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Fully customizable, mechanical keyboard, with a high speed USB 3.2 hub built into it.

A nicely built mechanical keyboard is worth it. If I have to go back to the office any time soon, I had been considering picking up a second Dygma Raise keyboard, but the Launch may suit my needs very well.

You’re going to great lengths to try to find some way to defend a piece of shit human being. You can stop at any time, but I’m sure you’ll keep going. I hope you manage to find the bottom of the hole you’re so vigorously trying to find, hopefully you’ll find it before you realize how dumb you’re presenting yourself as being.

It’s an appeal to hypocrisy. “But what about JavaScript!?”, while completely ignoring the vast world of differences between what has became an essential web technology over the last 25 or so years (not always loved by everyone), versus a gimmicky web browser.

Quote from danoon:

Yes, the goal of Boxedwine is to run old Windows programs in a platform independent way without a VM or disk images. So basically it is Dosbox but for Windows. At first I started out writing my own Win32 API implementation, and it worked for the first couple of games. But eventually I saw it was more than 1 person could do. That is when I realized Wine was the only solution and since that only worked on Linux, I had to create minimal Linux emulator to run Wine. Implementing the kernal syscalls did take some time. But It is capable to running emulated threads and processes in a single threaded app, which is why it works with Emscripten.


I love Bibliogram, but every instance I try to use ends up getting blocked by Instagram within a week or so, it seems :(

Too much, I’ll just delete.

I’m fine with extremism being addressed, but how many people have to die before that happens? Do we have to keep letting people die while we figure out what to do about it? We don’t have to find just one solution. It’s a multi-faceted problem.

That it’s a joke in America. 20 kids gunned down in their school, and nothing changed. Just keep pumping babies out to replace the ones that are lost, but we don’t dare lose our guns.

It’s depressing as fuck.

This version includes Tom Bombadil, so it’s better than the Peter Jackson films already.

Studies have shown around 1/3 of Covid-19 patients have long term psychiatric and neurological issues.


Do you comprehend the scale of that problem?

You’re linking to FoxNews and you want people to take you seriously? El. Oh. El.

Hundreds of millions, IMO.

I’ve already had the first shot, and looking forward to the second shot soon. Nothing to cry about.

You’re a special kind of person if you would rather watch millions upon millions of people continue to die from things such as suffocating on the effluence of their own lungs as their immune systems go into a cytokine storm and destroy the alveoli. What kind of monster are you?

I don’t watch TV, numbskull. I base what I say off actual facts, not the mewlings of people who have difficulty dealing with reality and making up BS arguments to try to hide how much of a coward they are. Go read some actual scientific papers and look at the actual data. Whatever you have read so far seems to be made up crap.

You can still get sick from any virus after getting a vaccination for it. They are not 100% effective. The annual influenza vaccines are usually around 50% effectiveness.

What you’re advocating for is a return to the times where people had to stack bodies up on the street like cords of wood, and wait for someone to come by and pick them up.

Stop spreading your lies and your misinformation. You have every right to be afraid of reality, but spouting this BS makes you an enemy to humankind. Shut the hell up.

Intellectual property never meant anything to me, so I’m not crazy…

This looks like exactly the kind of brain dead entertainment I need right now…