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Surveillance Capitalism

Tv addicted guys news news news till your head blow

, nature.com is a science website

No regrets on monopolies, and no this time libera staff took measures to can’t be bought

"We’re talking about subliminal cues, psychological microtargeting, real time rewards & punishments, algorithmic recommendation tools & engineered social comparison dynamics." – Shoshana Zuboff Original Tweet: https://twitter.com/DuckDuckGo/status/1403710433580785666

Did you see Champions league final ? Are uk people dying? Are portuguese dying ? I can tell you nop they’re not

The news

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No. If you had covid you probably have antibodys for the rest of your life


The real question is, what have the citizen to say about it ?

“forced” right … and the scihub founder that recently got iphone data sent to fbi this year ?


Take your vaccine and remember to keep wearing your mask and pratique social distance trust the science™

ahah down vote on a cdc topic

wash your head of covid lol watch less tv

do you think not everyone caught covid already?

You can take mine. Im healthy already no need aditives

Everything related to USA is privacy conserning and don’t p.m with your toughts of what or should i do