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I agree with you to some extent, but not completely.

I think that making a comparison of anything to Hitler is polarizing language and is unlikely to lead to a constructive discussion. One can perfectly well explain these concepts without needing to bring up historical references, and bringing up this specific reference does little less than adding ‘shock’ value. This language directly antagonizes the people with different views.

Pfizer ceo admitting vax don’t work (to sell the new one of course)

This is obviously not true, and this is also a very polarized statement. Vaccine manufacturers have a strong economic incentive to push their product and they also have a lot of money to invest in marketing, this can’t be denied. Vaccines work and the COVID vaccine is effective and has a low adverse effect risk, this is also established well beyond reasonable doubt. There is a lot left to discuss, but that discussion is nuanced.

As for the rest, I don’t give as much credit to the ‘elite ruling class’ as you do. I don’t think that they are as coordinated and capable. I think that the world and society is shaped by many different social and political forces, and that these follow “natural” laws if they can be called that. The elite have a massive influence because they can move a huge number of resources, but I think that their influence is rather chaotic in the long term. Corporate media is propaganda but I have never heard anyone say otherwise, so not much to add there.

So, with regards to:

So I disagree that society has agreed to this.

I don’t place the elite above society, I believe that we are all in this mess together. But this is really a personal opinion and not something that I can show you with hard evidence, so we can just disagree here without problem.

As for censorship, there is more censorship than I would like. I do understand the logic of censorship. Making false claims is much much much easier than thoroughly debunking them, so censorship can save a lot of time and effort. On the other hand, I think that it is our responsibility to assess whether a claim is true. I have also seen many cases of censorship of content that is perfectly legitimate. The censorship itself is rather mediocre too, though, because all of this censored content is easily available.

That’s why I’m marching on 1/23

Thank you for marching! I applaud your activism.

It bothers me how easy it is for society to become so polarized on issues like this. I feel rather powerless, stuck somewhere in between what society has agreed to call the pro- and anti-vax :-/

You can take a look at the lemmymap: https://lemmymap.feddit.de/

Click on “instance 30d” or “growth” so that the size of the points is proportional to their users or growth.

Originally posted here: https://feddit.de/post/184

I meant the continuous glucose monitors, like this one:

<img src=“https://external-content.duckduckgo.com/iu/?u=https%3A%2F%2Fapi.time.com%2Fwp-content%2Fuploads%2F2017%2F03%2Fcgm.jpg&amp;f=1&amp;nofb=1” alt=“Healthy People Are Wearing Continuous Glucose Monitors | Time”/>

I think that only one small incision is required when you put it on and it is quite painless, then the blood glucose is measured at set intervals over a two week period.

(Can’t respond from my instance for some reason)

There is a small chance that the poster is really a concerned physician who really enjoys posting to Anti-QAnon subreddits during their free time, but looking at the user’s posting history, I highly doubt it.

  • Began posting around March, posts often, and almost exclusively about the vaccine.
  • Claims to be a doctor/physician in a very large number of posts.
  • Gives out medical advice over the internet.
  • Gets wrong basic details, such as claiming that an mRNA vaccine contains proteins.
  • It is quite a coincidence that such a dramatic event occured to someone who spends such a large amount of time writing on reddit about the anti-vax.

I think that this is a character that someone made up.

The deleted comments from this account also show that in the past the user would “speak with doctors” instead of claiming to be one.


Vaccines are great, but I do not think that it is wise for societies to give the power of exercising a vaccine mandate to a centralized authority. The laws that are being passed, the infrastructure that is being put in place in order to be able to contact-trace and confirm vaccination status, as well as the precedent that is being set that allows efficiently deploying punishments via social exclusion over a whole population, are all things that have me (reasonably?) concerned.

According to Merriam-Webster’s updated definition for anti-vaxxer, this makes me fall in the anti-vaxxer category despite being vaccinated and actively encouraging others to get vaccinated themselves. I find this to be a very transparent example of political polarization via propaganda, and I think that accepting ideological differences and trying to work out solutions together rather than giving into this extreme “anti-vax” polarization would be more healthy for society in the long term.

PhD student renting in a big city in Europe. About 35%.

That’s very nice. Thank you for your hard work! I am curious about oauth. I did not know that 3 rd party clients needed to know the password, I will look into that!

This protects the database from a breach, but someone can set up an instance and collect the passwords from the logs:

As far as I can tell with my very limited experience, back-end encryption is the standard. One trusts the host not to steal their passwords from the logs, so protecting the data in the case of a breach is good enough. I think that it would make sense for the standard in the Fediverse to be different. Passwords should be encrypted by the client by default, and then re-hashed back-end.

It is also possible that what I am saying does not make sense in practical grounds - this is just something that surprised me while looking through the logs. I was under the wrong impression that plain text passwords were never accessible before looking into this topic.

Si te metes a a las opciones de tu perfil, no te aparace la forma de desactivarlo? Aquí

cross-posted from: https://mander.xyz/post/810 > Espero les sea útil!

I would be happy to see client-side password hashing implemented.

I understand that responsibility of using unique passwords falls on the user, and maybe a truly malicious instance would be able to remove the hashing (although I think that it would be possible to check if non-hashed passwords leave the client). However, the reality is that many people still re-use their password for many websites and do not use 2FA when not required. Password hashing would reduce the level of trust required of the instance makers.

On a similar vein, it would be nice to anonymize the ip addresses that are printed to the docker logs if possible, similar to the nginx logs. I think that this would be easier to undo for a malicious instance, but at least they would need to have a bit more technical knowledge to get to this information.

