Ready for your next keyboard? How about one that’s properly open source and looks quite fantastic? System76 has today properly revealed and released the Launch Configurable Keyboard.


does someone want to tell us what makes it worth ~$300 ?

Fully customizable, mechanical keyboard, with a high speed USB 3.2 hub built into it.


They also give you pretty good customer support. I’ve had a couple issues with my Meerkat and they were very responsive.


Neat. And hopefully a next step in a world where one can easily buy a keyboard without Microsoft Windows keys.

I like the idea but it seems way above my discretionary income levels.


$300 for a keyboard? Wow!!! Hey my PI400 cost $100 it included the built-in KB, mouse, power supply, HDMI cable. $300 for a KB is just plain insane.

Just bought a Moonlander Mark 1 from ZSA, near 400 bucks. So configurable, and split.


Raspberry pi is a big name nowadays (Raspberry pi products are not completely open source btw) so I can imagine they have no need to charge a lot more for their products. A quick search for keyboards at local shops here shows several keyboards of over 300 Euros and even one over 400 Euros and not just for Apple but also PCs.

A nicely built mechanical keyboard is worth it. If I have to go back to the office any time soon, I had been considering picking up a second Dygma Raise keyboard, but the Launch may suit my needs very well.

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