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People are crafty - one of the most astonishing traits of human beings and in this community we celebrate it. Arts and craft, software or consumer products - really anything you or a small team have brought into this world, something you are proud of. A bucket community for your haiku and elaborate bullet journal page - your drum solo and your custom bitmap font.

The point is to not have different silos for everything we share. Hopefully, as a result of this community our works and passions will reach unexpected audiences, commentary and spread. It might also serve as a taste breaker in your feed.


  1. Be supportive, constructive or silent.
  2. You are in fact the main architect of the thing.
  3. Don’t spam your thing, only one post per thing. If it is a series of things that fit together as one - try to consolidate them into one post.
  4. Do provide a description attached to your post.

OK. a couple of points which we should probably iron out:

  • What is a “small team”?
  • Should there be a line drawn for commercial interests?
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