are a huge amounts of casuals and worker bees (tech folk given Ubuntu with little reason to stir up shit at their employment) who are not interested. Then there are those who are very interested in the tech behind the product, the enthusiasts - if you take into account the grand total, sure then there is a loud minority, but why would you take into account a large swath of uninterested people’s non-existing-opinions?

Sorry, went on a semi rant in order to say: if you choose a corporate distro you are going to have a corporate experience. There are independent enthusiast distributions out there that run their ship through enthusiasm and not corporate intentions.

Sure you know all this but I felt like expressing myself this morning haha…

Cool, I pay for sourcehut in order to get Gemini hosting and my shabby scripts hosted somewhere accessible. Nice to see a project like pmos consider Sourcehut.

Not a coder in any shape or form, just a hobbyist with sPeCiAl computer needs :)

It’s why I’m back 😌

Don’t play Minecraft (it was a notch thing running in Java last time I launched it) but this is refreshing to hear. Every damn service and or game are jumping on the NFT hype and it’s disgusting.

I wish there was a global push towards more thoughtful layouts such as Colemak-DH and some standardisation between OSes. Like for instance I’m a Swede and need my ÅÄÖ but I also despise ISO Nordic symbol placements and perfere ANSI for symbols.

Currently using the SE variant of the US layout (Linux) which gives me ÅÄÖ on the third layer accessible via “Alt GR”+{ [, ', ; }. Now to make things more betterereer I have a QMK/Vial enabled keyboard where I’ve set three keys to automatically treat and chord the previously stated keycombinations to reach ÅÄÖ without having to hold Alt GR.

The result is a magical ANSI Nordic layout set in Colemak-DH (with chorded Dvorak style .,/)on a highly customisable Vial keeb.

The issue is that on something like macOS the us layout and (I think it’s Swedish/Nordic variant) the ÅÄÖ is situated under Alt+a, alt+o and something else which makes my board not work as I had intended it to work. On windows 11 I fail to even find how in the F you change your keyboard layout at all - it’s a god darn mess.

Radio is abysmal here in Stockholm. All of it Clear Channel BS, no edge, all vanilla.

Oh yes, recently took the plunge and cancelled my Spotify subscription (member since invite days 2007~) turning to bandcamp instead and God, what a a fresh breeze of air it’s been so far. Tons of great new music from mostly “no names”. Somewhat worried that Epic games who recently bought Bandcamp will introduce some NFT crap and or gameify the whole thing into mehh (missing the word ATM haha).

The Spotify algorithms had sort of trapped it self into some loop and I kept being bombarded with good old comfortable music which I’ve heard thousands of times. If it dared to try and introduce something new it was extremely dumb trying to shill some youngster pop crap seemingly straight from the top 100s.

How come I run appimages with glibc then? ;)

Can’t get enough of Void.

I install it using this method on my laptop but I go for glibc over musl. Post install I setup sway, PipeWire and what not and have a good time.

Package manager rocks, I don’t think I miss anything from the repos.

Awesome community around the distro. The fact that they have official documentation is great.

I don’t do anything productive on my machine. Procrastination all the way <3

Don’t quote me but Gala is based on Mutter which back when had some janky desktop icon implementation using Natilus. It was removed because it was less ideal implementation.

eOS team is all about (at least outwardly) having features be well implemented and standardized - see their dark theme implementation for instance, they would rather invent a good implementation over implementing half-baked ones even if the halfbaked one might have more adoption.

I thing the Solus team with Budgie DE quite recently reintroduced desktop icons in a more sane implementation.

Like I said, don’t quote me on this, not that invested.

Samhällsonanin is now gemini-exclusive and it feels good. There will be image and photo content coming soon I hope (because my writing is really uninteresting, like an open diary/notepad with little excitement). Next weekend with the arrival of new proofing baskets there will be bread content, also some photos, some linux-rice and such. I'm looking for other folks on gemini to follow, please do feel free to share your own capsule. tags: music, linux, life, fatherhood, photos, bread, coffee.

Neat! I’ll subscribe to this.

