These past weeks have been especially violent in Myanmar, with many protesters and non-protesters being tortured and murdered in the streets by the Junta…

In your opinion, how should the US government intervene, if at all?


The US government should mind its goddamn business


Don’t think the US goverment should intervene.


I hate when a country’s military just decides that “tEh elEcTIon wAS frAUdulEnt, let’s make a coup!”, but also when the US tries to “free” a country, which usually does not end very well anyway for the people living there…

RED Vulpix

The US never intervenes unless it’s for their own benefit. Any intervention will overwhelmingly likely not benefit the people of Myanmar.


I think sanctions against the people behind the coup and their companies are justified in this case. The army in Myanmar operates several large companies with international business ties and those can be targeted with economic sanctions. They can probably also try to convince the Japanese to stop their continued support for these companies.

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