This is similar to Utopia, previously shared, with regard to functionality and peer-to-peer operation, but unlike Utopia this one is fully open source, is not blockchain based, and starts out with only connecting to your known friends. The devs are also known, and it uses well known PGP encryption which you share directly with your friend to get authenticated.

‘Onion routing’ is used for anonymity and needless to say you don’t need your real-world credentials to register. Being P2P it does not require any servers or central services to operate - you connect to, and via, your friends directly, completely out of site of Big Tech.

It’s a bit like your own private secure Facebook and is actually great for younger children to participate safely. There are no hidden costs, no ads and no terms of service. It installs on Windows, Linux and MacOS desktops, and on Android mobile. Sorry no iOS app.


#technology #P2P #decentralized #socialnetwork #privacy


This sounds way too good… What’s the issue here? Or is it possible that there is none?


Actually none unless you count P2P as a catch - it is P2P so there are no central hosting costs for anyone. What you interact with sits on your computer. Their Board functions works a bit like Lemmy and Reddit with voting on posts. So big thing is when on you see no-one, so you need to connect to some folks to see content popping up. I’m planning to do a video in the next few days about RetroShare to show what it looks like and especially how to get connected. See


I’ve used it for a bit. No real “catch”. The only issue (if you can call it an “issue”) is getting anyone that I would want to use it with to actually use it. Most of my friends aren’t “techy” on this level and don’t see the value. So my retroshare is basically me and my one other friend who I can get to use it. :)


Yes I was lucky enough for an acquaintance to spot a post I did on Reddit about it, and turns out he was a well-connected user on RetroShare which got me connected everywhere. I will be a doing a video about it and will mention specifically how people can get connected (otherwise you have an empty screen).

Used it for some time in the past with one of my buddies. Getting others to install it, just to try it out was tiring.


Thanks for the explanation. P2P is fine by me. I quickly read the info on the website and I am quite satisfied with what I have seen. I might take a closer look in the future then.

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