Apple paid a woman millions to prevent a lawsuit, but it could have avoided all of this if she’d just been able to repair her own phone.

“Apple has been opposing Right to Repair bills by claiming that their service network is the only safe repair option for consumers,” Kyle Wiens, CEO of iFixit, told Motherboard. “But the only person that is totally guaranteed to be trustworthy to fix your iPhone is you. Any time you hand your data to another entity, you risk something like this. By withholding access to service tools and forcing customers to use their third party contractor, Apple is willfully compromising the security of their customers.”


“allowing “unauthorized” repair companies to fix iPhones will lead to privacy violations and will cause security problems” ^^


iPhones being secure. LOL. People really do not learn from Fappening 1 and 2, and a similar incident that happened with a girl who complained on Facebook.


I’m not sure what your point is about iPhone security. The problem in this case wasn’t any iPhone security but the fact that the password was removed before sending the device for repair.

I can’t believe that Apple suggests this approach. I would never send an unlocked phone to repair. But most people aren’t thinking in a security-minded way.

Apple advocates privacy like it is the last privacy advocate left on earth. Better treat them like a dogpile when this happened not once but 4-5 times, what we simply got to know in news media.

Many probably kept their mouth shut, just like how Apple told iPhone 4 users with bad signal reception that “you’re holding it wrong”, always blaming user.


I’m not an Apple fan either. But focusing on the correct points is important.

  • Apple security is not complete as shown by their terribly insecure repair procedure.
  • Apple regularly blames users instead of admitting mistakes.

I agree with both of these points. However just shouting “iPhone security? LOL!” isn’t going to convince anyone because your argument is trivially dismissed. iPhones are competing with the best in class for security and this doesn’t show any flaw there.


I never said that iPhones are flawless. However I consider them in a very similar security class to the Pixel. Remember that those numbers are very small and heavily biased towards what is being researched as well as other factors such as the cost of those vulnerabilities on the black market. Try looking at other metrics as well such as CVEs which are also imperfect but show that iPhones and Pixel phones offer similar levels of security. And most importantly the article that this was shared in context two doesn’t imply any level of insecurity of the device itself.


Can you be a little more objective, like the BlackHat Conference hackers? Or are you trying to sell me some Apple marketing?

I refuse to buy Apple marketing. and

this is so horrible. the article brings up right to repair and obviously there is the issue of privacy so i won’t comment on those but i’d like to bring up another issue present in these cases: misogyny. it is no accident that the photographs that were published without conset belonged to a woman. yes, men have also been victims of this, there is no doubt about that. but men feeling like they own women’s bodies and that they need to violate women’s autonomy for sexual or even humiliation purposes (sometimes nudes are published as “punishment”) is an issue we cannot forget to address.



Just apple being apple.


Fuck man. Buy honestly I kinda want this to happen to me. I’d probably only get like 25 cents for my nudes normally.

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