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The same way C programmers do: Download the source code into a local folder and include it directly from there. Then you only update it when you explicitly want to.

You can also use npm with a package.json which requests a specific version, that way it won’t update automatically.

Final option, which doesn’t work for all packages, is to install the corresponding node-* package from apt, because the debian developers do ship a number of frequently used node packages in the repositories. Eg, apt install node-is-wsl

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I’m running KDE on Debian bullseye and it is reading it just fine

I like it. Of course, as long as iOS is closed source, you can’t trust a thing it’s doing, but this could still prevent the sort of attack NSO group used. Wouldn’t trust it if you think you’re being targeted by the US government lol.

Mining on a GPU does tend to decrease its total lifespan but doesn’t significantly impact its performance in the meantime. But even a heavily used GPU will often last a long time.

The GPUs will probably mostly be resold, so aren’t completely wasted.

Also note you don’t need webtorrent to do this – qbittorrent and possibly other clients are perfectly capable as well! (in qbit, right click -> “preview file”). In my experience webtorrent is not the most robust client.

Most phones do last 5 years. I’ve owned my pixel 3a for maybe 2 years but it’s still going really strong. Before that I used a moto G4 for 2-3 years, and I bought it off a friend who had used it for at least that long before me. The phones are fine; it’s more about people’s attitudes. It should not be normalized in our society to buy phones (or really anything expensive) so frequently.

It won’t. 95% of applications would be just fine with garbage collection, and the extra complexity of Rust’s memory model will make it so that current Javascript developers never use it. Go is more likely to win (but honestly, just a more lightweight JS runtime with a more lightweight UI framework would be fine by me)

I don’t think most electron developers are there because of Qt’s license. Qt and C++ are a pain in the ass compared to JS and modern web frameworks.

How about solving protein folding problems to develop new medical treatments, or running chemical simulations to come up with more climate-friendly industrial processes?

How is Apple anticompetitive? Apple makes less than 20% of computers and about a third of mobile devices. I.e., their competition is doing just fine.

You can choose to use an adapter. You can choose to buy a non-apple product. So yes, you can use whatever charger you want.

Incredibly stupid. What next, forcing Apple to ship with Windows or Linux because they’re more “standard”?

If you search site:youtube-dl.org, for example, it returns no results. But if you search just youtube-dl, it comes right up. Probably a bug and they never meant to deindex it.

Dnscrypt and DNS over HTTPS prevents your ISP from tampering with your DNS requests, but it does not prevent them from seeing which domain names you are connecting to, because of Server Name Identification. Widespread adoption of Encrypted Server Name Identification mainly comes down to server operators, many of whom won’t ever implement it (because it’s a pain in the ass to setup, and relatively little gain for the average webmaster)

I know this works for lots of people but cold oats + milk is disgusting to me. Just microwave it and oatmeal! Will also be easier to digest the oats…

True, there are some attacks that cloudflare may be better positioned to mitigate…but a well-designed application won’t be susceptible to attacks unless they involve a huge amount of traffic, and in those cases the amount of traffic is so huge that it can be detected easily without needing to see the http content.