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with that they will colect more data with less effort

if Snowden uses Signal why shouldnt i use it?


i say fake because you never had a test to a flu, and now you have covid tests

so you can walk in street with a tracking shit but if you dont have it you need to be in quarantine ? WTF how does a tracking shit makes you dont spread the fake sars2

use email instead phone numbers

well lemmy is great arent they talking with second interest ?

not everythings are roses


Your toughts ?..


google privacy sandbox will replace 3rd party cookies but they will colect more data with less effort QQ fu** google

google should never be on same text that privacy

Epic is Us Anti-Trust Department

see whats going on while you are in lockdown…

go to a local store instead and pay cash

apple like facebook, amazon i dont trust probably theyll see your browsing data like secure dns from cloudflare

Universal Android Debloater

The main goal is to improve battery performance and privacy by removing unnecessary and obscure system apps. This can also contribute to improve security by reducing the attack surface. The script has a menu that lets you choose what debloat list you want to use. I strongly encourage you to take a l…