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It took you 4 months to even notice I was here, wow. What I said stands, you’re a terrible power-hungry mod with an attitude problem and should not have any power here on Lemmy.

Not sure what you’re trying to say here? Phoronix covers a lot of stuff no one else does and it’s where I read it?

Edit: ah god dammit, fixed :P

Well, it doesn’t have to exactly match though right?

Ack, that’s a shame. Hmm, what about a linked/parked domain (I forget the term) that simply points to lemmy.ml.

That’s interesting, a little unwieldy though. Buying a new domain would probably be better in the long run to give you more control too.

That’s a nice way to think but not the reality with a site such as this, especially when some places (like Facebook) ban sharing Lemmy links.

Nice to know a report feature is being worked on. Will this be something were many reports cause something to be hidden until an admin/mod can look at it? Might be a good idea.

Sounds like you need a better host too. Who are you with right now?

They do have plans for Firefox but currently it doesn’t have what they need actually in the browser.

That’s nice, would be a good default really to have less focus on points and more on interesting posts and discussions.

Good, I hate the points systems and it really does lead to people being terrible on the likes of Reddit. Internet points makes some people go mad with power.

I have extreme doubts it would be NVIDIA. Just don’t see it happening. They have no real reason to open it up, as nice as it would be.

Argh, not again. Fixed. Seems more like a Lemmy bug, as Phoronix uses standard HTML tags for article titles. Bug report opened.

Apologies for the initial wrong title, looks like Lemmy doesn’t correctly auto-grab the right title from Phoronix links. Fixed.