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Without reading, I hazard a guess towards most animation is done by the lowest bidder.

Also seems like a good reason to post this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-ReoBPl4mM

I’ve been seeing reviews and such about cheap electric vehicles you can buy on Alibaba. I would love to spend $1k -$2k on a something like that, but the roads outside my house have speed limits that around 2x-3x their top speeds :(

I was introduced to VLC when I was looking for a way to watch incomplete bittorrent downloads. It played them “just fine”, given what I was throwing at it. Still my favorite player to this day.

Waiting for the overall shutdown notice for Stadia, now.

While I wish I had picked some up when you could buy thousands for a few bucks, I also wish it would go away. Massive waste of electricity.

Spendy little mITX cases, but I love the look of them.

They also make Velka 5 and 7 cases, which are still mITX, but have a little more space to work with (and have a larger video card). Here’s a build video with a Velka 7: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kEhfGz9Kzs4

And their website: https://www.velkase.com/products

Intellectual property never meant anything to me, so I’m not crazy…

Rust on a PVE only server and Melvor Idle

This looks like exactly the kind of brain dead entertainment I need right now…

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