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Where did you find it? I wish i was able to find this kind of service, good work.

Maybe LansMeta is really a good way for learning another language.

During this morning, right after i’ve woke up, a proposition was suddenly placed in my mind and it make me totally think more about my LansMeta (Not sure if that’s how i nicknamed it, i’m typing this on my office, so i’ll be reviewing this as soon as i get to home). …

Can i suggest features to Lemmy? If yes, where it is?

I have some suggestions for Lemmy devs, related to communities…

Absolutely, social media users say that if you stop using it, you will become totally alone, but that’s true, i have realized that real friends will try to contact you wherever you are.

You fools, to achieve maximum light speed on websites loading, you need to write it’s code on a paper, so then you have a 0KB website, gg ez.

Bilingual News - For people interested on listening a japanese podcast

This is a podcast where Mami and Michael discuss about news, Mami speaks in japanese switching to English sometimes and Michael speaks in English most of time. Take a look. …

Brazil has about 214 million people…211M were leaked…

Language Structure Metadata as promised

Welcome back. As i promised, today we’ll be discussing about “Language Structure Assimiling(LanSASS)”, but before going futher, i’ve choosed a better name for it “Language Structure Metadata(LansMeta)”(since it doesn’t have “ASS on it”, this would embarrassing me as hell)…

lmao, yeah you’re right, i’ve tested it just ago and all my text was messed up. Thank you.

My method during High School

Sate sate sate, today i’m going to explain shortly the method i was used to apply when studying japanese in my High School time. Note: This method is applied assuming you guys already know Hiragana and Katakana…

This just works beautiful, really thank you dude.

I never thought on using yt-dl like this, you gave me some ideas, usually i’d be just typing every single time i wanted to download something.

Setting index fingers above F and J and both thumbs on EspaceBar

disabling adblock huh?..



yeah, most of my costumers have a Whatsapp account (to not say all of them), i’m trying to avoid using Whatsapp for my store and their privacy, but sometimes using it is required to give an “out of the box” feel to them. Most people on my town don’t have any pc, as they’re a bit expensive on my country, even flash drives, that’s why i’m not too concerned about my usb ports for now, as it’s very uncommon around here, but i’ll fix them soon.

Probably email is my main option for now, thank you for your suggestion, really appreciated it.

I'm looking for a package to turn interactivity with my customers faster

So, i’m working on a small store for printing documents, but most of time i need to ask my customers to send me the pdf file through Bluetooth to my phone and so i print it from Epson app. The major issue is that doing that takes a LOT of time, probably because my phone has 1 gbRam, this could speed…

You don’t need to talk friends if you don’t have friends.

*internal cries

First post

So, for our first post, i’ll list some softwares and websites that are currently i’m using for learning japanese. (For Nihongonomori, i’ll be asking Kento-sensei if he allows me to download his classes). …

i love you for sharing it

Some ideas

I’m gonna be customizing a GNU/Linux system with a KonoSuba theme soon and also wondering about creating a game. What are you guys thought’s about that? Any ideas?..


Started reading KonoSuba's light novel

Recently i’ve started reading it’s light novel and the dialogues are surprisingly similar to the anime, i mean, it’s like i’m almost hearing Kazuma’s voice. …