If Internet algorithms can’t tell the difference between criticism and advocacy, what’s safe to report? Why one filmmaker believes “YouTube is unfit for the purpose for hosting journalism.”…

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Twitter censorship


Facebook (Messenger) Activly Censors things from Social Media places not controlled by big tech…


The problem is that publishers are not actual creators of these works, scientists are – they do all the work, and academic publishers simply use their position of power in the Republic of Science to extract unjust profits. Sci-Hub does not enable piracy where creative people are deprived of the r…

Any resemblance with 1984’s Ministry of truth is pure coincidence. …

This is pretty puzzling as we know Signal is reputed to be secure (apart from having to provide a phone number to register) and although Telegram’s default settings allow access to metadata and even message content ultimately, both have been banned because they have been proven before not to release…

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