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Show them the issues, such as Snowden revelations and the applications for it and how it can be used against them

Any good radio frequency detector that actually works?
Intent being to find bugs in hotels, bed and breakfasts etc.

Friends with similar interests

Anyway to create archives of the posts and comments for Lemmy?
Is there anyway to open source the database used to the comments and posts for Lemmy for data archiving purposes?

I don’t really like Brave’s business model of replacing ads with ‘ethical ads’. it seems a little shady to me. Yes its there choice but its still shady in my opinion

keepassxc. Stored locally uses strong encryption. Just make sure to use a very secure password for it and you should be good and also have it generate the passwords for you and goes without saying is have backups of it on external devices

Arch is good for customization. But I value my time more and so rather have something that works to keep it simple and hence use Debian

Yeah I agree, its easier said than done. Web crawling requires a lot of resources

To be fair it had advantages and disadvantages. The first key thing I notice about Google is that its searches for positives alot of the time. So its easy to end up in rabbit holes of disinformation

I agree the only thing with Signal is it needs a phone number, but the protocol that is solid. Its more practical to have people switch to signal from whatsapp in my opinion

I notice that the search results on Youtube are changed based on what you have watched and searched for already. So it gives people a false sense of a ‘free search’. Makes people question the if Google do the same with their search engine… Most likely…

I do enjoy the fact that Lemmy is federated as I feel like that is the solution long term, rather than placing hands in the power of a few people with other things like Reddit. Decentralization for the win! POWER TO THE PEOPLE!

Lets get everyone using Signal, that isn’t actually backdoored by the NSA!

Tech Companies have more power than Governments, its about time something be done about that by both the public (By no longer choosing to use their services) and the Government to help to lessen their power

Debian Stable. Old, but it works and that’s all I want my computer to do

I disagree blockchain technology shouldn’t be underestimated

the main issue I see with bitcoin is that so many people are investing in it and not using it for its real purpose (an alternative to actual money). The fact that the fed prints money while bitcoin is finite shows that there will be less inflation issues. Although I am not an economist

Cheers for this one, it really had helped me a bit with my depression.

I don’t see why we can’t just have something like a blockchain based search engine where crypto is given based on how much indexing (crawling) is done. Of course this is just an idea right now. But have an incentive to people to do crawling of it through something like blockchain. This ensures that there won’t be any centralization and search result manipulation with things such as psyops (brain washing the population through search results)

If prime numbers were no longer secure, how would SSL be changed?
Point being is that SSL uses RSA to transfer systematic key over to. But RSA uses prime number. There is a hypothesis which I forget the name of. But what viable solution would you give?

Why is there still no decentralised search engine that actually works well?
Serious question, why do we give so much power to these tech firms such as Google, when really the solution is decentralization. We have some solutions for money with bitcoin, but there still doesn't seem to be a viable alternative with a search engine that is decentralized?