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Linux is a very heterogeneous platform. I’d say trying to make malware compatible across distros could be quite a challenge, and not very profitable.

Nothin’ suits me like a suit ;)

La hostia… Tiene que ser broma. Me leeré el pdf en algún rato libre

Idk it builds as a single package, they just call it “Open Chemistry”. It’s a suite of applications, like LibreOffice but for chemistry.

I’m pretty positive that would also apply in Britain.

I’ve heard other decentralization technologies like IPFS also count as Web3. Or Git, I’ve even heard. So the Fedi might as well be considered Web3 ;)

Well, I like being able to select “All” and “New” at the same time and still get some high quality content without being overwhelmed by reposts.

OP, this community is for recipes. There are better suited places for discussing health issues.

This! I’ll save this quote for later, thank you!

You’ve caught my interest with option d. Any info on that?

It’s pretty nice that you distrust big pharma, but imo you should discuss your concerns with your doctor

Do you live in an area where you can request free medical treatment? I know my local public hospital offers treatment for excessive sweating that does not respond to antiperspirants, so that may also be your case. If it isn’t, you could try covering your ankles in thick and warm clothes while using thinner socks and see if that helps.

No. This community is about getting city people who could easily just use a bus not to clog the roads, cause accidents and pollute simply because they want some extra comfort or convenience. Anyone stating anything beyond that is either delusional, or wishing for a really good public transport network.

Bonbilen inguruan… Zure erantzun hontaz oroitu naiz irakurtzean, uste dut hau interesgarri egingo zaizula.

I tested the same bus company page later and it seems to work most of the time on Firefox, but not reliably (i.e. the other day it just happened to not work). So apparently, they did test it, just not well enough.

@pancaketoFuck Cars"Freedom"

I wasn’t aware of that. Sorry, too used to people going through stuff on r/drugs…

Sorry for not being very active. Here:

There have also been ideas to set up an official Fediverse foundation, a legal entity to provide extra opportunities for contributors who want to work on improving Fediverse. Arnold Schrijver has been working on fedi.foundation, and Paula started a discussion about first steps needed for the creation of such an organization. Would you like to be part of this initiative? Join the discussion!

Source: https://fediverse.party/en/post/fediverse-in-2021 (with the links added in)

Sandsifter is a tool to find undocumented instructions, hardware bugs, and bugs in (dis)assemblers, emulators… Given the large number of anomalies it typically outputs for each run, I’m surprised that no one has tried to collect all of them in one place. I must have missed it somehow…

The Great Josh Battle just finished!

For anyone remembering that meme from like a year ago about hundreds of people named Josh that would fight each other… Well, it happened today, and was beautiful!..

A website asking me to “disable ad-blocker” has the balls to tell me I should turn off Firefox Tracking Protection. That’s like saying “yeah, we absolutely want to track you across websites, would you do us a favor and let us do it? Please :)”…

Anybody tried methallylescaline (or similar)?

Do you have any experiences to share about it or other phenethylamines?..

The webpage monitors Fediverse growth and activity…