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The military isn’t the point. If the police break into your house, it won’t be with a tank or an F-16. No government will ever try to massacre their populace with military weapons. Those are only for use against other countries. The only means a government will try to use to control its people is something more like the police. Thankfully, an American today can own a weapon which is similar to what the police have, and that’s what’s important.

The vaccines will help us leave lockdown as soon as possible and mitigate these privacy issues.

How many unknown “side effects” might Covid-19 itself have? Isn’t it safer to take the vaccine than to get covid?

Why can’t Google just ask you what you’re interested in and serve ads related to that? I’d be fine filling out a browser setting indicating that I’m interested mainly in computers and electronics gear and then get ads only for that.

I’m sure they’re reading all my emails, but I use Yandex (the Russian equivalent of Google). Yandex is completely free even for multiple accounts (there’s a limit but I forget what it is). The interface works well and has an English option.

why can’t you just set your custom DNS servers on each device? do they block DNS requests to servers other than their own?

it’s not too hard, it mainly comes down to enabling the repositories you need in a config file. In my opinion, it’s worth it to avoid the Canonical bullshit like Snap that’s included in Ubuntu.

is that a thing? Creating an NFT for other people’s websites?

why in the world did the webmaster feel the need to make an NFT for this?

All other browsers will either be based on Firefox or Chromium.

There are plenty that use Webkit, which has been separate from Chromium’s engine for a while.

Holy shit, you’re right: most NFTs are just URLs! I thought the images themselves, or at least the hashes of the images, would be stored in the blockchain. The stupidity of altcoin developers never ceases to amaze.

I recommend https://ramnode.com because they have hourly billing, very good prices, good CPU performance, and best of all they have excellent support and even an official IRC channel on Freenode!

I started looking into this a while ago. A couple similar existing tools:

  • https://playit.gg which is focused on games, but works for arbitrary ports. Doesn’t give dedicated IPs but it’s free. Currently uses a custom QUIC-based protocol as far as I can tell, but is transitioning to Wireguard.
  • https://remote.it a more professional service. Probably offers dedicated IPs. Not sure what tech it uses under the hood. Probably most similar to the OP.

And if you want to setup something like this yourself, using frp can be a lifesaver if you don’t know iptables well.