MagnetDL, what the fuck?

I really hope this is a belated April Fools joke…


Silly trolls


Internet banner ads are always my preferred source for medical advice. /s




so, someone is spending money to spread misinformation and fear… this is the most important question about fake news: who pays and profit with this kind of propaganda.


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All medicine have collateral effects. We still take them because these effects are less frequent and less dangerous than the disease.

If the vaccine causes embolism to a very tiny fraction of immunised people but prevent the death of a large fraction, it’s a fair trade-off.

AstraZeneca said Sunday that a safety review found no evidence its COVID-19 vaccine caused an increased risk of blood clots after several countries suspended the use of the shots earlier this week.

The company said it had conducted a “careful review” of safety data after Denmark paused the rollout of the AstraZeneca jab on Thursday after a 60-year-old woman who received the shot developed a blood clot and died. Authorities in Norway, Iceland, the Netherlands and Ireland quickly followed suit while investigations were underway, saying that the moves were precautionary and that there was no evidence of any link.

The drug manufacturer, however, sought to quell those fears on Sunday after analyzing data from the 17 million people who have already received its vaccine.

“A careful review of all available safety data of more than 17 million people vaccinated in the European Union and UK with COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca has shown no evidence of an increased risk of pulmonary embolism, deep vein thrombosis or thrombocytopenia, in any defined age group, gender, batch or in any particular country,” the company said in a statement.


today Europe experts said astrazaneca is linked to clots in the blood, my opinion on vaccination is that you are being an experience with experimental drugs with lots of side effects


How many unknown “side effects” might Covid-19 itself have? Isn’t it safer to take the vaccine than to get covid?

-86d before downvote inform yourself whats going on while you are locked up


The vaccines will help us leave lockdown as soon as possible and mitigate these privacy issues.

easy you can get covid after take vacine too crazy right


It’s not that there are no side effects. There are. But none of them in large numbers of people, only a few people presented such side effects in millions vaccinated.

The problem is how the information spreads, making the conspiracy-prone to extrapolate “vaccine A caused side effects X and Y on Z number of people” into “all vaccines cause/will cause widespread deadly side effects”.

Also, any piracy website will do basically anything for money because they can’t monetize with conventional methods, so they can do many such desperate/unscrupulous stuff at times

(edit: not sure about this, if it was paid by someone, as it doesn’t seem to link anywhere)

You can still get sick from any virus after getting a vaccination for it. They are not 100% effective. The annual influenza vaccines are usually around 50% effectiveness.

What you’re advocating for is a return to the times where people had to stack bodies up on the street like cords of wood, and wait for someone to come by and pick them up.

Stop spreading your lies and your misinformation. You have every right to be afraid of reality, but spouting this BS makes you an enemy to humankind. Shut the hell up.


Oh boy the fake media keep watching more tv

you say that then link to foxnews…

I don’t watch TV, numbskull. I base what I say off actual facts, not the mewlings of people who have difficulty dealing with reality and making up BS arguments to try to hide how much of a coward they are. Go read some actual scientific papers and look at the actual data. Whatever you have read so far seems to be made up crap.


Astrazaneca does cots in blood has i said before and probably more side effects on long term


AstraZeneca seems to make a very rare illness (thrombocytopenia) less rare. As it affects mostly younger women, giving those another vaccine instead is an appropriate measure to me.

Studies have shown around 1/3 of Covid-19 patients have long term psychiatric and neurological issues.

Do you comprehend the scale of that problem?

Doing experiments on humans its forbidden, ill not argue with ignorants go take your covid vaccine and 5 years later don’t cry for having take it

I’ve already had the first shot, and looking forward to the second shot soon. Nothing to cry about.

You’re a special kind of person if you would rather watch millions upon millions of people continue to die from things such as suffocating on the effluence of their own lungs as their immune systems go into a cytokine storm and destroy the alveoli. What kind of monster are you?


Group immunity is better than fake vacinnes has it happen with all the flu yes covid19 it’s a flu variante made scared by the media

Fuck off with your misinformation.

group immunity means killing hundreds of thousands

Hundreds of millions, IMO.


with covid vaccine you will take covid, also you can see by the tests positive / false positives ahaha the tests are fucked up and the vaccine is good ok

heres the source not related to piracy

You’re linking to FoxNews and you want people to take you seriously? El. Oh. El.

What are you trying to say? We get that you don’t care about the 100s of thousands of people dying from covid. But what else?

You keep talking about the vaccine??


because the topic is based on the vaccine maybe ? Sherlock Homes QQ

Lmao everything has been said, I am going to resort to name calling now:



Keep your anger to your gov not internet stalking

That is alt right propaganda, my friend.


What, all of them?

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