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Spotting drowning children, or people in general, is apparently very difficult. …

Interesting article that explores links historians made between empires and plagues (refuting some as it discusses them)…

Thanks, didn’t know about the replying to old posts… Will keep it in mind. Cheers

This is a reasonably weird situation. I had lemmy.ml working on FF yesterday but it stopped when I tried to reply to a post.

Then it didn’t work on qutebrowser either, giving me a no server response.

Then it worked again. Sometimes with delay.

Just now I had this message on qutebrowser:

“Error while loading resource https://dev.lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/Q5Xs7Yu8kq.png?format=webp&thumbnail=96 on page https://lemmy.ml/: Server’s certificate does not match the URL. Consider reporting this to the website operator, or set content.tls.certificate_errors to ask-block-thirdparty to always block invalid resource loads. Do you want to ignore these errors and continue loading the page insecurely?”

After going the insecure way, the page loaded.

I’m on FreeBSD 13 and behind a VPN. So I dare say it’s probably me that’s causing the issue… but thought I’d share anyway. Mostly seems to work at the moment.

Here is a shout out to Montessori education.

We are using a Montessori Kindergarten, after an employer sponsored child care. The difference is very noticeable.

The Montessori Kindergarten strikes such a nice balance between structure and freedom. Not everything translates back to behavior outside of the Kindergarten but the dynamic of the kids are great. All kids have their preferred friends, and best friends, but they still look after each other no matter what.

We know that some kids don’t like each other that much. There was an event where all the kids were cycling or scootering around in a traffic school. When one of them hurt themselves, falling down or something, everyone was there making sure nothing serious happened.

They do tell each other “stop following me” to peers they don’t like when they don’t want to play with them, yet they still look after them. I thought it’s great.

Further, we had the opportunity to sit in a corner to see the normal routines during Kindergarten. The kids are exceptionally well behaved and encourage each other to do so. At the same time all of them are encouraged to explore their interests, whether that’s math or culture or painting or gardening, either with their friends or by themselves. The result is a busy, yet organised place in which the kids just follow their instincts and learn, often from each other.

It’s worthwhile reading up on the ideas too, I find. It’s a very engaging way of looking at education.

It works fine on qutebrowser! Pinging works also without issues

Yes, private mode with ublock, cookie auto delete, localcdn and deactivated noscript gives me the same result.

I don’t have the “restart without addons” option but would also like to try something else first if possible

For some days now, I get server timeouts when trying to access Lemmy.ml in Firefox. …


Slightly side tracking:

What are folks’ favourite / recommended tutorials for both Apache and Nginx?

As someone working with real buildings and building engineering, and as someone who has been working on a daily basis with software engineers, for a while nearly in a product management type role, software engineering principles and approaches are utterly puzzling to me and seem quite buzzword driven. I may misunderstand… (…and will use this to go on an overdue rant)

Take for instance Agile Development. This was introduced to me as an innovative way of software development. Short, quick iterations, close to the client to keep short feedback loops and get paid while you develop. Maybe someone could expand this to things I left out, however, my thought was immediately: How else would you build something?

This is virtually how every sizable building project is done and has been done for all modern times. You have sometimes weekly design presentations, sometimes more often, of all aspects: from architecture to HVAC engineering to structural to functional to user experience to operational aspects to Business Continuity Planning… and yes, it also happens that you accelerate the physical delivery of parts so the building can be used earlier, while other areas are still in construction.

I’m also certain that this is how engineering is done in any other area. Because, frankly, it’s just common sense and the amount of lecturing I received on Agile just baffled me. Even more so, because while they talked a lot about Agile Development, they were neither fast, nor flexible, nor close to the client. Feedback was either not recognised as such or nearly completely ignored most of the time. Putting them in front of a client was like landing them on Mars…

The whole process was very frustrating since there really was a significant lack of client understanding and business focus. Agile, AI and blockchain became my personal trifecta of terror for a while…

This was with a large x00,000 employee organisation, so maybe that had something to with that. I also think that software engineers managed to convince people that they are doing magic, and hence get away with things they shouldn’t.

One thing I disagree with in the article in particular is that engineering has strict protocols and the article makes it sound like engineering is some kind of a cookie cutter approach. There are strict protocols in place, but those are just a given and often mandated… so there is nothing to win there and nothing to think about too much.

Design briefs by clients however are effectively the battlefield that is negotiated in a pursuit to make more money. They are extremely fluid and the negotiations can change drastically any aspect related to the build outcome, depending on who wins. You may engineer one solution nearly to the end, only to end up starting from scratch with another one because you lost your argument. I again suspect that this is the same in industries that have nothing to do with building buildings.

So to close this rant, software development seems to have some very rough edges and we all need to work together to fix the situation.

It is up to us, as educated individuals, to use these rough edges to chase those f#$%&s out of the city when they try to sell you a blockchain instead of a f#$%! SQL database, or AI instead of a g@d d@#n 10 minute effort linear regression and freaking implement the stupid thing today and not 12 months later! Let’s all be part of that change! WE CAN DO IT

That you can check with JS CSS queries and also with simple calcs surely counts as a bug…

The header stuff should just be normalised. I’m saying this as a User obviously, but is there a real reason why browsers can’t look alike? Couldn’t Firefox follow the Chrome headers?

Just out of curiosity, why would you try to ungoogle chrome? Why wouldn’t you just use Firefox? I’m using one at work and one at home and can’t really tell too many differences in terms of performance.

