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Some cool stuff for you :)

If you got Linux, you must do this: …


What if they made a package manager for appimages?

Right. .appimages are the future.

Weak app center/repo and weak flathub support. No desktop icons, that we can move, but other than these, it’s good.

And, yes I know, there are extensions, but they are far not the best at cross-compatibility with the system and ux. See: clicked away from desktop into an app and the icon on the desktop doesn’t get unselected.

We need. I need a Gnome-like modern, minimalistic desktop with a KDE Win10-like layout.

Same thing happened here, in Hungary, with ‘Kréta’. The open source app for it is ‘Filc Napló’. Kréta sued Filc Napló because of copyright and accessing to it’s api. So Filc Napló is kind of illegal 😄

But you know they can’t say no to the authorities. If they say to start logging user activity from an account, they have to. Otherwise they would become criminals. And it was really the top of these cases. They decline requests, what they can. But there are situations, when even the swiss laws can’t protect you. If you are really concerned, you should try self-hosting.

Yes. I posted about it a while ago. But the app depends on crypto, so… People did not really like it.

Watchdogs coulde be a banner

I’m sorry, but you are not correct. They’re updating it.

I can kind of agree here. It’s an odd situation. But until, they are trustworthy, I support them.

Roblox's Luau became open source

Roblox’s custom programming language, Luau is from now on, open source!..




Update: Roblox is back up and working!..