Here is a shout out to Montessori education.

We are using a Montessori Kindergarten, after an employer sponsored child care. The difference is very noticeable.

The Montessori Kindergarten strikes such a nice balance between structure and freedom. Not everything translates back to behavior outside of the Kindergarten but the dynamic of the kids are great. All kids have their preferred friends, and best friends, but they still look after each other no matter what.

We know that some kids don’t like each other that much. There was an event where all the kids were cycling or scootering around in a traffic school. When one of them hurt themselves, falling down or something, everyone was there making sure nothing serious happened.

They do tell each other “stop following me” to peers they don’t like when they don’t want to play with them, yet they still look after them. I thought it’s great.

Further, we had the opportunity to sit in a corner to see the normal routines during Kindergarten. The kids are exceptionally well behaved and encourage each other to do so. At the same time all of them are encouraged to explore their interests, whether that’s math or culture or painting or gardening, either with their friends or by themselves. The result is a busy, yet organised place in which the kids just follow their instincts and learn, often from each other.

It’s worthwhile reading up on the ideas too, I find. It’s a very engaging way of looking at education.


Yes it’s a great concept. So simple. “The child wants to learn. He is curious about everything. Just let him do it. Stop trying to direct him.” And it really works. Fortunately it’s really influencing mainstream education too.

It’s 100% correct. But there are othe schools of thought lke Waldorf which also have things to contribute.

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