"The study, by an international collaboration of scientists from 14 countries and including experts from the University of Oxford, set out to test the “invariant rate of ageing” hypothesis, which says that a species has a relatively fixed rate of ageing from adulthood. …

Really nice discussion how inevitable personal bias in the scientific community makes headlines and how science as a method adjusts knowledge. …

"Most of us live in social worlds that are profoundly unequal, where small elites have vastly more power and wealth than everyone else. Very few of the have-nots find this congenial. As experimental economists have shown, we tend to enter social situations prepared to take a chance and cooperate in …

It was delayed a year… I think some players got sick or something… :)

"Kate Crawford studies the social and political implications of artificial intelligence. She is a research professor of communication and science and technology studies at the University of Southern California and a senior principal researcher at Microsoft Research. …

"In Zen we say practice is nothing other than your everyday activity. If we view the Dharma as something special – a particular activity we treat as more sacred, or a state we hope to attain that will be of an entirely different nature than the mundane existence we currently endure – we’re missing t…

What I do for a living


A VPN is a perfectly fine protection against having your normal web traffic logged locally. Even if the VPN provider tracks you, it wouldn’t necessarily be available within your jurisdiction.

Given stuff like law enforcement using “crime prediction” techniques makes privacy important for anyone. Who says that law enforcement won’t ask for data from ISPs to “enhance” their models?

The data mining trend we are seeing is utterly insane. Data being called “the new oil”, just dismisses the fact that we are talking about peoples lives rather than some resource we can dig up.

That we chose to call curve fitting and statistics “Artificial Intelligence” will be facilitator of a new dark age if we are not careful.

It’s Saturday, I had some drinks and my team lost. So maybe that’s what’s causing these doomy words…

Do you want private solutions? OBLITERATE. ANY. KIND. OF. CORPORATE. SOFTWARE.

I love that!

It should be obvious to anyone working for any sizable corporate. It needs to be communicated to all.

Yes, but why would you point to Apple at all?

It’s not that Firefox is too arcane compared to Safari. Apple Maps is just aweful in terms of estimating ETAs and on top of that made by another coorporate that will extract value from any data point they have.

I mean in general:

Do you want private solutions? OBLITERATE. ANY. KIND. OF. CORPORATE. SOFTWARE.

is trivially true.

So let’s just make that point clear!

I totally agree with security and privacy going hand in hand! I can’t understand how anything not-private can claim being secure (looking at you, iPhone).

What I really want to know is how do I best hide from (with my best understanding of what to do):

  • Google, Amazon, Facebook, etc <-- UBO, limit javascript, degoogle your mobile

  • Less known companies like cloudfare that provide background services <-- same

  • My local government requiring the internet service provider to log my activities <-- use VPN

  • My VPN provider <-- use TOR

In addition, for bonus points:

  • Make my server save <-- Use ssh with key access only (ed25519) and a handful of other sshd settings;

I mean most of the time, all I really want is to read some text without being data-mined. So, that is my threat model. When you use security tools like lynis, there are lots of recommendations covering edge cases that don’t seem relevant for normal users. And that is why I’m asking for the threat model…

I feel that security is a massive theatre that hypes itself up to look like magic and as a consequence makes sure people are not doing basic, simple things to avoid the type of wide drag net tracking that corporations abuse for profit and dystopia.

All of this sounds quite loaded from an ideological point of view. You may not believe that non-capitalism supports authoritarians, but that is what you wrote.

It feels that your are on a mission to defend western mainstream media, but it seems that your main point is that you don’t like others attacking it. The arguments you don’t like, “dominate the threads” because lemmy started with people on the left end of the spectrum. Calling it “conspirational” and complaining about getting downvoted misses the idea lemmy presents.

You can get downvoted on a comment to eternity. It won’t show up in your karma and you are free to engage in the next discussion as you please. People won’t care about your internet points.

Maybe you have time to explain how I misinterpreted your position?

I’ll try to find some time later or maybe someone beats me to it. I think we should make it a new post for discoverability and so people can give corrections/suggestions in the comments.

I’d love that!

Your grandparent comment:

And others will defend authoritarian regimes and push conspiracies.

basically says “non-capitalist outlets defend authoritarian regimes …”. I think that’s bashing anything non-capitalist / tilting towards propaganda and believe systems. There are many non-capitalist arguments that don’t have anything to do with authoritarian regimes or conspiracy theories.

Your mission statement says that you want to be productive and avoid becoming an echo chamber.

Those two statements don’t align as far as I’m concerned, since you basically set yourself up as an echo chamber.

This was just too funny :) 2020 though…

"In newborns with a very low birth weight, continuous skin-to-skin contact immediately after delivery, even before the baby has been stabilized, can lower mortality by 25%. This is according to a study published in The New England Journal of Medicine that was organized by the WHO on the initiative o…

“The new regulations could, for example, allow a massive charity like the St Vincent de Paul Society or UnitingCare to be stripped of charity status if one of their tens of thousands of volunteers attends a protest and does not move on when directed by police.”…

The fragrance of joss sticks hangs in the air, while in the background there is the constant murmur of monks reciting their mantras. When you experience a ceremony in the Golden Temple of Elista, you’d be forgiven for believing that you’re no longer in Europe – but you definitely haven’t left the co…

"The first stable release of Sublime Text 4 has finally arrived! We’ve worked hard on providing improvements without losing focus on what makes Sublime Text great. There are some new major features that we hope will significantly improve your workflow and a countless number of minor improvements acr…


When I tell someone that I run a centre that brings philosophy into children’s lives, much of the time I’m greeted with puzzlement, and sometimes open scepticism. How can children do philosophy? Isn’t it too hard for them? What are you trying to do, teach Kant to kindergarteners? Or, somewhat more s…

Human rights groups – and parliament’s own human rights committee – say a new law pushed through parliament gives the government the power to indefinitely detain refugees, potentially for the rest of their lives…