Make your Browsing Experience Better
The current state of internet browsing isn’t great. If you can get past the reCAPTCHA where Google forces users to help their algorthm for their own gain without clearly indicating it, get past the incessant and disruptive pop ups asking you to accept the websites Cookie Policy and get past Cloudfare DDOS protection you will finally get to your desired website which will likely be filled with ads, filled with desperate attempts at getting you to join their newsletter and will be heavily tracking your use of their website and then selling that data to third parties. However it isn’t all doom and gloom! There are indeed some things that end users can do to help mitigate some of these issues. This article will look at some ways to make your browsing experience more tolerable. This article will be targeted towards the average internet user who likely doesn’t have much knowledge of the tools that will be looked at.

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