Spotting drowning children, or people in general, is apparently very difficult. …

Things every parent should (at least) know about

Inspired by post, his stuff is all recommended by modern research, is easier and healthier and leads to better outcomes than the old-fashioned ways. But still many people don’t know about it. …

What I do for a living

"In newborns with a very low birth weight, continuous skin-to-skin contact immediately after delivery, even before the baby has been stabilized, can lower mortality by 25%. This is according to a study published in The New England Journal of Medicine that was organized by the WHO on the initiative o…

When I tell someone that I run a centre that brings philosophy into children’s lives, much of the time I’m greeted with puzzlement, and sometimes open scepticism. How can children do philosophy? Isn’t it too hard for them? What are you trying to do, teach Kant to kindergarteners? Or, somewhat more s…

Recommendation: balance bikes for toddlers

So when my kid was a bit over a year old, it became clear that there was an unprecedented sportsman in the making! …

Simple everyday meals

Things you can make for a quick snack. Things that take less than 5 minutes to prepare, and that children will eat! …

So here you are ... what next?

I’ve got very little lemmy experience in general, so this is a bit of an experiment for me. …

A space to discuss how to be and act as a parent and how to survive it all

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