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Are there useful NTFs? I might put music in the usefl category, but it certainly depends on the music itself. Buying, admiring, or discussing nonuseful things seems useless to me. In a perfect world, practical, useful items would be made beautiful art as well. Doens’t NTF go against the free culture movement, as well? Not saying everyone has to embrace free culture, but why pay for a gorgeous wallpaper when I could get one for free or take/make my own for my own or others’ use?

I think you are probably correct, but must point out that central heating and air (I didn’t use AC for 23 years, though I had a big unit on the side of my house), kids aren’t necessary. I am fond of electricty and tech gadgets, though, because they make minimalism and living far from ‘society’ much easier and more pleasant. Unlike most consumers, I do not upgrade often and usually buy used PCs now. If we make it more socially acceptable to not have kids or to live in small quarters or to be cheap, then maybe others will fall in line. I get a lot of grief from others, but am stronger, more independent-minded than others. I guess we need more awareness out there to counteract certain opinions. Appealling to their slefish side is usually the way to go. Trying to sell altruism, something that goes against human nature, doesn’t work well. Trains in the city are excellent ideas. Sending them to the suburbs or rural areas are not always good ideas and people in those areas often hate that idea. At the end of the day, we can only control ourselves and if others see that our lives are better, more content, then they are more inclined to learn by the example we set. People often call me a cheapskate until they see that I am usually less stressed than they are because I don’t have to worry about the bills or upkeep they have to worry about - or about what others think. “Saving the earth” might sound to many a bit like you intend to use force.

wouldn’t using tty with tmux and a few other apps within it be less visually jolting? I love color and design, but must admit my terminal calms me a bit.

not a bad idea. Kali, from what I recall, has a much prettier UI though. You can use a solid wallpaper, of course, or make your own wallpaper with things you need to remember listed. your apps will cover it up, but ctrl+alt+d will get you desktop. I have Debian with KDE, too, because it is easier than most others to add and delete sutff. KDE is very bloated, so you’ll need to delete a lot of stuff. I really love AntiX (Debian-bsed, but a bit harder since it has a separate repository) and it is so light that it still works well on a cheap 2.0 flahs drive. there are even lighter version (core, I think), but those take a lot more work to set up. Test out a few on flashdrives with persistence set up - before installing on a hard drive. The guy who mentioned terminal was right, though. More and more, I am finding terminal (for some things) better. I use a separate work space just for tmux and use mpv --no-video for music to drown out roommates, ranger in a few panes with micro editor customized, htop to close mpv when it misbehaves… There seem to be many autistic computerphiles, so you might also ask in their forums.

sad. so, why do environmentalists want us all living on top of each other in cities. so many environmentalists are anti-rural living. I lived in a rural area for 23 years until I lost my house. Now, I rarely leave my room or house - i don’t even like the yard much. I miss the woods and feel like a coyote in a cage. Humans lived with roofs over their heads of many thousands of years. You got that wrong. Many wild animals also have dens and/or walls and roofs, holes in the ground to protect them from the elements and predators. They must usually abandon those nests/dens because of parasites or, depending, to be more nomadic to follow the food, whter that be for hunting or grazing/foraging.

yeah, many LEDs come with the ability to change color and also light intensity. Some RGB lighting stips are uner $25 and have red.

Andrew Huberman’s YT channel may have one or two videos you might like. He is a scientist who specializes in eye-brain connections. His shows are longgggg, but excellent. He says use dim red light below waist level after dark. Some nightlights have different wattages as do some nightlight bulbs - but I have found this the easiest and cheapest way of accomplishing what he recommends. The nightlight needs to have a manual on and off switch preferably and I think 4 watts (i have) is too dim, so 7 watts may be better. You can get the red light bulbs somewhat cheaply in large Asian stores in the Buddhist section. Most single red bulbs will be between 50 cents and a $1.30. I think I saw different wattages on them, hence the different prices. There are apps for phone and PC and maybe browser extensions to adjust light levels and maybe types of light.

yes. I guess I thought that was how much storage it took up on a disk, but I’d like to know that before reading about what it does, how it works. Found this the other day and love it (for command line): │ps -eo cmd,%mem,%cpu --sort=-%mem | head No need to install anything on Debian to use it.

