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https://namesilo.com accepts bitcoin and has built in dns and is pretty legit.

Common Lisp. No other language has mastered the REPL.

Buy some gift cards and sell them online, for example on reddit’s /r/giftcardexchange

I try to find services that accept Bitcoin as much as possible. When buying things, places like /r/giftcardexchange are nice, you can often get things at a discount as a matter of fact.

I like all the features and UI of Dolphin, though I’ve never gotten file indexing and search to work well in KDE.

Both the title of this post and Linus’ title seem like mild clickbait. The “real world” performance benchmarks of the modified SSDs were actually slightly higher than that of the early review copies, and I think it’s reasonable to believe that the changes were made for supply chain reasons rather than to save a few bucks (at least in the Adata case; the PNY case he mentions briefly at the end seems much worse).

ext4 works very well. I had stability issues with btrfs the multiple times I’ve tried it.

I’m not sure what the full extent is, but they certainly have to maintain their graphics drivers.

Certainly. By the alternative, I meant Apple not implementing these privacy labels or its other recent measures.

Apple is really playing on the moment here, trying to seem like the good guy who cares about your privacy. Oh well, I guess it’s better than the alternative.

Now I’m just worried that this app is /made/ by the police.

KiCAD is a very powerful open source schematic capture and pcb design tool, which has the backing of major groups including DigiKey and CERN.

This is hardly a breaking issue, since all the javascript is in fact free and open source, you just need to put an exception in your browser settings.

That’s a good point. I’m usually a big fan of configuring software via whatever programming language the program is written in (eg, Emacs is configured using Emacs Lisp), rather than declarative config files such as json or ini. However, the need to recompile after making a config change is pretty lame.

I certainly like that it exists, if only to demonstrate how simple things can be. sent, the plaintext presentation tool, is something I will hopefully be using more often soon. I used to use slock too which was really neat, and is probably the best screen locker if you don’t want a screensaver.

Yes, but I think the whole point of Brave is to automatically handle these donations. I don’t want to have to search for a Bitcoin address every time I read a blog post.

I love the idea of microdonations to websites you visit, rather than ads, but Brave and the people behind it are trying obnoxiously hard to make money. There should be a truly grassroots, open source project that does the same thing.

There are 500,000 homeless (.2% of population) in the US compared to nearly 20,000,000 millionaires.

Sounds like you need to get a job or start studying. Why do you blame capitalism when you aren’t even participating in it?