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I used to have Chinese acquaintance. Many people in China are miserable and for various reasons. The main reason is a lack of freedom. That is partly a cultural hangover from feudal days. I know a Chinese woman (talked to her today) who is so happy, so grateful to live in the USA. The USA has a lot of problems and so does every country and every culture.
But, how the Chinese authorities (500 years ago, 50 or 100 years ago, or even today) treat their own people is so horrible. Communism was unable to fix this negative cultural attitude that the Chinese people have for life in general - life of animals, life of newborn girls, life of any human. I doubt capitalism is the answer and i know religion isn’t, ether. My point is that you need to stop thinking technology = happiness or contentment. It does not . Without contentment, why are we alive? The state exist for the people - not the other way around.
Maybe China needs to teach and adopt Yangism (Master Yang Chou) and reintroduce the rest of Taoism, too - not the religious bullcrap, but the philosophical Taoism. Let go of your idea of burdening people. Let each person be free, be themselves. A person has the mental capacity then to CREATE. Mankind has excelled by CREATING - which is a type of inventing, too. China, America, any country can shove their technology up their arses. Every damned creature born wants freedom. Your technology is a ball-and-chain. You are proud of this ???

Looking for a job where I can use Linux - warehouse preferred.
I've a bit of retail, car sales, and warehouse experience and am looking for a job where I can use Linux and have an excuse to improve my skills in Linux and tech. I use Debian. I love efficiency, organization, and making systems faster, easier for employees and customers. I am open to any tips you all can give me. I have no certifications and am not sure that I am willing to get one at this point. If I had a job I loved and they loved me back, I might be willing to get a certification in order to advance. I am hoping the little bit of Linux and tech that I know will be what gets me a job where I live now.

At least 3,000 that died were on a feed lot. The short video I saw showed no trees or even bushes around and solid black angus cows that almost certainly were in over-crowded conditions standing in full sun all day. It pisses me off that the real scene of the crime(s) wasn't shown.

I liked your article about TTY and will try some of those. you can streaming YT or odysee, too, I think, using ‘mpv --no-audio <URL>’

I also can use micro as a word manager in TTY.

Regarding Linux .iso files to download - I would love an antiX core already set up with WiFi and Fluxbox and/or a netinstall of Debian with Fluxbox or xfmf and WiFi already installed. What are the chances of finding customized versions like this? Not finding much on the web.

You might like LibreWolf better. Its based on the latest Firefox and is a bit like a hardened Firefox, but maybe better. You’ll need to bring your own password manager, though.

question everything. and try hard not to discourage others from doing so. shaming people for asking questions is largely why humanity is in the mess they are in. Everyone is afraid to stick out like a sore thumb. I have been wrong before and will be wrong again. I will always ask questions and look deeper.

the truth we should all agree is the truth

that isn’t how human beings work. where have YOU been? China - where you can be thrown in prison for not having the same “truth” as another person? You do know that not all scientists even agree on “truth”, right? I think it was Feinman who showed that Einstein was wrong once upon a time.

Those 14 videos would have to be from 14 different sources, but I guess that is what you meant. Even that only leads to an event being more probably, but doesn’t guarantee its true.

we have differing opinions. Well, that never happens!

FIDOalliance.org, along with BigTech, are planning to make us all login with our service provider every time we use a PC or phone. I sometimes wonder if I am wasting time trying to learn stuff they’ll yang away from me/us.

I am shocked to hear them say this because they are members of the WEF, an organization wanting to install the NWO/New World Order and also force us all to login to the internet via our service provider every time we use a PC or a phone.

Talk is cheap.

It’s horrible how the Chinese government is treating people. No country treats their own people so badly.

These BigTech conglomerates are members of the WEF, promoting FIDO (logging into internet using a digital ID, and are part of the new World Order, a fascist technocratic take-over that will make us 90+% into serfs.

Smart move. Upload to Odysee, Rumble, or removedute, please.

those who want to force their values on others are often the very ones not being decent themselves.

its not for or with containers, but antiX base version is light and fast and runs off of RAM. Its easy to get up and running on a flash drive or VM, but I couldn’t get it to install on a HDD for some reason. Is without systemd.

Slack is supposed to be a bit like a netinstall of Debian with Fluxbox and has less stuff on it than antiX base, and the speed should be the same - and runs off of RAM. Nothing to do with containers, but I think you could put a container in it.

I’ve heard people say you really can’t run a VM in antiX, so I’d guess a container would be hard as well.

looks interesting. I’d like to run a VM on a flash drive. if you happen to see that, post it, please. I saw an article long ago about it, so know it is possible. Still not sure of Docker’s practical uses for the average user who isn’t running a server.

its our duty to make it better. asking your abusers to be nicer to you is pathetic. You have to MAKE them treat you better and part of that is their fearing the consequences of not doing so.

fascism. use correct terminology. when gov’t works in a partnership with conglomerates, that is called fascism. poop by any other name would stink as badly.

and if they did, how will they use it against us? Possible, but so difficult than it is unlikely.

the value of older computers may increase. lightweight OSs for an older PC: antiX base runs really well and I think a netinstall of Debian that is customized would, too. We the people need to stop doing business with those who mistreat us. To heck with the latest and greatest - give me freedom instead.

Anyone know if a self-hosted VPN is 100% secure?


You should easily be able to download the .zip file to get the files inside: There are 6 main folders and most of the files are .rtf, and .png, but there is a .pdf in there, too. I say this because .rtf cannot hide macros so should be safe to open. I think image, .docx, and .pdf files can hide worms/viruses. so try to not open that those --unless the other files are just too real to be considered a trojan horse. A guy just told me this might be safer than converting it on my own PC; Aspose Words Free Apps (https://products.aspose.app/words/viewer/rtf) Free Online RTF Reader/Viewer Online RTF Reader. Open, read, convert RTF documents for free.

Any one tried the site Reclaim the Net?
There's a $60 lifetime membership fee, so I am reluctant to try it. Was hoping for reviews and to know more about their content - besides what the cover page shows. It looks like what i could find elsewhere.

Ukraine has a history, But, the deaths caused by the US and Soros make my blood boil.

WION is far more trustworthy than most MSM. However, still follow the rule of: Quesion Everything.

I saw the US military on a mainstream large TV channel show these and how they were used to disperse crowds without needing bullets.

How to install new Debian with xfwm?
Do i simply install on top of a Debian server OS? Which .iso do I download/install? I think even XFCE is rather bloated and have Debian XFCE on 2 other drives already, so will test out Debian stable nonfree with xfwm standalone. I have the names of the top 5 packages to add and will worry about the rest later. I am in no hurry to get this perfect yet. But, I would like to install the fundamentals tomorrow.

Best markdown packages for Atom run on Linux?
I guess most of Atom's packages are made for Windows, because most won't work correctly for me and I've tried MANY. I'd really love to be able to use internal links (opens another one of my own markdown files) that work like wikilinks that I created on other markdown editors - that work in ghostwriter, MarkText, and Typora. I have the outline package and that works fine, but any other suggestions for markdown packages or for writers would be appreciated. - if you KNOW they work well on Linux. A few great themes for markdown would also be helpful.