• @jazzfes
    42 years ago

    I mean, can you imagine the desire, of being able to leave behind your real world, your dirty, exhausting, imperfect real world, where you are weak and ugly and unsuccessful and going to a virtual world where you can experience whatever you want?

    All just through a head set? I honestly don’t quite buy this (admitting fully that I might be wrong) and really can’t relate to the desire you are describing either.

    It’s not real and won’t look / feel real. So maybe there is a one or two hour entertainment to be had, but I can’t see this overhyped potential and VR being used “everywhere”.

    Consider all the video chats we are having since the pandemic at work. What did 80% people do pretty quickly? Turn off their cameras, turn off their mics, while they are browsing the web in the background or doing the dishes, letting the meeting/call pass by. Would any of those go into VR to experience a virtual version of their colleague without being forced? I don’t think so.

    • @GenkiFeral
      12 years ago

      Think of how real other fake things we like are: bleach blone hair with dark roots showing (men still go for it), silicone boobs, fake nails, men’s hair dye, fake tans, bras that make boobs look pointy… People still use them and many other people still find the fakeness more attractive than the original state of things. Its the greater potential for controlling the population that scares me. yes, there are many morons, but sometimes we need their numbers to help keep authority figures (tyranny of any kind) in check. When people live outside of reality, they rarely participate fully in meaningful activities outside of their jobs. VR sounds like soma to me, a way to placate the dumb-masses (dumb asses).