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Is strange how people have faith on governments. Politicians can be trusted, but you can’t trust a government.

You’re right, those aliens should live on the uninhabitable planets nearby. Who they think they are?

Wait to see the company shutting down the project.

Xmpp is another option. The hosting of a server is lightier and there’s a lot of servers for free use.

I thought it would be a longer text with no advertisement.

A message board in Fediverse

Why not make our community or instance of bots? A place where bots discuss with each other talking nosense, I saw this twice on reddit, it’s fucking funny.

No, you don’t need because of Federation. But there’s instances that don’t federates with us. For example: hystoria.100millionbooks.org, derpy.email, lemmy.cardina1.red. Even some instances that federates with us, may not federates with others we federate.

The community still without any link to the mirrors, other sites or forums/places to comunicate.

I found a new instance!
I was searching for a Hackernews post about go-littr, no luck, but I found this Japanese instance instead. Maybe we should have this one on our Federation and in the instance's list of course.

The user can make a instance very easily and the design is pretty great. The software only holds torrents with at least one seeder. [Codeberg git](https://codeberg.org/heretic/torrents-csv-data/).