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Yes, it really is dependent on your local chapter. Also, for anyone who is interested in joining, do not base your opinion of the SRA on the conversations in the members only forum lol. The forum sucks. The only time I ever posted there was when I first joined and I was trying to get in touch with my local chapter. After that you should be invited to join your chapter’s private chat whether it be on discord, matrix, slack, etc.

We work with our local Food Not Bombs chapter to retrieve, sort, and hand out food to those in need as well as support local abortion clinics by being escorts for patients. Those are the 2 big things. We also provide (LGBT+, minority)-safe resources for firearm instruction. I’ve also seen members ask for help from other members in our members-only chat and immediately receive assistance whether it be help moving furniture or money to help pay bills.

I’m a rather new member so I don’t know much about the SRA’s national leadership, but I’m very impressed with the leadership of my chapter. It’s a very active and cohesive unit of leftists that believe in mutual aid and forming strong local communities.

“Woke culture is why I can’t get laid!”

r/pics is garbage. It’ll be like “I found a rock today” with a picture of some dude and a unique rock and it has 50,000 upvotes and 20 awards. Cringe.


John Brown should have just voted harder instead of resorting to violence /s

Are the woke moralists in the room with us right now?

Lol “some” of the money

IIRC he tore down a very large anti-US propaganda banner and tried to get it out of the country.

When I see that subreddit name my brain just goes, “fuck you!”. I get “suggestions” for some shitty meme page called “soulology” every time I check f*cebook which triggers the exact same reaction.

Is this ran by the ancaps that put their files behind a paywall?

Jordan peterson got his start on quora. I’m not joking.

cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/297440 > yeah, genital inspections will go over well with the parents.

Running 2 instances on one VPS
I'm thinking of setting up another lemmy instance and was considering just hosting it on the same VPS as my current instance. I know lemmygrad is hosted on the same server as lemmy.ml. How difficult is this?

How to retrieve value of EnumItemStruct property?
I'm playing with the following code and can't seem to find an example where I can get the values of one of the coordinates. ``` enum Coordinates { Point1 { x: i32, y: i32 }, Point2 { x: i32, y: i32 }, } fn main() { let p1 = Coordinates::Point1{ x: 0, y: 45}; let x = p1.x; //Doesn't work } ``` How can I get the value of x or y?

Cannot fetch comments
I'm currently going through some logs and when I do a search from my instance to a post on lemmy.ml, I get the following: ``` lemmy_1 | 2022-03-03T02:26:39.044892Z INFO Websocket Request{trace_id=00000000000000000000000000000000}:perform{self=ResolveObject { q: "https://lemmy.ml/post/184244/comment/125405", auth: Some(Sensitive) }}:search_by_apub_id: lemmy_apub_lib::object_id: Fetching remote object https://lemmy.ml/post/184244/comment/125405 lemmy_1 | 2022-03-03T02:26:39.096253Z ERROR Websocket Request{trace_id=00000000000000000000000000000000}: lemmy_websocket::handlers: Error during message handling couldnt_find_object: error decoding response body: EOF while parsing a value at line 1 column 0 lemmy_1 | 0: lemmy_apub::fetcher::search::search_by_apub_id lemmy_1 | at crates/apub/src/fetcher/search.rs:20 lemmy_1 | 1: lemmy_api::site::perform lemmy_1 | with self=ResolveObject { q: "https://lemmy.ml/post/184244/comment/125405", auth: Some(Sensitive) } lemmy_1 | at crates/api/src/site.rs:399 lemmy_1 | 2: lemmy_websocket::handlers::Websocket Request lemmy_1 | with trace_id=00000000000000000000000000000000 lemmy_1 | at crates/websocket/src/handlers.rs:68 ```


Which image hosting software do you recommend?
I've been researching open source image/video hosting software because I sure as hell don't want to use Google Photos. I'm leaning toward PhotoPrism, but I thought I'd get your opinions first.

Why, Zuck?