Oh boy, anti-vax garbage there.

It’s the first generation of the product, if everything goes well, costs will go down.

TAJ is a known troll, and says nothing of value, ever. You would do well to just block them. They spent an inordinate amount of time trying to set up an alternative World News community at one point in the past, I’m guessing no one bothered with it? The old adage of not feeding the trolls applies here.

Privacy Redirect. I have not paid attention to the memory footprint when using it.

^^ Correct

I use an extension to forward all Twitter links to Nitter

It’s a web browser, not a web site clown car.

I wouldn’t even classify it as a L4D2 sequel. The gameplay is slower paced, and you have more options for helping teammates. The PVP content was just boring, too.

If you pre-purchased on Steam, you can request a refund, follow instructions here:

Unless they’re bringing back IGA, leave Castlevania buried.

It’s a pile of garbage, that survives on in the hearts of people who like bad movies and the meme-able clips it provided. I love it.

The soundtrack was pretty good for a 90s movies, probably introduced a lot of people to new music styles they hadn’t considered before.

They can already delete any channel they want to, without repercussion, though. They don’t need to justify any moderation decisions.

I would think that leaving medical misinformation up, that can lead to someone’s death, puts them in an actionable position, that they would much rather avoid.

By coming up with ways to get people to give me password hints.

ETA Prime tries to estimate Steam Deck performance with current hardware

Video description: This might be how the upcoming Valve Steam Deck performs when it comes to gaming! OIn this video we take a look at how the new steam deck may perform at 720P once it’s released by running a ZEN 2 based RYZEN APU at similar clock speeds and core count. This is a theoretical test ba…


Lakou Mizik & Joseph Ray - Ogou (Pran Ka Mwen)

‘Ogou’ is the Vodou spirit of Iron and War. A Vodou follower asks for protection from the brutality of life’s daily battles - “Ogou, you brought me here, take care of me.” …

Intellectual property never meant anything to me, so I’m not crazy…

This looks like exactly the kind of brain dead entertainment I need right now…