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Maybe I missed it, but what is the “list of 32 popular applications” that can be exposed? Slack, Skype and what else?

Human rights groups – and parliament’s own human rights committee – say a new law pushed through parliament gives the government the power to indefinitely detain refugees, potentially for the rest of their lives…

Modern mindfulness strips Buddhism of its spiritual core. We need an ethics of reincarnation for an interconnected world …


The article is great in that it provides a fantastic introduction that gives you an actual outline of what the article is. I haven’t read all parts, but the ones that interested me based on the intro.

I recently moved to FreeBSD, partly because of systemd. The configuration and documentation of FreeBSD is about as simple as it can get. With systemd I struggled getting unit files working reliably (80% for private desktop machines).

In FreeBSD I feel that I just need to find the setting I want to tweak and change it in, mostly, one of three files. Systemd seems to force a sysadmin philosophy on me that is too much overhead for a part time / family sysadmin, mostly desktop user.

A new study by University of Calgary researchers shows that quantum effects could be involved in how an anaesthetic called xenon affects consciousness. Xenon has been shown experimentally to produce a state of general anaesthesia in several species. While the anaesthetic properties of xenon were dis…

Just to highlight that there is a very long history of publicly displayed hypocrisy/dishonesty of world political leaders. It’s nearly a meme for some of us…

Noam Chomsky, Naomi Klein, Karl Marx, and many, many others have written about it from various perspectives.

The fight really is multigenerational and on that scale improvements have been made. The regression in the last 40 years is disturbing, but hopefully will swing back soon.

They want to make it about money. Let’s make it about people instead.

Being an angry 18 year old may mean that you are becoming an articulate, critical 36 year old, and subsequently even an influential, world enhancing 72 year old.

A single post won’t change the world. Democracy means that you should/need to listen to people with “stupid” ideas. Some are dumb, less will prove influential.

Let people express their ideas and let them grow them. Downvoting doesn’t seem productive in most cases… if you don’t like something, move on.

Great, thanks, will give it a try

I feel the attitude towards the role of government should be pragmatic. I.e. government sometimes feeds itself, sometimes feeds corporations and sometimes feeds the people. In this specific example I would argue that the initiative is good for the population at large and hence something we should support. Where gov’s action feed itself or corporate, that’s an entirely different question and would warrant (from my POV) a different response.

In this specific case, I just don’t see the downside. It’s addressing corporate malpractice.

PS: no downvotes from me

I quite like the podcast and the thoroughness in referencing things. The podcast is certainly opinioned but it makes its stance pretty clear. …

"Most “free” websites subsist by selling ads or selling user data. Others do it by putting all the good stuff behind paywalls. Lichess doesn’t do any of that and never will. Almost 6 years ago, Lichess founder Thibault explained why Lichess is free - and what that means. A lot can change in 6 years …


"In this repository you will find the following key information to built your own Lego Microscope: …


Do you know any XMPP options that allow for video calls and are easy to install? For reference re “easy”, I ran a matrix server which worked great as a family Whatsapp replacement until synapse v1.0 (didn’t get to migrate to python3). I also managed to get prosody working for messaging, but not for video calls…


Does snikket also allow for calls / video calls?

For the chia pudding: what ratio of milk and chia seeds do you use?

Maultaschen are awesome! I also used to eat them cut in slices, fried and mixed with egg and onions.

Recommendation: balance bikes for toddlers

So when my kid was a bit over a year old, it became clear that there was an unprecedented sportsman in the making! …

Yeah, it’s a sensitive topic I guess, so if the other person feels attacked, I guess let’s just give that person space… maybe the feedback will be appreciated another time.

Anyway, the first parent session was pretty good. It was good to hear that some of the character he shows at home was also seen in Kindergarten. This confirmed for us that he feels comfortable there. It was also nice to see the passion the teachers in this Kindergarten have for their teaching approach and the kids in general.

Pretty happy with it all :)

The writing style and humor of LYAH didn’t really work for me either. I found it a bit tedious and didn’t see where it would like to take me… So do agree with the article here.

Will have a look at the wiki book

Yes for sure.

Definitely no shaming or threats, having kids is stressful enough. Also, where claims are made that certain things are good/bad, I’d suggest that evidence is provided, and that it is presented with an understanding that in order to stay civil, compassion trumps being right.

Let’s see…

I think any opinion shared in an open minded, respectful way is fine. Just had my first parent / kinder teacher session and I think it’s good to share both parent and educator perspectives

Those are awesome :)

Too late for us though … will watch the damage done unfold over the next years …

Quesadillas are quite popular over here!

The other low effort dish is bolognese: find a good pre-made tomato sauce in a bottle, have some minced beef ready, fry the latter and add sauce. Easy and pretty tasty if you find a good sauce.

Other than that if you can get them into fruits and nuts and such things they are naturally super quick. We leave always a larger bowl of fruits in our kid’s reach and he self serves mostly.

I get the concern in general, but I’m not sure how this would apply here. What specific problem would this cause? It seems it only addresses malpractice of large corporates.

Also, those things generally are easy to predict because software/hardware cycles are planned. They mostly don’t happen randomly. I’m working in an industrial sector. There we clearly communicate to the clients that supports ends when 2 additional major versions are released. Pretty straight forward really…

I’m just trialling FreeBSD after probably more than 10 years of linux.

Setting the DNS so that I can run a VPN and not have DNS leaks took me about an hour. This is including random/wrong internet searches, finally deciding to look up the manual, finding the right heading and implementing it. So far so persistent.

I remember trying to do the same in linux over various days / weeks and eventually giving up and using the VPN provider’s app (begrudgingly).

Parents of lemmy, unite!

I’ve got very little lemmy experience in general, so this is a bit of an experiment for me. …

So here you are ... what next?

I’ve got very little lemmy experience in general, so this is a bit of an experiment for me. …

Learning FreeBSD - How to fix DNS leaks

I installed FreeBSD a few days ago. So far the experience is pretty good: …

Currently reading this one and I find it to be a really nice intro to meditation. …

Learn capitalism by making paperclips

Let the game run in the background… …

Looking into FreeBSD at the moment and quite like what I read so far. Looked for books and got this… …


Counterculture to Cyberculture with Fred Turner

“How the 60s counterculture went on to make the techno-utopian ideology that suffuses our techno-dystopian reality. Dan interviews Fred Turner on his classic From Counterculture to Cyberculture: Stewart Brand, the Whole Earth Network, and the Rise of Digital Utopianism.” …