Well worth the money being asked for the album!

Have no idea about screen sharing - but in my experience it has been wonderfully easy to install PipeWire and have it be a drop-in replacement for Pulseaudio. Here are the instructions for Void Linux:

Have not found a reason to go back to straight pulse.

Use it for laptop audio and Bluetooth audio. Pavucontrol, bluetoothctl.

Title suggestion: A few great terminal based applications. Or Three great terminal based applications.

“Best Linux apps” suggest that there has been a conclusion on the topic and that the following apps mentioned are the best which does not jive with the actual content of the article.

nnn, aerc, neovim, micro

They don’t have a wiki page, it has been deprecated it to make room and focus for official documentation (clickable for your convenience).

I have after ~6 years of Linux gotten around to getting me a pair of SSH-keys, hate them both.

If soldered on, glued and laminated are words your brother likes go for an M1 or whatever else within the thinness race.

I would go for longevity á Framework/Thinkpad type deal. Really salivating over the Framework with it’s 3:2 display but my repairable Thinkpad X230 just won’t break - which is a good thing ;)

edit: also, don’t push your convictions too hard on the guy. Arm, RISC, Linux are all great but he’ll need to get things done at school, not faff about with incompatibility issues. I’d love to have an expantioncard with nvme drive for the Framework with Windows on it.

Helloa! I poped open a community for all things Ukulele, come join if small lute-derived instruments with a funny vibe interests you :)

Here’s an awful Uke I love
![]( Bought this one for my oldest son of two and a half years of age. He loves it and I love it - not because of its craptastic bridge or wonderful blue, but for its joyous ease to pick up and noddle for a bit. It has sparked quite the musical revolution for me. Sort of floated away from my electric bass playing (after 9-10 years) around 2015~, since then I've not played much of anything. This Ukulele have me saving up for a really nice tenor of some kind - probably a Rebel Double Creme or something similar (vegan friendly higher end)

Idea: Lower the impact for down votes
I made a post on r/ukulele where I seek help finding vegan friendly ukuleles. Instant-down-vote because of the V-word hindering it being discovered by those interested. It's not offensive, I specifically ask to keep discussions on veganism out of it and I stayed polite about the topic - [I think?]( Mind you this is not the worst case of instant-down-vote of non-controversial or non-offensive honest posts on Reddit. It's the hive-mind-tribe thing of Reddit doing it's thing as usual. What if down votes had reduced "power" or impact/value. Up-votes are a full point and down-votes are .5 or .75 of a point in order to prevent instant-reptile-brain-knee-jerk down-voting because of a small difference in opinion or world view. So that there have to be two people down-voting for one integer point to count. What do you folks think?

Michael Moore Presents: Planet of the Humans | Full Documentary | Directed by Jeff Gibbs
I'm as of posting 57 minutes into the film - yeay, depressing as hell. Recommend all people take a watch.

Installed packages after fresh network install?
Hey, I have forgotten but does anyone know the aproximate amount of packages you get after a fresh install with no DE (network install)? Pre-Xorg/Wayland compositor

