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Good article but I hope it doesn’t scare people away from btrfs since it’s still a decent file system especially while using it on 1-2 disks.

Don’t really know python but i think your lists are quite performance heavy because of all the features, while tuples are closer to arrays in a language like java, and are simple memory blocks that can be worked with much faster. Don’t take my word for it though :P

Isn’t this missing the entire point of guix?

Instead than mining you could contribute to science and run boinc. You can also get gridcoin from it but it’s not necesary.

Yea but whats your opinion on the current kosovo? Is it legitimate or no?

Honestly using lemmy.ml as a progressive web app is much nicer than lemmur, and more feature complete. Although i hope lemmur is good soon.

There’s plenty of roms without gapps on the xda mekhos linked. What makes a rom focused on privacy?

Just because mozilla.org has analytics doesn’t mean the browser has. How does brave track with these “crypto apis”? Vivaldi isn’t even opensource, it could be tracking you as much as it wants.

I mean depends on what tweaks they did. Idk i feel like it would be a hassle installing it from scratch

The options you mean are arbitrary. You can use any group name you want for sudo privilage, or just directly add the user(i use wheel group personaly). Also if you are interested you can look at doas which is like sudo but a simpler config file.

It’s already arch based, why would you reinstall it. It would probably be easier to just add those programs to it

Quite a few mistakes. You don’t use sudo when you are root, and some distros don’t use the sudo group but wheel. Please get more used to linux before you try to write tutorials.

Fuck rtx and all of nvidias proprietary bullshit

In my experience it’s not a week. Usually it unlocks right away, but they only allow 1 unlock per account per month. And the software to unlock is windows only sadly.