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I guess the best answer for why that happens (non-japanese speech being translated as japanese gender stereotypes) is mainly because of cultural reasons and a bit of globalization. From a globalization point of view, many 80s famous movies were published in USA, where men teenagers are super cool, they go to parties and stuff, also they usually are main character or hero (in films), but that was not common (traditionally, at least) in Japan at 80s. Culturally, since kid japanese men learn that they need to be formal and employed for earning money to keep family billings okay while women raises kids. Speaking bad words or in a informal way to someone in a higher rank than you is unacceptable. In short, japanese needs to be pure, formal and honored, even more for women. So translating foreign movies (foreign movies = american movies only) were surprising for japanese translators at the time, because many characters were a bit too extroverted or offensive from a japanese perspective. The “Alien” example is extremely offensive for 80s japanese as women cannot act that way, otherwise they’d be execute in Samurai Era. For differentiating japanese from foreigners, translators adopted that norm.

IT’S THE FINAL COUNTDOWN!!!~ dondondondon dodododooooon~

Why no people even needs internet tbh? Let us return to monke

i’d be happier if title was “Most terrans agree that misinformation is a problem” instead

yeah i heard Michael from Destination Linux is running SearX. guess ima try it

In name of God impure privacy policy of the world shall be banished into eternal damnation.


yeah my mom was complaining about that earlier. best thing that happened today

Welcome to Brazil i’m Carlos João Filho from Bairro do Limoeiro land of the heinous gangbangers and cold heat, in São Paulo ***** get no sleep beefing with anybody, competing even with the police.

now that you mentioned it sure sounds like a capitalist catchphrase, something like a Businessman wearing a Tuxedo would say

What do you guys think about this quote

Today i created a quote in my mind it was something like: …

My passwords are storaged in a book and encrypted through single tags related to my personal life written in japanese .

If I forgive my passwords i just need to guess them. There’s no way someone can hack a book, know my personal life and be able to read japanese simultaneously.

Internet became the greatest communication method since it’s creation for about 20 years.

People - wait why Philippines consent age is 12?

The guy who absented sure got no nuts to see 30% of his wage going away and chose stay out from senate on that day

We’re not too far from that in my place

6 productivity tips every developer should know | Anjalee Sudasinghe | livecodestream.dev

If you are a programmer, the chances are, you have an inability to mind just your job. You’d want to work on your passion project in your free time. You’d want to contribute to open-source projects that you love. Becoming a programmer is not just a job, it’s a lifestyle. …

Guys i need help on installing Windows 10

First of all sorry for saying that cursed name, but a school teacher asked me to install it on her laptop, i had no idea how to but after following some tutorials online, it displays this error: …

Am i crazy or just stupid?

Many times when talking to people i have a feeling that they can’t understand me ,also often i have many ideas and thoughts that everyone says “are you stupid?” or “man you just talk shit”…

How to turn into an specialist at open source?

So after 7 months from my switch to GNU/Linux i’ve been studying many aspects from the OS and after seeing this 2016 Linux Foundation Report a question has been on my mind lately. …

now i can feel devs pain from no documentation-reading people, anyone here had a similar experience?

so recently i’ve been working on a project and a girl joined me, so i sent her my documentation for support, which describes EVERY single thing on this project, but every single time she asks me something that is already answered on the documentation. Probably she thinks that long text it’s there j…

A Noob Question

I’ve started to learn programming Python (also i’m a beginner) and my code’s print result was “0”. Could someone explain why? …


Can i suggest features to Lemmy? If yes, where it is?

I have some suggestions for Lemmy devs, related to communities…

Bilingual News - For people interested on listening a japanese podcast

This is a podcast where Mami and Michael discuss about news, Mami speaks in japanese switching to English sometimes and Michael speaks in English most of time. Take a look. …

I'm looking for a package to turn interactivity with my customers faster

So, i’m working on a small store for printing documents, but most of time i need to ask my customers to send me the pdf file through Bluetooth to my phone and so i print it from Epson app. The major issue is that doing that takes a LOT of time, probably because my phone has 1 gbRam, this could speed…

Some ideas

I’m gonna be customizing a GNU/Linux system with a KonoSuba theme soon and also wondering about creating a game. What are you guys thought’s about that? Any ideas?..


Started reading KonoSuba's light novel

Recently i’ve started reading it’s light novel and the dialogues are surprisingly similar to the anime, i mean, it’s like i’m almost hearing Kazuma’s voice. …