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I don’t get why we can’t just get a notification like for microphone access, but for cookies.

Nice hotdog

Leave them some privacy. Just because they’re open source devs doesn’t mean they have to tell you where they spend your money. It’s a donation after all, not funding.

I can’t believe people are defending the great firewall on a place like lemmy. The internet was built to connect everyone and that everyone could have access to all information, not just the part that your goverment wants you to see.

And to answer the question yes google is blocked, as are most western social media. VPN is not blocked since that would be impossible but they sure are trying, by blocking ips that are known to be VPNs. Source: I’ve been there

China is not as bad as all the propaganda makes it seem, but they sure aren’t good. It’s still a totalitarian regime that’s done some real fucked up things.

Strange when you click the button to download on fdroid on their site it prompts you to add their custom repo.

I mean it’s been up for like 5 years i doubt it’s gonna dissapear now.

I hope it gets a quest port too, since it doesn’t look to dificult to run.

This looks like its preventing pages from identifying you with your specific resolution. You probably turned some setting on.

theres still a chance they dont fuck it up right?