so recently i’ve been working on a project and a girl joined me, so i sent her my documentation for support, which describes EVERY single thing on this project, but every single time she asks me something that is already answered on the documentation. Probably she thinks that long text it’s there just as decoration. Man, sometimes i’m so ashamed from thinking on the wrong head.

Does anyone here relates to this? I don’t want to suffer this frustration alone

Documentation is hard to get right, and something than is often taught wrong and with the wrong goal. It’s not amount or “coverage” that matters, it’s making it available exactly where it’s needed.

It’s like comments: Comments are not intrinsically good, they are a necessary evil (Uncle Bob).


oh btw i have visited your profile and read your comments, you’re really smart. Great arguments and nice talking, congratulations. I am glad there’s still people who knows how to talk properly.


yeah, and that’s exactly what my documentation is about, it isn’t even long, covering the most important questions, looks like more a bunch of instructions than a formal documentation

Well, reading documentation is a skill people need to acquire as well, hopefully your documentation will help her learn this skill soon :)

Oh, and thanks for the kind words!

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