The problem is that there is an issue with my server’s DNS resolution. I can’t ping lemmy.ml during these periods from the server, but can ping fine from my home computer. I will figure out what’s wrong with the DNS.

I tried to reply from my instance (https://mander.xyz/post/655), but at the moment the federation is not working again. This is what I wrote:

During the day the federation will work during a few hours/minutes, and then it stops working again. For example, if I try to navigate to a lemmy community from my instance at this moment, I get the following dns lookup error:

lemmy_1 | 2021-12-12T12:11:34.411206Z ERROR lemmy_websocket::handlers: Error during message handling error sending request for url (https://lemmy.ml/.well-known/webfinger?resource=acct:linux@lemmy.ml): error trying to connect: dns error: failed to lookup address information: Try again

Between my and other lemmy instances (forum.purplerabbit.xyz, sopuli.xyz, dissonanz.xyz) federation appears to work fine continuously. I have also tested whether the federation between lemmy and other instances is also not working during the same period time, but they federate just fine. It appears to be a problem specific to my instance.

Resurrecting an instance and Federation
I have an instance (mander.xyz) for which the database was deleted, and I have set up a fresh new instance at the same domain. Federation appears to still be enabled with lemmy.ml, but I am having general issues fetching and interacting. For example, if I try to access https://mander.xyz/c/linux@lemmy.ml, the error log shows: 2021-12-11T17:53:52.201426Z ERROR lemmy_websocket::handlers: Error during message handling error sending request for url (https://lemmy.ml/.well-known/webfinger?resource=acct:linux@lemmy.ml): error trying to connect: dns error: failed to lookup address information: Try again I [posted a somewhat related issue on GitHub ](https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/issues/1986), and it was pointed out by dessalines that "An activitypub actor id must be unique, and you recreated one with new public and private keys". It is not clear to me whether these ids apply only to specific usernames, or if the actor is a more general concept (community, post, instance as a whole) to the point that federation is irreversibly broken. Are there steps I can take to fix the federation? Or is starting a new instance using a different domain the only way forward to re-enable federation? I do want to point out that during certain periods of the day federation suddenly appears to work just fine for a few minutes. Thank you!

I am a big fan of James Hoffman’s cold brew method: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PApBycDrPo0

I have looked a bit into it. In case anyone is curious, I believe that the authorities found the e-mail in question (jmm18@protonmail.com) here:


And/or here:


un an

deleted by creator

Thanks! I installed 0.10.2 successfully.

EDIT: /instances does not show up anymore. It seems to also not be working for lemmy.ml

Getting thumbnails from external websites to show up
I am having trouble getting thumbnails from external websites (such as from youtube videos) to show up in my instance. Originally I built the docker image using the default iframely.config.local.js configuration file, using: // For embeds that require render, baseAppUrl will be used as the host. baseAppUrl: "https://mander.xyz", relativeStaticUrl: "/r", // Or just skip built-in renders altogether SKIP_IFRAMELY_RENDERS: true, In an attempt to fix the thumbnails, I have changed this to false, and ran docker-compose down/up, but nothing changed. Should this be enough to change the settings of the config file? Or should I completely remove the docker images and re-make them? This approach did not work, and I am having problems trying to identify the root cause.

New instance! (Mander)
Hello! I have decided self-host an instance as a little side project because I really like the concept of lemmy. I am a scientist by profession and a naturalist basically since birth, so I have decided nature and science to be the focus of my instance. The website is https://mander.xyz I have enabled open federation, so if anyone wants to federate, let's do it! The more the merrier :-) EDIT: I decided today to rent a small VM server to host the instance, rather than hosting it from my home computer. So it should remain stable.

What is the easiest way to use a forked lemmy-ui when making an instance?
Hello! I am trying to setup an instance, and I have no experience with Docker or web development. I have followed [these instructions](https://join.lemmy.ml/docs/en/administration/install_docker.html) and managed to setup the default instance without issue (nice instructions, by the way). I am now trying to follow the [Theming Guide](https://join.lemmy.ml/docs/en/client_development/theming.html), and trying to make some small modifications. I have looked at the source of lemmy-ui and I understand how to make the changes that I want. However, since I am not familiar with Docker, I am not sure about how to build an image for the slightly modified lemmy-ui. From my current understanding I think that if I want to make any changes to the source, I will have to build from source using [these](https://lemmy.ca/post/1066) instructions. Is this correct?

What actions do you think that the US should take with regards to the military coup in Myanmar?
These past weeks have been especially violent in Myanmar, with many protesters and non-protesters being tortured and murdered in the streets by the Junta.. In your opinion, how should the US government intervene, if at all?


Should my newly setup Tor Bridge node be getting traffic?
I am learning the very basics of networking and I am trying to set up a simple Tor Bridge node in my home pc (Arch Linux). I have set ORPort to 443, and set up port-forwarding from 443 -> 443. I set the bandwidth limit to 30 MB/s, and bursts of 35 MB/s, and set the Bridge option. I start tor using ‘sudo systemctl start tor’, and use nyx to monitor traffic. In the connections menu I can see that I am part of several circuits (6 at the moment), and I have seen a few inbound and outbound connections show up. The Download and Upload bar charts just show a few spikes of < 1 KB/sec. The only notices that I have are “Self-testing indicates your ORPort is reachable from the outside. Publishing server description” and “Performing bandwidth self-test… done.” I have left the server running over night but I do not see any improvement. Is this normal for a new Bridge node, or have I likely configured something improperly? I have tested completely shutting off the router’s firewall and it made no difference.