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Correcting this:

  • pay more
  • less working hours
  • mantain a strict professional relationship. Don’t touch employee personal life.

I’m from PCdoB, communist party of Brazil.

Not using cookies, but Coil and Flattr do exactly this.

Not. Google put effort in making WebKit less modular in blink. In WebKit you can chose the renderer, while in blink you ate stuck with skia.

Blink is a black box widget you van interact only via we extensions API. WebKit is a set of libs you can meddle with.

For instance, there is no way to render a web page to a PNG file in blink, while it’s trivial with WebKit.

EDIT Alas, the first chromium was WebKit with the js engine replaced by V8. Not sure if you can chance blink js engine.

Laat time i used Sony Vegas was like, 2006, but the basic workflow is the same

Add clips to project, put on timeline, cut and arrange them into tracks, add effects.

Kdenlive is the most advanced and stable non linear video editor on Linux.

So, their run many parallel miners on a single machine and get the Dane result.

Because they don’t want to enforce a single interface, but have a distribuition where the user can install them all.

Yes, “proles” is the default way to refer to working people in 1984.

first facebook enforces uses of real names and linking accounts to phone numbers, latter says scrapping is not their problem.

If they don’t force the users to share their personal information, scrapping would not be the big problem they face now.

You said literature, not writers, so I included BookWyrm.

Maybe you can reach to organize activities and interaction. Or maybe what you want works better on a different platform, like Lemmy.

Giving other work and making them look bad if they fail to spot errors to personal academic gains. Yes, extremely rotten.

Don’t know how ethics committees work on US, but this is the thing that should never be allowed to pass them.

You can invite people who hang on other literary communities, pointing the advantages of the fediverse. But we already have some communities as that on fediverse like and

So, I suggest you should think about what makes your unique. Maybe creating a Lemmy community, as I can’t find one, to provide a new kind of user interface.

[Edit] BookWyrm is a “test instance”. hosting a public instance open to all should be a good contribution as well.

If you want a community, you should define what kind of first.

Your friends: invite them.

Topic related: invite the people you know and announce the instance on places this community hangs.

Location based: invite the people you know and announce the instance on this place, using online and offline tools.

Link tells whole story. They submitted buggy patches to see how devs would react and published a paper on it. Now, they submitted buggy patches again.

I think lemmy already have a good amount of anti-design. The users don’t have a public visible karma pool, badges awarded, gold, etc. The voting system is used mostly to hide bad content, and not to sort it.

AdNauseam blocks ads, but also click them, generating noise that scramble your profile and generates financial loss to advertises that uses tracking.

nobody cares what Linus think or says at home.

hi isn’t insulting people on mailing lists or code reviews.

RMS can be as freak as he want, if he stop hurting other people. This is not thought police, is enforcing limits on acceptable behaviour.

Google finds out "western govts" are using 0-days to hack people

Of course, some western people will be:

James Schneider from the socialist left of UK’s Labour party made a article series about organizing strategies for UK socialists. There is some good ideias, and I would like do discuss them…

no spoilers please…

Onde começou a desgraça…