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le american

Only if you believe the state media. Personally I doubt that their surveys really reflect society. For example they often use loaded or confusing questions.

Having children. Its really impossible to describe how much it changes your live for the better (though its also very hard in the beginning).

Maybe they expect students to start a civil war and deploy IEDs? Seems like the only reasonable explanation.

So Victoria “Fuck the EU” Nuland just gave out cookies on Maidan as part of her vacation? A high level US government official who just randomly happened to visit Kiev?

It took them 8 years and most of the troops + equipment are already destroyed after half a year.

You are just as pseudonymous here, does that make you a coward as well?

European countries dont have the capacity to arm such a number of soldiers, let alone train them.

No, the thing is that I hear it all the time. But no one in Ireland would consider him Irish in any way. Guess that happens when a country doesnt have any culture of its own.

Human lives are at risk from many causes. Do you know how many millions of people have to live in countries ravaged by war?

Im not the one acting as if covid is still a global pandemic. Again, in my country its over. So we here are in the purple section of the original image.

However. The solution is both SIMPLE and likely impossible. Bigots give up their hate. Stop letting diversity in media trigger them into a hissy fit. If the bigot baiting cant work, then corporate wont waste resources using it.

Media will always find a couple of idiots yo get outraged about. Or directly use sockpuppet accounts to post bigotry. Its time to ignore media which focuses on this fake conflict.


Let me guess, you have never lived in Ireland.

@guojingtoMemesHere we are

Its factually accurate in my country. Not everyone lives wherever you live.

So what, different countries are different? What a shock!

Why should anyone care about cases? What matters is that almost no one is dying from covid anymore.

Theres another pandemic?

Sounds like programmer hell.

Not surprising, IAEA is completely under control of United States and its poodles.

You mean there is a new Ethereum Classic which I get for free, and dump it to buy more Ethereum? Thats great!

Then I disagree with you and Karl Popper.