Beauty is in the eye of the boholder, I guess. I love practical things that do double duty as artwork. i am a weirdo.

exactly! deliveries still require a vehicle - whether it is yours or someone else’s. As for growing your own food, it is healthy in so many ways - sun, exercise, fresh air, and the nutrients are far, far higher in produce freshly harvested then immediately cooked without eating leftovers. It is very hard, though. Poverty isn’t great (I don’t love it), but sometimes you must sacrifice to live by your values. But, working from home has greatly increased, so for those with internet (Hughe’s usually in rural areas), this could mean not living in poverty. As for a disconnect between populations isn’t that part of diversity? i think it is okay - especially considering we have internet now, so can see what others are doing, saying, thinking - we are no longer isolated in our own little bubble - unless that is our mindset, our choice.

John Jeavons has an EXCELLENT book about growing your own food and goes into excruciatingly fine detail (I love details!) about square footage, food costs, how much of a food is edible (the corn plant is mostly inedible material, so not a good choice). His videos are online and I think I found (then lost) a free downloadable version of his book, too. Growing dark leafy greens yourself is the smartest way to start out. Make a long bed 4’ wide by 8 to 12’ long. You can cover it when it is cold out.

Lithium mining looked horrendous. I saw the documentaries about various types of mining. But, all-or-nothing is lazy thinking (or not thinking). If roads or paths were made for those not using cars that were nowhere near cars, maybe let those using cars worry about space, danger, and congestion. As for air and toxins, that affects us all and is almost impossible to contain no matter how hard people try.

as long as you don’t expect the rare exceptions to live or think the way the many live and think, well - good. Individual needs and desires matter. Society is made up of individuals, after all.

I am an odd mix of being a capitalist (anti-fascims, though) and an environmentalist (naturally, that includes tree-hugging, veganism, and minimalism). Political discussion has its place, but in the wrong forums just makes some of us feel out of place.

there is noise, pollution, crime, and wildlife habitat destruction with trains, too. In one area I lived, i could hear the train blow its horn 5 miles away - despite all of the forests in the area. A ride share program would be a nice idea - even if it only included 5 houses in your area once a month. A local tax service might be willing to allow you to divide the cost up amongst you all - if they had a mini van or larger SUV (many in rural areas don’t, though).

I’ve hitch-hiked myself when I needed to get to a metro area. I am too ashamed to do it in a smaller area, though, where everyone knows me. its a safety issue as it is often those you know a bit who rob you or hurt you. Sometimes e-Bay delivers certain types of food, but I found, at least for my soy shake, that Sam’s Club (BigBiz) was cheaper. A problem I had in rural areas with delivery is that the packages are often left at the farm gate where anyone driving by could look at them (I had nosy neighbors) or steal them. The delivery times were often a day or more off, so leaving the farm gate open was not a safe option for me (I am a single female).

I lived for 23 years on 15 acres - 10 miles from the nearest grocery store. When my car died when the 2008 recession hit, i had to bike to and from the store. i had to buy extra tires (inner and outer), extra brake pads, a light for the handle bars, a pump, water bottle rack, sturdy backpack, and a rack for over the back wheel - but I made the trip there and in the opposite direction to work -over 25 miles daily - for a 14-month period. i love the country and felt the hard ship was worth staying there. i wish I had planned better, of course. I’d’ve had a backup bike and wouldn’t bought the parts before the car died. Also, in some areas, as long as you don’t drive on the road, you can use a scooter or ATV on the sides to the road to get to the store. Not easy once you get into town or in more residential areas. I had may rescued pets, so that made it 10X harder.

I can’t believe you didnt figure this out before, but maybe your car died. idk. You might consider asking an elderly nieghbor who is on a tight budget if you can pay him/he to take you once a month and in exchange you could help him/he carry groceries and pay for their gas. As an added bonus, if that person is single, your seeing them once a month (or more) would mean you can help monitor their health and safety. Ex: If you say that they were suddenly not walking or driving well or that their house or car weren’t doing well, you could bring it their attention or maybe to the attention of family. I had a relationship like this with women in her 80s for a while. I usually had a car - as did she- but a few times we each had trouble of various kinds and were able to help each other out. I have trust issues and knew she was too old to be much of a threat to me - though she did call the cops to do a welfare check on me after I didn’t respond to her calls for a month- that pissed me off to no end.

How to install new Debian with xfwm?

Do i simply install on top of a Debian server OS? Which .iso do I download/install? …

Best markdown packages for Atom run on Linux?

I guess most of Atom’s packages are made for Windows, because most won’t work correctly for me and I’ve tried MANY. I’d really love to be able to use internal links (opens another one of my own markdown files) that work like wikilinks that I created on other markdown editors - that work in ghostwrit…