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[India] Explained: Union govt’s new IT rules for social media, OTT platforms & digital news

There are concerns over several factors including over privacy of users on social media and censorship of digital news media, which will ultimately affect citizens’ rights in India. …

The inherent problem with creating a new browser/platform is getting people to create addons/extensions for it. …

I believe we could see similar polarizing tactics in other countries as well, from those in power or trying to. …

@dessalines@lemmy.ml How big does the csv file get?

Such kind of ideas put forth by this right wing hindutva nationalist government is never about preventing crime, like the one the US & it’s allies do. It’s all about power and control, and anyone who goes against that gets labeled a traitor. …

The only way to change the situation is to force those social networks to use their powers more responsibly. Europe’s GDPR law with its right to data portability is a step in the right direction, but it’s not enough. I believe we need more to regain our right to choose what services we use.

I wouldn’t bet much on these laws, because it’s the same EU that’s drafting bills for lawful access to encrypted data - https://www.cyberscoop.com/encryption-europe-tutanota-protonmail-threema-tresorit/

The adoption of the encryption resolution in the European Union does not affect the landscape for encrypted services in Europe immediately, as the resolution is non-binding. But its adoption suggests a “shift in tone and puts pressure on the European Commission to propose anti-encryption legislation in the near future,” the encrypted email service provider ProtonMail has argued.

After portability, we need to discuss about interoperability, which in this case is the ability to contact people that are are using different chat applications than the one you are using. The way email and SMS already work.

I don’t see a possibility for this in Signal, at least as long as Moxie is there pulling the strings and here are his views on federation - https://signal.org/blog/the-ecosystem-is-moving/

When someone recently asked me about federating an unrelated communication platform into the Signal network, I told them that I thought we’d be unlikely to ever federate with clients and servers we don’t control.

An open source infrastructure for a centralized network now provides almost the same level of control as federated protocols, without giving up the ability to adapt. If a centralized provider with an open source infrastructure ever makes horrible changes, those that disagree have the software they need to run their own alternative instead. It may not be as beautiful as federation, but at this point it seems that it will have to do.

In terms of functionality, it looks similar. But, trebleshot desktop isn’t having any activity for a long time now (https://gi)thub.com/trebleshot/desktop) and pre-built binaries are missing (we could build it ourselves though.

Future of Bibliogram
Instagram has started applying extremely restrictive limits to requests from IPs that are detected as cloud servers....

“But, but, Google gives me free food, PlayStation and a pool table” :D

Jokes apart, from personal anecdotes, I have seen people use statements like these, who think that these are true care from the employers.

Anything that keeps us from looking at the real issues, the employer will do!

That’s nice, will check it. Thanks for the share.

This is the first time that I’ve come across this site. That being said, I hoped to see Firefox in mid - high tier, based on the articles I’ve read about Firefox and it’s privacy protection out of the box, like tracking protection.

Is this a legit analysis? Would Firefox move up the ladder if we tweak its config like this?

Used it for some time in the past with one of my buddies. Getting others to install it, just to try it out was tiring.

That’s an interesting share and a practical one to learn from.

Yeah, that’s a bit bugging. Checking Signal commits could give a clear idea about this.

I had the same query as well. I don’t know if it has any direct relation to LibreSignal, since it was abandoned sometime back. But, both aims to remove dependency on Google components.


This project is NOT sponsored by Signal Messenger LLC or Signal Foundation.

Molly is a hardened version of the official Signal for Android app. It claims the following features, …

Absolutely love it!

Any idea how we can get an option to search gifs?

I wonder if Facebook & WhatsApp took us for total idiots. The moment they had set their eyes on WhatsApp, all they saw was data! data! data! and loads of it to make money from.

Check these out. These are like 4 years old, but couldn’t find any recent discussions on that.

I think there’s an issue for this already, but if you write and maintain a place picker library which doesn’t use Google Maps that’s API compatible with the one from play services, we could look at including it.


Thanks but I don’t think we’re going to do this. We’d have to rewrite the entire placepicker, and it looks like the OSM Android SDK is a ways behind in MapView compatibility.


I tried it on an old phone that I had, worked pretty decent. Had some issues here and there, but nothing major.

Yeah can understand, for ex: when targeted individuals are considered, they probably would be using a de-googled version Android, so either the location services won’t work or, they will use clients like Molly-Foss.