It is important to note that Firefox reaches top tier with their mitigation guide: This is what I recommend too with uBlock Origin medium/hard mode.


This might have been relevant in 2018 but many of these browsers aren’t actively developed anymore.

This is the first time that I’ve come across this site. That being said, I hoped to see Firefox in mid - high tier, based on the articles I’ve read about Firefox and it’s privacy protection out of the box, like tracking protection.

Is this a legit analysis? Would Firefox move up the ladder if we tweak its config like this?

I think Firefox is the best option in terms of privacy and security right now with browsers, but the only issue is that its had to lay off most of its staff due to covid. With that said I do donate to them to support them, but its to the mozzila foundation. How much of it actually goes to the deveopment of firefox is up for them to decide.

Pretty much. I have strong connections with the digdeeper and spyware blogs as an independent privacy activist.

There is a zero.js offered via 4chan as well for hardening purposes, just like this user.js. Firefox’s stock config is barely better than Brave or Google Chrome.


This site has been around for a while. I think it’s basically right but many don’t like the strong anti-firefox angle. It was one of the first places I saw to document well some problems with brave.


such a weird list on many levels 🤔


What do you find weird about it?

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