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Who knew cancer could get cancer

About 5 years ago I was working for a chemical manufacturer as a lab tech making under $20/hr and with no real prospects for increasing my wage or finding a better position. So while telling this to my mom she mentioned a coding boot camp that opened up back in my hometown. Pretty much applied, got in, and moved home to do it and stayed with family until I could find a job.

I refreshed the “latest” part of the app and now it shows up.

Yeah I can get to them from those links, but if I search lemmur in either app it comes up with 0 results.

I just checked both locations and couldn’t find it.

It wasn’t too hard. They knew we had to move away from memorizing/writing passwords on post it notes. I compiled a small slide show of our different options and nudged them towards Bitwarden.

Claims to be pro life. Dies.

Yeah, this got carried over from my last phone. I had installed it way before I got into open source stuff.

Community request: c/guns

The mod hasn’t been active for 7 months…

Cannot purge malware from Pixel 4

I have a Pixel 4 XL and today I noticed that every so often when I unlock my phone it will open to some scammy chrome tab. I use Firefox most of the time so I don’t know where this malware came from. I’ve tried deleting history/cookies and it hasn’t worked. I can’t delete chrome because you can’t do…

This whole saga is the comedy relief I’ve needed

A down winter coat. I used to wear a thin, wool shirt jacket for some reason and was always freezing. Got used to it until one day my friend was like, “You know, you don’t have to be cold”.

(Reuters) - Messaging app Signal said on Friday it was experiencing technical difficulties and working to restore the service.

Signal has seen a rise in downloads following a controversial change in rival messaging app WhatsApp’s privacy terms, which required WhatsApp users to share their data with both Facebook Inc and Instagram.

What harm is there in simply keeping WhatsApp installed on my device and not using it?

I just got my only international contact to switch to Signal, but I don’t feel like setting up whatsapp again if I would ever need it for some reason. Is there any harm in simply keeping it and not using it?..

Why is there so much hate on this meme?

I went with your suggestion. How do you get it to check your syntax for every keystroke like Eclipse?

But How Do It Know - the book. The basic principles of computers

A book that does a good job of going over the basics of how computers work. The site also has some good interactive explanations of how a CPU works…

I caught a QAnon guy trying to start a group here lol. Luckily we banned him and his community before he dragged anybody else over here.

Speakers aren't initially detected

When I log in and do something that requires audio my machine doesn’t seem to recognize that I have speakers plugged in. I have to unplug, then plug them back in and then everything works fine. How do I get it to not do this? I’m running Arch…


HELLOTUX - Embroidered Linux t-shirts

Just ordered some stuff from them. This is not spam. I just thought it was cool since they supposedly use open source software to make the shirts as well…

My boy Davidplus-square