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Yes! We need to stop wasting energy talking to reactionaries and do propaganda and agitation with the working class. The ones not brainwashed, just living their lives.

We can move a non politically active person to the left, but can’t do the same to a anti-communist.

I advice against visiting the video. It only get more popular and receive more exposure.

Mastodon must be replaced by something more performant and less resource hungry. Pleroma is almost as good as it’s needs to be. Gotosocial have potential to be the hero we need.

The capitalist academy have some arguments to explain how China achieved economic success - cheap labour, integration on globalised economy... This article give us the counter arguments. It was trough state planing and investment on industry, education, quality of life and technology.

Yes, the ISA is open as well the reference base design. You can have a closed source implementation of the open ISA.

But with a open ISA you are free from the x86 situation where only three enterprises can make chips and have some real competition. We have some of this with ARM, but as it’s a closed ISA and controlled by one enterprise, it’s not future proof.

For the high speed charge. Can charge in 30 seconds and run 5 km.

Because RISC V is ope hardware.

The answer is: fedora base system is bloated.

LXDE and LXQt consumes some 60~80 MB in a clean install. The rest is fedora itself and the other apps in the spin.

Answers like “USA population is Nazi” are essentialist as hell.

Well, a majority of Americans are pro choice, immigration and anti guns. (What a weird issues US politics have…)

Neither party really embraces this issues, so there is conditions to gain support for the left. Why this don’t happens?

This is a very complex question, because the strategy vary depending on the current situation of this socialist country.

A underdeveloped country should try to do import substitution and get technology transfer. A developed one can flexibilize the sectors.

Any socialist country must guarantee that the people get the goods they need, by importing if necessary, but should work on long term to get out of foreign dependency.

Not a good comparison. Weimar Republic had a strong left party, so the question them was why the left can’t gain a majority. (And the answer is because the traditional right supported the Nazis)

The question in US right now is why it’s seems impossible to build a strong left.

I would love to live in a country where coaches (not the sports ones, but the life/quantum/career ones) need to hold a psychology degree.

Why, even on this hellish situation, usians don't vote for a left third party?
"Vote harder" don't even start to work because US have a two party system with two right wing parties. Why there is no sign of a left party gaining traction? DSA is the biggest left organization but is miniscule (and not very left). There is a way of radicalising, say... one tenth of the population?

Yes! I remember reading many years ago traditional apache people used to consider female heels (body part) and elbows parts that should be covered, because they are sexy and suggestive.

Japan trats the female neck as a erotic and erogenous area. Married women tie the hair leaving the neck accessible to her spouse and single ones should cover the area.

EDIT: Source for my claims

"The nape is the back of the neck. In technical anatomical/medical terminology


In traditional Japanese culture, the nape (項, unaji) was one of the few areas of the body (other than face and hands) left uncovered by women’s attire. The nape of a woman’s neck held a strong attraction for many Japanese men (see oshiroi)."

He was a child when Tibet was liberated. His crimes are trying to secede a part of Chinese territory.

Not. USA includes tracker on user installed apps*. This article tells about apps provided by the manufacturer that the user can’t uninstall.

  • Google collect many info about you with their mandatory Google account, but not “personal” as installed apps or messages, only “not personal”, as location", sites you search about, news you click click, and so…

USA population still uses SMS (text, as they call It) mostly because of Apple iMessage.

All the promisses to the people western governments make are captured by their elites and benefits only this elites.

USA spends as much, or even more, than a country with public healthcare on healthcare, but this benefit only the health plan operators. This is how you make billionaires



Google finds out "western govts" are using 0-days to hack people
Of course, some western people will be: ![](

James Schneider from the socialist left of UK's Labour party made a article series about organizing strategies for UK socialists. There is some good ideias, and I would like do discuss them. The articles: Intro Movements Party State World Comms

no spoilers please

Onde começou a desgraça.