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What do you mean by decentralized? Searx actually works better than Google with it’s meta search capabilities and the fact you can host it anywhere, it is decentralized.

Are you referring to some sort of decentralized indexing of the internet?

This might have been relevant in 2018 but many of these browsers aren’t actively developed anymore.

Other VPN alternatives (Though IMO Mullvad is the best) are: AirVPN (Italy), iVPN (Sweden). AirVPN are vocal critics of Wireguard though, they think it hasn’t been battled tested so they won’t offer it.

Taiwan withdrew the extradition request of the murderer of a pregnant woman for the sake of politics? That’s messed up.

My opinion on disroot is that any organization that has a business model run on donations is inherently unsustainable. If disroot became popular, they would no longer be able to host accounts for free. They may end up creating a subscription service after that but it creates uncertainty as to how and what they will do in the future. They might decide to fold. The same thing can be said for paid services but I wouldn’t use Disroot as my main email address if a few years from now the donations stop and they say they’re shutting down. IMO

I think the best options are Tutanota or CTemplar. Like others, Protonmail sketches me out. It’s run by silicon valley techbros who are proud to host Bellingcat (State Dept propaganda) for example.

TutaNota, while being forced to share some data, are fighting tooth and nail against it for privacy goals. If they’re both essentially the same service, go for the cheaper one that aligns with your values.

Ctemplar looks interesting but they’re still too green IMO.

There’s nothing I need on my phone I couldn’t use on my computer, but I do like the features of Telegram for messaging and a web browser for browsing, everything else is essentially a time waster.

Some solid recommendations here, a lot overlaps with my own research. Good to know I’m on the right path.

Mullvad (Sweden) and AirVPN (Italy) seem to be the best for respecting privacy from my research. The AirVPN guys are a bit dogmatic though.

It was. Its parent company is based in Florida.

So if you don’t have anyone on WhatsApp then I suggest just uninstalling it. When a new international contact asks you to use it, suggest an alternative because the alternatives are now common and known (like Telegram and Signal). 1) it shows you’re principled and they should respect you for that and 2) if they don’t want to spend 3 minutes downloading an app for you, they probably aren’t worth your time.

However, if you’re really attracted to them my opinion above is moot of course.

Technically; you could theoretically disable the app and only enable it when you need to use it. When the app is disabled it’s not allowed to run any processes, such as collecting metadata about your phone and sending it to the home server for analysis. But when disabled you wouldn’t receive any notifications, and as soon as you reenabled it it would send that metadata. Essentially it would be like treating your WhatsApp account like an email address, and at that point, why not just tell your contacts to contact you by email?

The reason Reagan introduced neoliberalism in the 1980s was partly because academic studies at the time said that high pay dispersion led to more motivated workforces, increasing production. Of course, there were other academic studies that said it cause a ton of negative externalities like internal sabotage, mental health issues, led to higher crime, etc.

But they chose the studies that fit their ideology. I would expect nothing less from the Biden administration.

I think that’s party why I prefer GPL licenses over more permissive ones. A GPL license is essentially a declaration that one wants a community built around the software. A permissive license like Apache/MIT is saying, well I reserve the right to sellout later if I feel like it.

Looks like The Intercept is cleaning house now that Glenn Geenwald is gone. Seems like they’re becoming another State Department backed Bellingcat type publication…

My what a temper lol. You’re really into Libreoffice 6! I suppose you’ll never upgrade to 7 now without thinking about me 😵😆. Even when you’re outdated distro does eventually, I suppose you’ll think of me and how much of a goof you were being. Oh well, I suppose you could use OnlyOffice or WPS office or FreeOffice or Calligra instead. Such a strange fellow, stubborn and insults the people trying to help him. Meanwhile I’ll enjoy my tabs in Libreoffice 7 muahaha

Don’t feel comfortable for privacy reasons but it was out in the prairies.

The Russian ships can lay 1km a day, there are 126 km in the Danish waters left to be laid. Without interruption they’ll likely have all the pipe laid by August…

U.S. House introduces impeachment article accusing Trump of 'incitement of insurrection'

Does Trump not wear this as a badge of honour? “Yeah I was impeached or attempted impeached because I fought the establishment and they tried to get rid of me because I fought too hard.” or something like that? This seems vindictive and polarizing for a guy who’s leaving in 9 days. Trump is the wors…

The Midnight Sky (2020) [Spoilers]

I watched The Midnight Sky today. I liked it more than Ad Astra, but that isn’t saying much. …