Ironically hosted on Youtube instead of one of the many viable alternatives.

YouTube users would like to see it on YouTube and switch away from it. Network effect used to destroy itself.


That’s true, fair point.


So cool places to upload videos like peertube instances, why using YouGoogle


This video is a barely disguised nostalgia video with reverse psychology for engagement. I had to switch away tabs to digest the audio only of this empty carb’d meta-critique.

For sure:

  • YTubers target impulsive viewers to hit ad money metrics, so do games/everything, the idea is to keep them emotional and impulsive too.
  • YTubers today are phoney viewhackers and less passionate or inspirational people
  • YT was better when it was less focused on engagement as the expectations where not widely known or set
  • Reaction thumbnail baits are out of hand
  • Instructionalism or guidance posting “DO THIS, NOT THIS” is out of hand
  • “WILL THIS?” or mystery posting is out of hand
  • The will to be considered and/or ridiculed at all costs is preferable to no clicks

But the reason for all the bait is that brand is the only defensible power available to the YTuber (read: youtube employee), so videos discreetly bury the lede and redirect expected satisfaction back to the experience of their safe approachable persona.


I think it is a decent video for pastime and knowledge, and the visuals are helpful, but the visuals could be condensed away for sure.

Mistakes that should be learnt from, and will happen always with every big platform, thanks to plutocratic pro bourgeois capitalism.

Neat vids from youtube or wherever. Rules later

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