Where is Shotwell ratings stored and general photo library management strategies?
I have a system for sorting my photos using the ratings feature. It came about me trying to sort out the insane mess created by phone photography and automagic camera uploads have on your photo library. I needed a quick way to go through marking photos in order to sort out what has value or not. Within Shotwell there are hotkeys for star ratings that are simply the number row with no modifier needed, which alleviates the cramping risk if say you would need to hold ```ctrl+[num]``` while judging 5000+ photos. - 0 is no star rating - 1-5 corresponding amount of stars - 9 rejected I then setup a few *"Saved Searches"* in order to give the ratings meaning. A *Saved Search* takes a number of criteria for what it includes and displays. Other software would probably call these *"Smart Searches". I got seven searches that corresponds to the ratings hotkeys: 0 = Pending judgement 1 = Memorable 2 = Food 3 = Photo notes (scribbles on paper, backside of router..) 4 = Printed 5 = To be printed 9 = Rejects This system has been highly effective in sorting out and continued upkeep of my photo library - however! I did at one point early on after applying this technique nuke my drive for some probably meaningless reason (photos and other files synced up to Mega (a dropbox type thing)). After getting things setup and files synced with Mega as it were before the nuking, I discovered the star ratings were not written as metadata or kept within my Pictures directory. Luckily it was only a ~thousandish photos that had been marked with a rating when this happened which was not a huge loss. ### **TL;DR: I'm wondering where is the star rating information stored so I can sync this information and keep this alongside my photos?** I've recently gotten into KDE and Plasma which has opened up a bunch of software to me which I knew existed but I weren't very interested in checking out due to *dependarexia* and an aversion to mixing GTK and Qt applications on my machine. During my exploration of this new and exciting Qt-world I fired up digiKam which turned out to read all the ratings I had set in Shotwell! So the star ratings must be stored somewhere common - but where? Anyhow - grateful for any information on the topic or perhaps a rundown of your strategies for dealing with photo-bloat and unruly libraries :)

Firefox 87 on Android - its rad!
Just wanted to share my recent experience with Firefox on mobile. Previously attempts at using it was *meeeh..*. Not sure what versions those times. Quite a lackluster experience, dull, blunt not worth while - so I stuck with Bromite (Chromium deal). Now it has this fancy *on-boarding* page with options laid out neatly. Option and defauling to bottom bar which I've not seen in a mobile browser before, loving it. UI is on point, privacy-wise it's Firefox - Idk what else to say other than I think its worth while a revisit if the previous workflow put you off.

Reorganizing $HOME
I'm looking to restructure my home folder. Have for a long time used the standard XDG user directory structure (```$HOME/{Desktop,Documents,Downloads...}```) and it has become a mess. Also the capitalized directory names are inconvenient for a multitude of reasons. I'll have to set the XDG user variables accordingly. Anyone gone through a process of reorganizing their home directory structure beyond the standard XDG user directory structure. Did you note any oddities refraining from mentioned standards? Here's my initial idea: $HOME ├── desktop ├── documents │   ├── public │   └── templates ├── downloads ├── media │   ├── audio │   │   ├── bleeps │   │   └── music │   ├── e-books │   ├── graphics │   │   ├── 3d │   │   ├── raster │   │   │   ├── palettes │   │   │   └── wallpapers │   │   ├── screenshots │   │   └── vector │   ├── photos │   └── videos ├── sites └── software ├── bin ├── games │   └── roms └── git

My wonder-combo pen and gel refill. Edit: sideways pic...

What has the FSF accomplished?
Honest question, I don't know a whole lot about the FSF. Heard the announcement from RMS and a snippet on the dangers of webapps and such. But do they introduce solutions to these issues regarding proprietary software or mostly point fingers and tell us what's *dangerous* to use? **What's your favorite FSF contributions?**

Pico-8! @ Samhällsonanin
A day into it - very fun, especially with a proper game-pad! Check it out or don't. Not very many mentions of Pico-8 on Lemmy so I figure it has its place.

