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I wonder what Drew’s opinion of System76 laptops is.

At least it doesn’t work the same way it does on reddit. Downvoted comments don’t get sent all the way to the bottom of the thread.

Lol who the fuck downvoted this?

Mobile development with Rust

Does anyone have any experience with this? Is Rust mature enough to be able to do this?..

They also give you pretty good customer support. I’ve had a couple issues with my Meerkat and they were very responsive.

No problem. By the way I own a Pangolin and a Meerkat so I can try and answer things for you.

From this article: https://www.forbes.com/sites/jasonevangelho/2021/03/16/system76-is-finally-selling-that-amd-ryzen-laptop-you-want/?sh=305a228b1de9

However, it doesn’t look like Coreboot will make an appearance in Pangolin. I’m still waiting for confirmation from System76 on that front.

[UPDATE: Jeremy Soller says “Coreboot on AMD has a long way to go before it can be used in a product.”]

So it looks like no.

I had no idea that was an offense lol. It also was a fake tweet.

What happened to my post?

I posted a meme to c/memes the other day. It got like 6 upvotes and then later disappeared. If it got removed by the mods then whatever but I thought it would still show up in my post history just marked as removed…

It ensures me that everything is going to be fine. Just use their app! /s

Force update Android to latest version

I have a bunch of Android phones configured a specific way that haven’t been turned on in a long while and therefor their OS version hasn’t been updated in a long while. In order to get to the latest version I have to update the app over and over again incrementally until it reaches the newest versi…

Freeze peach! Now debate me libtard!

Probably banking/finance. I worked for a large regional bank in the US for my first developer job and one of the security guys told me that many banks run on extremely outdated technology and that if they would ever announce that they were switching over to something new that their stock prices would plummet so they just keep using the same stuff. Imagine people not being able to buy gas because their credit card transaction can’t go through.

Open source alternative to Knox Manage mobile device management

The company I work for sells a medical device that transmits data via Bluetooth Low Energy to a smartphone app that is then pushed to a database. For some of our customers they request that we provide phones with our app pre-installed that have most features locked down so that only the a select few…

Can you imagine the chaos that would ensue if developers/sysadmins went on a general strike?


Communism is when no iphone.



What is your opinion of automated UI testing?

From my experience the tests seem to break extremely easily and there is more time spent fixing them than finding actual bugs in the UI…

The Supreme Court ruled Monday in favor of Google in a long-running copyright dispute against Oracle that has huge implications for Silicon Valley — with the court finding that Google did not violate the law when it used more than 11,000 lines of Oracle’s software code in developing its Android mobi…




Bitwarden TOTP codes are different on my Windows machine

I have the bitwarden firefox extension installed on Firefox on my Windows work machine and the TOTP codes on windows are different than the codes on my phone. I just checked my personal Debian machine and the codes are perfectly synced. Any ideas?..

This was shared by another user on here in a thread about bitcoin. After talking to a bitcoin hyper over the weekend I thought I’d post it and maybe get other people’s thoughts…