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Kiwi Browser on Android is based on Chromium and has extension features. It’s also open source.

We went from Tea Time to this! Lol

Zettlr is GPL. I’m using Obsidian for work. They’re the same people who developed Dynalist and they refuse to sell their company (it’s a two person shop). So I trust they’re not going to sell out. But if they do, it’s all in Markdown and they have export features so it’s not like you can’t port your data over somewhere else if you don’t like the direction it’s taking. IMO the data portability is one of the most important things. Re: privacy; Obsidian app has never once made an internet request with my firewall and I’ve been using it daily since January.

The only other litigous bad actor with that sort of money to throw around I can think of is Oracle.

ProtonMail is run by SiliconValley techbros that stan for cia-backed Bellingcat. Their whole brand is just leveraging Americans impression of Switzerland being a secretive country. It’s not a great company.

Are you saying innovation and creative destruction are bad? Isn’t there some quote like, “behind every successful invention there are a thousand failed experiments?” Humans iterate and reiterate and improve in the same way that all biological processes do.

The three primary factors that differentiate would likely be length of time for the scheme (capitalism being indefinite), number of products, and number of people participating.

Zettlr works better than Joplin. Obsidian works better than Joplin. LogSeq works better than Joplin.

All three have Linux desktop apps, sync with Nextcloud, and you can edit in the browser with the Nextcloud notes app.

I used Joplin for about a year and ended up using Obsidian because it’s slick with its backlinking features. I found the speed to sync, and the way Joplin handles to-do items, really frustrating.

Logseq I think has a ton of potential but it’s only in late-alpha/early-beta stage. GPL though.

Fairphone does modular better than the G5. They didn’t commit to it.

Linux Mint has a firewall built in so you can stop apps from connecting to the internet.

If you’re coming back from Windows I would recommend Linux Mint Cinnamon edition. Easiest transition.

KDE doesn’t suck anymore with regards to being overly complex/customizeable, not for the past two years. It’s still powerful but a lot of those crazy options are hidden away. It’s also quite resource efficient.

I just use a spreadsheet.

I’ve heard good things about cozy.io but it seems focused on Europe.

NATO countries don’t hate China, the USA hates China and it’s forced its vassal states to be aligned. These countries aren’t independent when the US sanctions them for doing business with China (ex. Stated threats by the US against any country that uses Huawei) or Russia (ex. Germany Nordstream 2).

Sounds like IBM has gotten involved and they don’t know what they’re doing.

Haha yes true fair point. China doesn’t care about billionaires as much as the States.

Jami is the best option

Besides Epstein, have any other billionaires been cancelled?

I’m thinking about social justice and cancel culture lately, where society forces someone to lose their job, social status, erc. for shitty things they have said or done that aren’t technically illegal but are unpopular. One thing I’ve noticed is that social justice never focuses on billionaires. …

The financiers who backed Brexit

Podcast talks about the libertarian motif for financial backing of Brexit…

The Politics of Platform Co-operativism

A good briefing paper that talks about Co-op Platforms and challenges for their governance across international boundaries. …

I think this article is a good read and I see that cancel culture is becoming a bit of a thing even among the socialist left. Chris Hedges arguments might be worth considering next time you’re looking for vengeance against the impoverished right wing…

GME holding?

Any other Lemmyers holding GME? I bought a solidarity share to spite the hedge funds…


Looks like The Intercept is cleaning house now that Glenn Geenwald is gone. Seems like they’re becoming another State Department backed Bellingcat type publication…

The Russian ships can lay 1km a day, there are 126 km in the Danish waters left to be laid. Without interruption they’ll likely have all the pipe laid by August…

U.S. House introduces impeachment article accusing Trump of 'incitement of insurrection'

Does Trump not wear this as a badge of honour? “Yeah I was impeached or attempted impeached because I fought the establishment and they tried to get rid of me because I fought too hard.” or something like that? This seems vindictive and polarizing for a guy who’s leaving in 9 days. Trump is the wors…

Good takedown of the new CIA branding

This is cutting…

Classic classic…

The Midnight Sky (2020) [Spoilers]

I watched The Midnight Sky today. I liked it more than Ad Astra, but that isn’t saying much. …

Where is lemmy.ml hosted?

Hi, …