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Yes children deaths too i guess its not big deal for you

MacDonnals, KFC, Subway i guess those kinda of food deliver that to your body a recent new said Irland banned Subway saying their bread was more sugar than bread

(Ireland’s Supreme Court ruled that Subway bread shouldn’t be classified as bread for tax purposes due to its sugar-to-flour ratio.)

Palestine-Israel conflict

“When the Nazis gassed the Jews, the world was silent. Now the world is silent while the Israelis harass, humiliate, and steal away land from the Palestinians.” …


Dont make serious things a joke

An effort to hyper-target you based on the tone, inflection, and pitch of your voice. …

“For decades, the Swiss company sold encryption devices while being secretly owned by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency and Germany’s intelligence service, which could freely read what it encrypted.”…

Crypto AG

it’s kinda fu** the real world

Yep unfortunaly the most further people tend to look is their belly

The moral story is Unite instead divide

Well Dx 12 works on windows 7 (has it his game side not windows), for the i5 and newer chipsets work microsoft so much lies to give you free win10spyware

Don't use Windows 10 - It's a privacy nightmare
  1. Your data can be shared. …

Why privacy page doesn’t talk about cloudflare on their website and it’s data being transfer to USA without any concence of EU Data Protection even if they say the oposite …

Talk in person it’s the real social network c(=

My phone is google clean and i don’t need google play/ google services / every google was removed and it’s amazing

Do you trust proton your data?

#NoMoreGoogle: Tutanota is one of the few services that does not use Google Push. @j0ta to Privacy•tutanota.com