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I use uBlock Origin and I didn’t even know uMatrix existed.

How were people using this advanced approach to blocking unwanted site features? blocking autoload video servers or something?

you seem to have got the title and url around the wrong way… lemme should have advised you against that.

  • Scroll Anywhere - hold right click to scroll, for ergonomics.
  • BlockTube - one click and spammy clickbait channels are blocked forever
  • Dark Reader - beautiful auto styling for dark mode normal web pages.
  • EmailThis - sometimes you just want to read an article in its cleanest form on your other device without being signed in to both devices or whatever firefox makes you do. I just use my free temp email from https://emaildrop.io

honorable mentions to convert articles on annoying sites to nicer layout or TTS sound file:

Best to upgrade when the efficiency gains expected from the next generation are going to be insignificant. Which means technically now is a great time to upgrade as they are already talking about future proof, forever PCs. Windows is not even looking to surpass version 10 and is no longer the poster child of Microsoft.

However, smartphone and laptop manufacturers seem in cohorts to ensure their entire suite of products (even top end) leave you wanting for something (next year). Choice fatigue on the consumer side is a real thing, and it’s caused by choice maxxing from makers who all try to frustrate consumers into a more profitable tier but savvy consumers see the showstopping feature denial at the lower “fragile” tiers. It only takes one manufacturer to upset the space but it’s too tantalizing not to do the same once there (see Xiaomi).

They usually say “markets are efficient at serving consumer wants” and most of those desires are manufactured if you ask me. Markets have to be regulated to offset big companies that want to cruise on inefficient monopoly-stifle-everybody-else mode for as long as possible.

What you are getting at touches on the element of competition, which brings differentiation to products so that they can be made in ways you find ethical at the price you are willing to pay, in this case also zero. The Open Source replicas come with all the fragility and concern for future maintenance and churn that is unbearable to ponder for most, so they accept ads into their life until something really worth changing to comes along.

Got to remember too, it’s easy to copy design decisions after they’ve been thoroughly tested for user stickiness. Things that seems simple in hindsight probably required great insight and gusto to confirm with the angry market, who don’t even know what they want (you know the Faster Horses Henry Ford quote). I have to keep reminding myself that the underlying tech piping is usually secondary… facebook could have been built in 1999 with the same tech but the ubiquity of access at the timing of actual release was simply perfect.

Not just to see WHEN but WHERE in the market are the entry points, google can cross reference all the kids apps and user habits that are already formed and hijack away. It’s not a certainty but it’s like the ambulance driver who moonlights as a personal injury lawyer, instead of a heart monitor in the back of the van, it’s the victim’s favorite slot machine to decide the fee structure.

They say the newcomer needs to be 9x as good as the incumbent and to win you must make legacy users cycle through the old reward mission at a faster rate than before. So much for distraction neutral life furthering apps in the future.

  • zettlr - markdown word processor for desktop
  • JellyFin - plex/emby open alternative for media streaming from a private server

Quality journalism and long-form seem to have died off together, or were they killed off by social media platforms monopolizing all our precious in-between times of life by burying flecks of gold so deep in our feeds?

On the flip side, us readers should have predicted that these digital editor algorithms have built-in disdain for human flourishing and we should have pledged to simulate a “magazine reading” browsing style i.e. limit ourselves to a certain number of headlines parsed, per quality articles read, per day. So if the quality drops, the interaction stops, like an exploitation stop-gap. Instead we let the algorithms alter us.

We often turn to long-form articles to escape from the endless headline scrolling. This piece is a reminder that the length of a piece alone isn’t an indicator of quality, and that unlimited web publishing still has some things to learn about the art of constraint…

Technology can just as well recognize vein patterns and gate patterns too. People should be concerned that any seemingly insignificant data points about their life are being misconstrued by authorities to build narratives they want to be true.

it will just incentivize more bickering and pile-ons, people being disparaged for not selecting the downvote reason the upvoters believe should have been selected. “You’re all just X-aphobic, admit it.”

When everything always boils down to approval or dismissal of the moral values espoused, anyway, that’s why vague up/down works.


Firefox has been leaking memory and crashing like mad for me since v73. They seem too focused on mass consumed content and containment, losing sight of the basic principals of an independent browser for all niches great and small.

I can’t go back to having no Picture-in-picture though so hopefully it’s a growing pain worth enduring.

Interesting project, did anyone get sound and video to work?

clearly it’s designed for linux users, I just wish I could get the extra pixel coloring working with the windows terminals I use.

alternate source since the account was suspended. https://outline.com/BtHFTp

beautiful in darker modes, though the reply quote is thicker/brighter and can make the double line messy. I wonder if down the line the person’s quote can be made the same color as that user’s assigned color for the reply thread.

I’ve been tweaking a lot of things on the comments to make them look better on mobile, and have the tree stand out better. Taking a lot of ideas from slide and boost, some native reddit clients. whaddya think?

I was going to suggest top level replies deserve a little more breathing room between the above replies, when there is only one or two replies to each it’s a little claustrophobic.

They aren’t perfect, I prefer web video as it’s better with dynamic bitstreams.

I actually don’t know how live acestreams work best but they often they lag (if they are unpopular streams) and many are of bad quality or bloated, use a lot of bandwidth because transcoding live stuff is hard. Still is a good backup option in a pinch.

Also beware acestreams rely on users uploading (so use at your own risk)

https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/scroll_anywhere/ - avoid stiff and hard to hold center mouse buttons, use right click to scroll instead.

https://github.com/Zettlr/Zettlr/ - beautiful markdown writer and note taker.

https://tixati.com/ - ugly lightweight advanced torrent client

https://potplayer.daum.net - beautiful VLC alternative

https://acestreamsearch.net/en/?q=sky - many ace streams are held behind walled gardens but they are publicly searchable, if you know what the title will be for your live streaming event (sometimes the title is obfuscated by the streamer).

https://www.sodaplayer.com/ - simply plays live ace streams.

https://torrent-gql.analogic.al/?variables={ "query"%3A "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels" }&query=query(%24query%3A String!) { torrents(query%3A %24query%2C providers%3A [EXTRATORRENT%2C PIRATEBAY%2C TORRENTZ2]) { title seeds desc peers size magnet } }

Raw graphql api for searching popular torrent sites, it’s without a gui so it will likely never be blocked.

Search is coming along nicely, it’s fast and relevant, but it would be nice to see the actual community the comment result is is coming from too (it shows the community for posts but not comment search results). Would be good for context.

The code seems to be punishing people for rechecking and getting it wrong. So if you try to do too much in a minute and try again too soon you have to wait even longer again. That can get out of hand quick.

e.g. /c/unixporn loads all the full sized images before you expand them and that makes it a huge page to visit. The idea of lazyload is to only show images when user requests them by scrolling over them or expanding the thumbnail.