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proprietary, bad. if you need just text editor - vim (nvim) is best

it is great free, libre and open-source browser

Just Facebook will always spying on users

Exactly! It become way too bloated and slow (thanks to electron). Now there are no lightweight and fast ide, but emacs (and maybe vim + terminal)

I hate this ‘100% written on js’ (it is cool for demonstrating power of js but then it become big bloated library/projects which is used by almost every site), in the next year every site will weight 500MB and for browser you will need 8 gigs of ram

Some ISPs recycle the same set of ip addresses to certain territories and maintain assigned to some routers a lot of time (an entire month) which could finish being blacklisted if one of the users started to make bad practices online.

I can say even more, I have private (gray) IP address so when somebody make something bad from this ip it affected at all users

Without vpn/tor/etc

Yeah, instead of modifying Linux kernel they take pointless (on desktop, Hyperbola is (was?) desktop-oriented distro) OpenBSD kernel.