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It’s not that there are no side effects. There are. But none of them in large numbers of people, only a few people presented such side effects in millions vaccinated.

The problem is how the information spreads, making the conspiracy-prone to extrapolate “vaccine A caused side effects X and Y on Z number of people” into “all vaccines cause/will cause widespread deadly side effects”.

Also, any piracy website will do basically anything for money because they can’t monetize with conventional methods, so they can do many such desperate/unscrupulous stuff at times

(edit: not sure about this, if it was paid by someone, as it doesn’t seem to link anywhere)

oh, i don’t mind it being here for discussion at all, it just seems so disingenuous to me, because it raises issues but then ends up protecting the worst intentions/agents. so this reaching and its effects are so dubious… i mean, who would “opt in” to having their data freely added to a company or government database for whatever purpose??

somewhat strange, coming from a website with 13 trackers. it’s also unsettling to me how they speak of the “customer” and how “big tech” is collecting people’s data for advertising, making it seem like the worst possible scenario is that a few ad companies get to show more personalized ads. meanwhile government, corporations and random companies all hoard this data for social engineering predictive models and attempts to manipulate behavior, elections, engagement… getting us to click on ads is just the basics from 20 years ago.

thank you for the detailed comment. i didn’t see disroot being mentioned. do you have any comments on it?