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Do you think that it’s okay to have terms of service

It is okay. It is not okay to ban someone who violates this ToS and not to ban other (who also violates the) ToS.

Or do you think that I have the right to post cat content every day on your train forum?

If my train forum was a huge social network not only about trains — ok.

Mining has nothing to do with transactions. Mining can consume huge amount of energy, but btc transaction is just a blockchain operation.

Freedom of speech is not the same as freedom of reach. His freedom to speak whatever he wants was not revoked, his freedom to reach an audience of millions through a specific platform was revoked.

Oh, it was. And it was not just one platform, it was several ones.

Currently, platforms have no obligation to host content they do not want to host

I think we need some rules for big platform like this. But now there is no rule to host everyone, so my only criticism is that they blocked him, but not other questionable personalities.

I don’t think so. РБМК-1000 (same reactor that was in Chernobyl power plant) produces only 1000 megawatts of electricity.

Everybody knows capitalism does not allow suing the party with more money

Actually, it does. You just need real evidence.

Trump has the wealth and assets equivalent to thousands of people.

Trump has the wealth, but he still was deplatformed for quite a long time (and he still doesn’t get his twitter account back).

If his words are dangerous to society, he should be sued. But there is no need to lynch him.

This industrial proportions is required for popularization of the decentralized money.

You have no right to chose that some person needs to be banned. No one has.

You can say, that he is telling stupid things, but you can’t say ‘lets ban him’.

You can disagree with his political views, but freedom of speech is very important for democratic society.

BTW, there is a cool and federated twitter alternative — mastodon.

That is bad. You can dislike cryptocurrency (if you don’t like the idea of secure money transactions), but you cannot discriminate developers.

Yep, now tesla is like apple in smartphone market.

I like some of his things (like innovations that he’s done) but I don’t like this cryptocurrency stuff that he made. I dislike when he says some shit about bitcoin and the exchange rate collapses.

manjaro had this like 3 times.

use solar cells

If you really care about the environment, you should use nuclear energy.

exploiting trees, fossil fuels. plastic is the most profitable

Maybe in some counties, but in Europe eco-friendly stuff is way more profitable.

in that regard capitalism hasn’t supplied us with enough eco-friendly products. unfortunately. and they know we need those stuff. for an example; gas, water, concrete, phones, and other electronics. Even Fairphone (Eco Phone company) is really struggling because most other vendor for parts aren’t from recycled materials.

Actually it is just because price will be very high. No one company wants to make a phone for such small audience.

Democratic governments is unfit and has failed consistently to create a better market for the environment

Democratic government? Do you know what does democracy is? Democracy is the rule of the people. If people don’t need something, democratic governments won’t make this.

At least they know that about the problem.

Good to hear that there is some good browsers.