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I’m just glad more scientists are admitting that philosophy spawned their lifestyle and are willing to bring attention to the fact Philosophy of Science exists even if just to disparage it for questioning their knowledge supremacy.

I’m in the Ian Angell camp (Science’s First Mistake), who says it is the individual delusions (not meant in a negative way) that are useful and fallible at the same time.


best i’ve seen so far for a systematic way of copy pasting chats, decrypting and having them shown threaded.

secure encrypted plaintext messaging on top of another chat service probably doesn’t get easier than this. I would only advise to do the key exchange off piste on some other open channel so no one can say your random data sending has any intention they ascribe to it.

it really should be an option next to any subscribe button, great feed curation is about subtraction as much as addition.

It shows no concern for how easily our network graph is used to control us, we should be able to lift and shift our messaging abilities anywhere after 100 years of consumers wanting that exact feature.

10% set as another default is just to avoid the stigma of being 100% google pions.

I can’t wait until vivaldi introduces a random default search engine feature on each right-click search. The browsers for sure contributed to the search monopoly but now is as good a time as any to right that wrong.

I discovered you could find the very latest news by using, what else, a search engine!

https://search.brave.com/news?q=news https://duckduckgo.com/?q=news&iar=news&ia=news

this gets asked very often, yet there is no updated priority for that feature. sad.

does someone want to tell us what makes it worth ~$300 ?

https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/issues/426 seems to be the open issue for this. Other things took priority before federation but now /c/all is becoming unwieldy so it might be good to take another look.

How desperate are you? I’ve made a quick and dirty tampermonkey script to filter unwanted communities from the home feed in one click.


I just click the ‘[Y]’ next to the community name and it will filter that /c/ out forever more. It really should be server side though.

This video is a barely disguised nostalgia video with reverse psychology for engagement. I had to switch away tabs to digest the audio only of this empty carb’d meta-critique.

For sure:

  • YTubers target impulsive viewers to hit ad money metrics, so do games/everything, the idea is to keep them emotional and impulsive too.
  • YTubers today are phoney viewhackers and less passionate or inspirational people
  • YT was better when it was less focused on engagement as the expectations where not widely known or set
  • Reaction thumbnail baits are out of hand
  • Instructionalism or guidance posting “DO THIS, NOT THIS” is out of hand
  • “WILL THIS?” or mystery posting is out of hand
  • The will to be considered and/or ridiculed at all costs is preferable to no clicks

But the reason for all the bait is that brand is the only defensible power available to the YTuber (read: youtube employee), so videos discreetly bury the lede and redirect expected satisfaction back to the experience of their safe approachable persona.

we like self-censorship too much over here, the fewer concepts we are allowed to utter the better people we are.

Multi-decade electric vehicle mandates are silly, why do governments demand to stagnate on this less than perfect efficiency platform of tech? If it is so great it will get there on its own without signalling no hope for efforts to surpass it. Genius pops up rarely but they seem sure it won’t happen in their lifetime.

I don’t set out to consume a thing specifically because of its newness. I recognize I can easily dismiss all other things previously considered. It just so happens that those old things out there, through no fault of their own, had time to age and be surpassed by other content… is this the hot take or new-to-me content that will help me improve my understanding and life? well, let’s find out, I got nothing better to do and deep diving into the source myself is a chore.

I use uBlock Origin and I didn’t even know uMatrix existed.

How were people using this advanced approach to blocking unwanted site features? blocking autoload video servers or something?

you seem to have got the title and url around the wrong way… lemme should have advised you against that.

  • Scroll Anywhere - hold right click to scroll, for ergonomics.
  • BlockTube - one click and spammy clickbait channels are blocked forever
  • Dark Reader - beautiful auto styling for dark mode normal web pages.
  • EmailThis - sometimes you just want to read an article in its cleanest form on your other device without being signed in to both devices or whatever firefox makes you do. I just use my free temp email from https://emaildrop.io

honorable mentions to convert articles on annoying sites to nicer layout or TTS sound file:

We often turn to long-form articles to escape from the endless headline scrolling. This piece is a reminder that the length of a piece alone isn't an indicator of quality, and that unlimited web publishing still has some things to learn about the art of constraint.

What did you eat today?
lets get a mega thread going.

7 Things you need to do right now to make it
### Do this now * network * network * network * network * network * network * network ![the result](https://i.imgur.com/6hwxk1U.jpg)

Ever thought to yourself?