could you elaborate a little?


I think WeChat shows that having a payment solution in a messenger can be really useful (although problematic privacy wise unless very carefully implemented) and IMHO it is only a question of time before this will also become popular in the western market.

However this one seems dodgy… I can’t find much on the tech, but it seems to be some odd hybrid blockchain. And in addition there are claims online that the creators pre-mined like 75% of the total coin supply, which is really questionable.

Mod logs should be public by default on reddit so that there can be more transparency about issues like this…

What’s the article that they are banning?


Thanks, that was a good read. I disagree with this as I didnt ever think I needed to be able to send money in my messaging app:

Payments present a tough dilemma for Signal: To keep pace with the features on other messaging apps, it needs to let users send money. But to do so without compromising its sterling privacy assurances poses a unique challenge.

If the tech having the coins privacy holds to audits though that is indeed a nice/good thing, though this sounds like almost too big a hurdle due to the level of scrutiny that could be involved:

“Signal as an encrypted messaging product is really valuable. Speaking solely as a person who is really into encrypted messaging, it terrifies me that they’re going to take this really clean story of an encrypted messenger and mix it up with the nightmare of laws and regulations and vulnerability that is cryptocurrency.”

Is it possible that Facebook bought moxie to implement a payment feature on its protocol so that then whatsapp can use it? Facebook some time ago announced a new currency right? (they said it was a cryptocurrency, but that’s not true because it was just not crypto xD)


This seems unlikely as MobileCoin seems totally unrelated to Libra, but Facebook did contract Moxie to implement their e2ee some years ago. So it is possible that this registration is from back then.


" For now, the payment feature will be available only to users in the UK, and only on iOS and Android " U.K hm right . . . . Also if you want private payments pay in cash

i guess theres no difference for me to use something like status then since it not centralized and has the shitty crypto thing anyway

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