Home server and backup strategy?
/*------*/ ```21/3``` EDIT: Thank you all for your replies. I love the Lemmy community! Here's an idea of the backup flow that I think would fit neatly with our computer usage. There are stretches of time (week-long) where I don't even wake the computer up. 1. ```syncthing``` syncs stuff from our laptops onto the ```server```. 2. ```deja-borg-restic-dup-or-whichever-encrypted-iterative-backup-solution-wins-my-heart``` then proceeds to take *"snapshots"* of the data which ```syncthing``` delivered to the server. One weekly and one monthly snapshot for each laptop. 3. The ```server``` proceeds to send the snapshots to an off-site server somewhere, a Back Blaze type deal where I might keep a couple of weeks and months worth in backups. Something like that? Both me and the wife live comfortably on 512GB SSD each so there is not a ton of data to be dealt with. Thing looking to be backed up are basically the XDG user directories á Desktop, Documents, Photos, Music et cetera.. My worries with the ARM SBCs are the specific disto images built for them. How long does support/maintenance last for one of these images? I know it depends on the distro. My worries are that as new iterations of a board is dropped onto the market the images for the older board get more and more neglected. Maybe that does not matter and the images basically just "drivers" which once implemented are good for years and years to come? Dream would be something along the lines of an Odroid HC4 (OLED) with a Void Linux (it's my jam) image running on an SSD along with a beefy 6TB HDD. Low cost, low electricity, redundant enough if off-site backups are implemented. Have the OLED display current updates available and status for ```syncthing``` and ```deja-borg-dup-kup-restic-blaze```. /*------*/ ```20/3``` TL;DR: **What I want from this post is to hear and be inspired by how you go about backups and or other services and general home server thoughts**. Hardware, software, family constellation, maintenance routines and other aspects related to your setup. /*------*/ ```20/3``` I just realized I have not had any local backups of files and photos since 2015-16~ when I left the fruit-computer sphere and their Time Machine. Instead I've relied on Dropbox and more recently Mega for two-way file sync to act as a backup. Difference between those days and now is that I have my own family with needs for proper backups and it has to be done via a local server solution/NAS. Furthermore, it makes little sense sending files to unknown servers using services like Dropbox and Mega. Big time option-paralizys going on here. ARM or X86 - Proxmox, non-rolling vs rolling - SBC kit, tower, rack or prebuilt NAS for home use. TDP and wattage. Quicksync. Stay on Linux or hop on over to freeBSD for proper ZFS or fully embrace BTRFS and stay with what I know best. I heard XFS is a thing too.. Going slightly insane weighing all the options against each other and options in different combinations against each other. Trying to avoid resource and money waste by informing myself enough to make purchases with good longevity. Many thanks for any input on these matters! :)

While we are on the subject of handheld Linux gaming devices :)

... and forces, winds and the generally lost leftist movements in Sweden are lost we will follow suit.

The scalp and your favorite recipes
Happy to see a federated bread community :) Two things, Firstly, my avatar - it was a delicious fifty-fifty whole wheat sourdough boule with an ear so large I dubbed it "the scalp". Recipe from [The Perfect Loaf](, my goto for recipes :) Secondly, I'd like to ask what your favorite recipes are? Currently I'm looking for something new that is compatible with full-time-job-two-kids. Less folding and more shape, rest and bake. Whoop!

Loop Hero and a GOG experience @ Samhällsonanin
I wrote this little note on my website on the feeling of purchasing a DRM-free game from GOG. Now what I wonder, not knowing much about GOG - why isn't GOG larger than it is, what's the catch? Because this experience was rad.

Casio F-91W, a wrist watch @ Samhällsonanin
Here's my wristwatch :)

So yesterday I was writing a note-to-self/blog post with desired specs for a potential new laptop which does not exist on the market today. 3:2, repairable and expandable. This morning I listened to my Monday morning episode of Linux Action News and hear the news of a modular, repairable laptop with a 3:2 display - scrapped the blog post immediately. It differs slightly from my vision but looks very intriguing!

Gemini hosting now on Sourcehut
Marvelous news :)

Server distro project for super-easy deployment? Help me find it [Solved]
**Edit: distrowatch <3 searching anything "Linux server" in any search engine is a futile action, thanks distrowatch: ** Found it Yunohost - I think it's real interesting :) once clicked myself to some Linux server distro project that seemed to aim for people like me; that's familiar with Linux on the desktop want to run a few services locally on a server but have less interest in or end up in paralysis every time docker (CE, compose) or Proxmox is mentioned as well as networking. Yoko, yoso, Jolo, something I seem to think I remember it being called, but not hits when searching. Think it was more or less - check the boxes for the things you want to run and it takes care of deployment for you. It had a rather spiffy website. Anyone know what distro I'm thinking of? I want to play around with it :)

A personal site for me. Static wonderfullness - photos, linux, possibly some thoughts, who knows what will come of it? Trying out relative units for the typography - tell me if you hate it or enjoy it. I have no idea what will happen on a 4k display. Works great on my 1366x768 potatolaptop)