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Private members should not exist. A language or framework should never prevent you from doing something, just discourage it (eg, by prefixing the name with an underscore)

Misleading: You don’t build the sensor yourself.

lol, I didn’t realize the version of FF I was running had security holes.

Google engineers tell the user to get a reproducible case

That’s something you’re supposed to do for all stack overflow questions. Nobody, engineer or otherwise, can help you without being able to reproduce an issue.

I know in my neighborhood that at similar intersections, the traffic light switches fairly quickly if there are no pedestrians, but if you press the pedestrian button it stays green longer so pedestrians of all ages have enough time to get across.

you can get more cars through the intersection with a button, obviously, by not wasting time for pedestrians when there are none.

You don’t spend years building that first compiler. You make it very minimal. Then you use a really minimal version of your language to develop the compiler for a slightly more powerful version of your language. Which you then use in turn to make even more powerful versions. The very initial compiler would probably take a single talented programmer less than a week to make.

Regardless of the distribution he uses, he would have lots of complaints. It’s the bitter truth. Audio problems, support for special gaming hardware, glitches with proprietary apps like Discord and Teams, are common across distros.

Use an open source alternative and you’d be able to implement this feature yourself or open a small bounty to get someone else to do it for you.

In Slack’s eyes this is unnecessary. In a workplace, if somebody is verbally abusing you, blocking them won’t solve the problem; they’re still your coworker. This is something for HR to handle and cannot be solved with lines of code.

I don’t think digitalocean forces you to use cloudflare.

  • Njalla didn’t publish the original request.
  • Nobody will say who they’re requesting the data of.
  • Nobody can provide the original blog post.

There’s no evidence that this actually happened.

This is at least as hard as CLI, but Emacs’ org-mode is a very capable to-do list. There are plenty of emacs plugins that add reminders and notifications, though getting these to work on mobile may be a pain.

Lots of good points here. I haven’t seen any successful federated platforms. One important thing the author forgets to mention is that these “centralized democratic systems” must be open source and self-hostable, which helps to keep their operators on their toes knowing that they are replaceable.

That’s a good point. I’d argue however that if you’re running malicious, unprivileged code on your desktop computer, you’re pretty much screwed regardless, since you likely use sudo frequently and it could just keylog your password. But there are certainly some security downsides to having too many packages installed.

That’s Gnome, not Manjaro. If I recall, the main Manjaro distribution is based on XFCE. If you care so much about bloating, why would you intentionally choose gnome, which is widely known to be heavy weight?

Disk space is the only factor. There’s no bigger attack surface you don’t use the packages.