Expert Lectures
"20th Century UFO Conspiracies" [2017], Prof. Felix Harcourt (Emory U). Particularly government-related, mirroring tech advances and social anxieties. #history #sociology

Emory University professor Felix Harcourt teaches a class on how conspiracy theories about UFOs have shaped America culture. He begins in the late 1940s and describes how public opinion about extraterrestrials changed over the course of the 20th century, often paralleling societal anxieties. …

"Ancient Egypt and Colonial Science Fiction: The Myth of Origins", Thais Rocha da Silva (Oxford & U of São Paulo): Battlestar Galactica use of ancient civilization as Western precursor. #literature

Abstract: The representation of ancient Egypt in science-fiction movies emphasise its exotic aspects, magic and lost knowledge. The 1970s TV show Battlestar Gallactica showed ancient Egypt as one of the starting points of civilization, including the pyramids and the temple of Karnak as scenarios for…

"International Law and the Politics of History", Prof. Anne Orford, University of Melbourne: Arguments reference history as objective and authoritative, but is it? #history #law

Abstract: In this lecture, Anne Orford will discuss her new book International Law and the Politics of History, which explores the ideological, political, and material stakes of apparently technical disputes over how the legal past should be studied and understood. As the future of international law…

"Black Holes and the Fundamental Laws of Physics"[2017], Jerome Gauntlett

Description from YouTube Black holes are extraordinary and may even hold the key to unlocking the next phase in our understanding of the laws of physics…

Expert Lectures

    Links to lectures by experts in their fields.

    In this information age, it is easier than ever to access knowledge in all manner of formats. The simple academic-style lecture yet remains one of the most effective ways of presenting focused research. (Especially when followed by a good Q&A session.)

    The information age, with its broad and easy mechanisms of dissemination, has brought with it also an era of noise. Everyone is, or has, their own expert. Let’s try to find true experts, recognized and generally accepted in their fields, to see what interesting things they have to say.

    Suggested title format: “Title of lecture” [year, if not current], Name, Credentials and/or Venue. Brief synopsis/description. #topic #subject

    Consider using links that go straight to the beginning of the lecture (bypassing lengthy introductions) if possible.

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