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It would be nice if they reforwarded irc.gnu.org to libera chat, in the future.

You should contact them and ask why they’re using cloudflare insights (it’s analytics), and cloudflare at all.

Seems like a positive thing, never lose your keys again, plus you can easily switch to bamboo based utensils!

It would be nice if there were privacy-non-abusive dating sites (since IMO dating in itself does require sharing bits of you publicly to make matches). I recall a few WIP projects but can’t find them now.

Of course… The bigger issue is the network and usage effect. I’m not interested in Test Test in X,-Y!

Edit: lol how convenient timing is this https://alovoa.com/

I like using the sounds here for my meme mashups :)

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Yes please. There’s clear corruption in the CRTC. Telecom service pricing shouldn’t be this expensive, ever.

I’m sure it works with yay though right?

Add a period after .com for NY articles, works for some reason.


“Only Android phones that use Arm or Qualcomm GPUs are affected by these bugs.”

Zenfone 2 (Intel x86) users are safe!

That’s a shame. More community content locked behind user abusive walls.

Tencent is looked somewhat poorly upon outside of China, particularily by those in tech and privacy sectors.

The alternative is IceCat but the build in F-Droid hasn’t been updated for a long time now. I was trying to build it but was stuck in dependency hell and figuring out how to use those build scripts, and how to install F-Droid build system

People trusted Google’s word, on privacy for a service they wrote? Really??

Seafile maybe fits the bill here, it’s one way syncing I believe.