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This community is for discussing conspiracies. An actual disease developing more immunity than a simple vaccine has nothing to do with conspiracies; it’s a reasonable fact and true for many diseases, with notable exceptions like e.g. tetanus. But, of course, none of us want to put actual SARS-CoV-2 viral particles inside our bodies, much less suffer the symptoms or pass the disease to family members and friends.

Webpage created this year, it looks. OP’s account was created right before posting this, and has not posted afterwards. Looks like spam.

And you find that offensive? OP just stated that cocaine makes you dumber!

InitWare aims to be like systemd, but portable, smaller and modular. The fact it’s running on OpenBSD is proof that it’s fulfilling those goals.

So we’ve got Valve working with EAC and BattlEye developers to get anticheat working on Proton, Paragon about to merge their NTFS3 driver, WayDroid improving Android apps on Linux, and now this… This is a good year to be a Linux user.

Well, all that manual sorting seems brutally expensive to do… I would believe them if it weren’t for this, unless they actually have a way to automatize at least some of that labor.

Make spinner bigger. Fixes #203


Wow, I just played that game yesterday!

Sandsifter is a tool to find undocumented instructions, hardware bugs, and bugs in (dis)assemblers, emulators… Given the large number of anomalies it typically outputs for each run, I’m surprised that no one has tried to collect all of them in one place. I must have missed it somehow…

It’s satire/irony (I assume)

I opened a bug report on LibreOffice for an issue I was encountering. Eventually I decided that I’d fix it myself, and so did I!

You’re probably right. Our everyday items don’t need Arm in them. Still, it could have medical applications :)

I actually made a GitHub project explaining how DNA works from that perspective… Check it out!

@pancaketoMemesFuck Nestle

Fuck Nestlé, all my homes hate Nestlé

The Great Josh Battle just finished!

For anyone remembering that meme from like a year ago about hundreds of people named Josh that would fight each other… Well, it happened today, and was beautiful!..

A website asking me to “disable ad-blocker” has the balls to tell me I should turn off Firefox Tracking Protection. That’s like saying “yeah, we absolutely want to track you across websites, would you do us a favor and let us do it? Please :)”…

Anybody tried methallylescaline (or similar)?

Do you have any experiences to share about it or other phenethylamines?..

The webpage monitors Fediverse growth and activity…